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Everything You Need To Know About The Mafia Wars Game

Updated on July 12, 2011

Everything You Need To Know About The Mafia Wars Game

In today’s culture the mob has a sort of romanticism attached to it despite the fact that in reality the mob was basically a gang of ruthless killers out to make money. People are fascinated by the mob world – the hierarchy, the motives behind what they did, how they could go out to dinner after having killed a man and think nothing of it. This fascinating is what helped make mafia movies like Goodfellas and the now infamous Godfather series into American classics, why books are still being written about people like Al Capone and why mob TV show The Sopranos is one of the most decorated shows in television history. This also extends to video games like the popular Grand Theft Auto series and, more recently, the Mafia Wars Facebook game.

For Facebook, the Mafia Wars game is actually one of the most popular games on the site, if not the most popular. Millions of players log on every single day so that they can play. The company that owns the Mafia Wars game, Zynga, even makes real money off of it. The company does this by selling health or special limited content for real money; they offer something and players can choose whether or not they want to spend actual money on the game.

So what exactly does playing Mafia Wars constitute and what makes it so popular? The Mafia Wars game follows the life of a poor Italian kid who grew up in the Bronx who’s determined to make it in the New York City mob.  This kid is at the very heart of the story and remains there throughout the game; players assume his identity so that they can become part of the mob. At the very start, the player joins the mob at the very bottom of the ranks, leaving plenty of room for growth.

As the player completes jobs they are able to move up in the ranks of the mafia into a position where they can eventually assume control of the mafia they started out in – in other words, the goal of the Mafia Wars game is to take control of the mob you joined. To do this, you must complete jobs and those jobs are typical mob-associated jobs: robbing stores and banks, setting fires to buildings, “icing” people. The game also has a lot of social integration – players have their friends join their mob so that when they go up against bosses or other mobs someone has their back. This combination of competitiveness and social interaction is what makes the Mafia Wars game so popular.


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