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Normal Armor Scrap Farming Guide for "Order and Chaos"

Updated on November 24, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. Her decades of experience in gaming drive her passion to explore mobile gaming.

Farming Guide for Crafting Materials

Normal armor scrap farming is not difficult, and can save you the money on the slab stone.
Normal armor scrap farming is not difficult, and can save you the money on the slab stone.

Beginers Guide To Normal Armor Scraps

Normal Armor Scraps are one of the most demanded mats in Order and Chaos. You might wonder why a seemingly easy drop in a low-level area would be so essential to the game.

Every single player needs to level their profession, and every needs normal armor scraps. Every player will need many, many many stacks of these scraps. That means that they are always in demand across all servers, both Android and iPhone.

The first thing you do when you start to encounter these armor scraps is level your profession. Once you have done this, then the scraps become a nearly instantaneous way to get gold. When you're done leveling your crafting, see how much you can sell these scraps for on the AH.

How to get normal armor scraps

  • Buy them on the AH.
  • Buy them from other players.
  • Ask for some in global (maybe someones feeling generous).
  • Farm them in Arcadian Forest.
  • Buy them with hero emblems from a supply vendor.

Normal Armor Scraps Example

"Order and Chaos" normal armor scraps used to improve your crafting.
"Order and Chaos" normal armor scraps used to improve your crafting. | Source

Where do Normal Armor Scraps Drop?

Arcadian Forest is the region where normal armor scraps drop most. You can also find them in some parts of Tear Coast. Humanoids drop cloth and scraps. All of the humans and goblins in this zone have a chance to drop them. However, some farming spots are better than others.

In my opinion, Waterby Farm is the best place to hunt normal armor scraps. There are plenty of humans in close proximity. You won't have to wait for respawns if you farm this area. Waterby Farm is easily accessible from Windmill Farms teleporter. All of the people on Waterby farm drop normal armor scraps.

A great farming zone is one where the enemies are close together. When you farm you speed up the respawn rate of the enemies. The faster you farm, the faster they will return. Don't judge a spot until you have picked a route, or path. Once the respawn rate is moving quickly, you will see the normal armor pile into your bag.

Normal Armor Scraps Map Location

"OAC" normal armor scraps location on a map.
"OAC" normal armor scraps location on a map. | Source

Using Normal Armor Scraps for a Profession

This quest will give you a little view into each profession. You will need to collect 10 grenadine (tailoring), 10 Bronze (foundry/blacksmithing) and 10 poor fur (leatherworking).

This quest is teaching you the three main types of materials, with other types being used across all professions.

As an enemies level gets higher, it begins to drop the next "level" cloth or level. Ore will level up as you get to different regions.

After you collect the materials, you get to choose which profession you want to be.

Full Stacks of Normal Scraps

A full stack of normal armor scraps is made of 10 armor scraps. This is different from a full stack of ore (bronze, marcasite, Etc.), cloth (grenadine, cotton,..) or fur (poor, hard...

Ore, cloth and fur stack to 40. This benefits you when selling normal armor scraps. Once you finish your profession, selling normal armor scraps is one of the best ways to make quick gold.

In-game inflation has made the prices of these things get out of control, just farm them. It really won't take you that long. Just try to spec aoe and get into a rhythm as you farm.

Example Material Prices For Materials - Pre-Inflation

Low Price
High Price
Normal Armor Scraps
50 Gold
300 gold (or more)
High Quality Armor Scraps
30 Gold
199 Gold
Advanced Armor Scraps
10 Gold
80 Gold
Exquisite Armor Scraps
9 Gold
50 Gold
Here is the range for what armor scraps can sell for on various servers and various times of day.

Need Before Greed, That Includes Your Profession.

Need before greed means that items should be used by people who need them before they are taken to be sold. This includes you and your profession. If you sell all of your scraps before you level-up, you might regret it later.

Get your profession leveled as soon as possible, even if you level your character a little slower. The armor scraps will be used in many recopies in the beginning of each profession.

Selling Normal Armor Scraps for Gold on Order and Chaos

Once you are done leveling up your profession it is time to make your own gold by selling normal armor scraps on order and chaos. The best way to do this is to sell them on the Auction house.

You can sell them in chat, but you will make much less, and you could get scammed. Different servers have different prices in the auction house. There is no way to tell you one set price to sell them for on the AH (auction house).

I have seen them sell for low and sell for high. Right now items like these cost a lot of gold. Check prices on the auction house and offer a similar price. If your price meets the accepted price on your server, it will sell every single time. I recommend you farm these, but if your a really fast AOE farmer, you might find a way to make some money fast by farming these and selling them on the auction house.

There are days that they will sell for more and days they will sell for less. There are also times of the day that they tend to sell higher. Watch your auction house and practice making sales. In no time, you will know how much gold you can make from them.

Normal Armor Scraps at Your Finger Tips

Now you know why the words normal armor scraps come up so often in Order and Chaos.

This item will never get old and never go out of style.

Plus, the experience you get selling these will help you learn to sell other materials in the game, which will make you even richer!

This one important item is the key to opening new avenues of the game.

With your new found riches, you will be an elite machine in no time.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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