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Evil Minecraft HD Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on June 19, 2011

The Evil Minecraft Texture pack is a just barely HD texture pack created to compliment the Evil Minecraft mod. It changes the appearance of the Minecraft terrain and world quite vastly, and by vastly I mean that after you install this texture pack you can expect to see it rain blood. Dramatic enough for you?

That's not the end of the creepy horror of course. In Evil Minecraft, all your tools have blood on them, as if you'd spent the past six months hacking through flesh or working at a butcher shop. Although given the nature of the rain it's very possible that you've just been trying to use your pickaxe as an umbrella.

Wooden doors have seen more than a few hatchet strikes and the sugar cane doesn't look like it would be all that tasty, unless of course, you like raspberry colored sugar. The general terrain isn't all that changed from the default style, although it is a great deal darker and more foreboding than usual and if you go swimming it will be in waters that run red with something sticky.

Torches burn with a blue flame, but that's not the only blue you'll encounter in this texture pack.

The Nether is blue. I repeat. The Nether is blue. Lava is blue. I actually like this because it is more soothing on the eyes than red tones everywhere, which made me rather feel like I was in a dragon's tummy.

In general the texture pack does its best to stay with a default Minecraft theme whilst keeping creepy. It's designed, I imagine, to appease purists who don't like textures that stray too far from the 'original' Minecraft feeling. Also there's the idea that Evil Minecraft isn't something all that separate from Normal Minecraft, it is what exists just past the fine line between good and evil.

Installation and Troubleshooting

The Evil Minecraft Texture pack is one of the few texture packs that requires you to access the Minecraft .jar file. It;'s a fairly quick and painless process, but still, it's a little more complex than most texture packs. If you don't have red water, then you've messed the installation up somehow and you should go back and read the installation instructions, which are fairly straightforward.

Warning, if you use Mod Loader for mods, the red fog effect does not work. Does. Not. Work. That means instead of red water, red mist, pale gray portals and blue nether, you'll have the standard colors. That won't completely ruin the texture pack, but it certainly does negate much of the drama associated with it.

Download The Evil Minecraft HD Texture Pack


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