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Evil Within 2 Review: Chapters 10-16

Updated on October 22, 2017

Another Evil

Where I last left off in my Evil Within 2 review, I was costing along with little to no hangups right up to Chapter 9. The new game play style, while on the standard setting was moving me along at a casual walk though, giving me time to explore the levels at a moderate pace, craft all the items, and grab up all that green gel.

When we last departed, Sebastian had battled Stefano, and it had been mentioned there was a bigger bad about to reveal himself. I had just come out of the theater where a room full of people had their heads detonated by collar bombs for Stefano's last macabre masterpiece, and after an agonizing battle with the artist and his pet Sky Camera-tentacle monster, and picked up one of my few silver trophies in the game, "Premature Finale," all Holy Hell broke loose.

Evil Within 2, like its best selling predecessor, is meant to be a controller flinging, swear inducing, jump scare-a-poolza; in soaked in blood and gore and some of the most disturbing visuals this side of the first Silent Hill. Recent changes to the game such as adding a field crafting system, much needed to the enemy heavy landscape, and the hub world of Union provided many more safe houses and work benches the game really needed.

My only earlier criticism to the first few levels with the openness of the levels was the ability to bypass so many of the enemies using stealth or just purely following the story and not doing all the side missions. In fact, I hadn't realized just how many of the additional quests I had accidentally bypassed by letting the story play out and now I can't get back to. Union eventually burns, so don't save exploration for "the next time you are on that side of the map" like I did in some areas. Even it it halts game progression for a half hour or so, open all the doors, see whats in there, keep going back to your safe houses where your items will keep replenishing themselves and help yourself to unlimited health reviving coffee.

Another thing I learned in the later levels- bosses that now openly roam the streets in the later levels won't stick around if you duck inside the safe houses for a moment.

Getting my "Fire Walk With Me" trophy in Chapter 14
Getting my "Fire Walk With Me" trophy in Chapter 14 | Source

The Burning Altar

Sebastian's world is turned upside down around Chapter 9's mausoleum crawl, now feeling like something familiar from the first game.

The Preacher

Surprise, Stefano wasn't really the one we should have been concerned about, really is anyone actually surprised that psycho wasn't the mastermind at play? Anyone?

Thrown back into familiar territory of mausoleum and the tight claustrophobic corners of the first game that I was craving when the open world segments of the game felt to "free" for my liking. Here it was the, the tight shafts, unaware which way to turn with teeming with Lost and an updated type of those Porcelain Mask guys from the first game. By the time we met, and lost another companion in Torres and scored her assault rifle that I desperately needed as one of the earlier side missions that I wanted to go back to and never got the chance was scoring the weapon parts; the reveal of the Preacher after fighting O'Neal was exactly how I pictured the return to Evil Within.

The Preacher tempts Sebastian with a burning image of Lily, trying to entice Sebastian to join his ranks. Whereas you don't fight The Preacher, (spoiler), anywhere in the game- he uses Sebastian's previous memories and fears against him bringing back flashes of the the previous title and using three of the most memorable of the franchise bosses against you to test Sebastian's will.

The Preacher tell you its actually your ex wife, Myra that has Lily and she has to be stopped. Sebastian has a brief encounter with Myra in Chapter 8 in the theater.

We don't find out much about The Preacher in this game, which is a little saddening. I think he's defiantly a curious character I would like to know a little more about in upcoming DLC material.

What we do know, is that Myra had enlisted a few Mobius operatives on The Plan, as several had called it during his disappearance to go into Stem, and extract Lily from Union. Only something went horribly wrong and Union changed almost everyone into a horribly twisted version of themselves.

Who Is The Preacher

I hope that upcoming DLC material gives more backstory on The Preacher and what happened to him inside Stem. Little is known of this villain other than his former alliance to Myra to help extract Lily from Stem had gone horribly wrong, and both were changed into horribly twisted versions of themselves.

A Reunion

When Sebastian returns to the main part of Union after reuniting with Hoffman, Union is in flames and the quest to reach the hotel is harrowing depending on your difficulty setting.

Remember as in the first game, you can change your difficulty during levels, something I might try as I psyche myself up to try the game on Nightmare.

As I stated earlier, most of Union in this section is gone by Chapter 12 and bosses from earlier levels are roaming the streets. Trudging through the ruin, there are still some places from earlier in the game that are accessible and still harbor items, but the flamethrower guys, similar to your showdown with O'Neal; as well as the burning Lost are everywhere.

In the previous review, I had said that The Humming Woman was always an avoidable battle, and although I haven't come across her in any of the houses of Union, I hear she is still around but still extremely avoidable if you cross her path. I haven't seen The Chainsaw Woman in the later chapters, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's still out there.

Hoffman gives her life for Sebastian to reach the hotel and the last of the Mobius allies are gone from the game, leaving Sebastian to kick butt on his own through the last levels. By now, Sebastian is a seasoned survivor and if you have been using the green gel to upgrade his health and abilities and workbenches and field crafting to upgrade your weapons and ammo, the last chapters of the game won't be too much of a challenge, except the frequency of finding ammo is dropping rapidly. Those that beat Evil Within are well accustomed to having to go back to a previous save file when you don't have the right ammo to get the job done. Field crafting helps in this respect, but in the later chapters where there is more gunpowder than actual bullets, try to use the crossbow as much as possible to conserve ammo or take advantage stealth kills when possible.

Remember when it comes to the burning Lost, you can really only pull off a successful stealth or attack with a physical item when they stop burning or chances are pretty good they will grab a hold of you and burn Sebastian taking down his health rapidly.

Few images of Myra exist in the game so find her awards in the house to get this easy trophy
Few images of Myra exist in the game so find her awards in the house to get this easy trophy | Source

The Burning Lost

The addition to the Burning Lost in Evil Within 2 is really a beautifully crafted phoenix of difficult enemy that can be taken out mainly with head from a distance while they are burning. Stealth and physical attacks can only take place when they stop burning or it rapidly depletes Sebastian's health.

"Oh, It's You Guys Again."

Was anyone really saying they missed The Keeper?

OK, maybe a little.

When you have played the original games a few times through like I have, you sometimes miss the familiarity of a baddie that was the bane of your existence for many levels.

What the Evil Within franchise really gets right is the frequency that they bring around the same bosses without creating the same fight sequence to where its become boring and mundane. Normally you get a brief exposure to something like The Keeper, manage to escape one or twice with minimal anxiety and learn something about its moments, environment, and what types of weapons have an impact on the monster before the final showdown.

When The Preacher mentions that you will be again haunted by your past, I would have been a little more excited had I not known already from a Let's Play.

Chapter 14 should feel very familiar to fans of the first game and its many DLC's. Visually it is the summation of everything you have endured in the first game, and those bosses you love to kill have come back.

The battles are very newbie friendly for those that don't know much about the first game other than flashbacks and that is my only grievance here.

The gauntlet Sebastian runs is the trifecta of three of the franchises best bosses, Chainsaw Guy, The Keeper, and Laura aka Spider Lady. Again trying to reason that this is a test of Sebastian's will the infamous battles from the first game are considerably scaled back from their appalling former glory.

First there is the encounter with Chainsaw Guy, which I really looked forward to. In the first game, Chainsaw Guy is there in the first chapter chasing Sebastian through a horrible corridor of meat grinders, and vats of blood, and parts of the hospital through the tutorial level teaching techniques like stealth and hiding in lockers and under beds.

When you come across Chainsaw Guy again in the village area it is his valuable weapon used to cut the chains and move on to the next area. We see him pop up again around the ruins of the fortress. Anywhere there is a tight area with little weapons and possibly a few barrels to shoot out, its Chainsaw Guy. One would think the animosity between Sebastian and Chainsaw Guy would be near epic by the second title.

Instead the Evil Within 2 gives our mostly cut scene encounter a little QTE treatment and that is all folks. The same Chainsaw Guy that had no issue cutting off Sebastian's limbs and slicing him crotch to throat in the first game allows you to stab him in the neck and then waits on his knees for you to complete the quick time event where you slice him in half with the chainsaw? Am I watching the same game?

Horribly disappointing.

Then you face off with The Keeper, this has to be a better battle right?

If you still have nightmares about the Chapter 9 cut scene that starts the battle with The Keeper in the first game, this smaller scale version of the battle is also nothing to be concerned with. Using whatever you have, The Keeper needs to take a few body shots to put him down. He spawns again as two safe-headed bosses and tries to corner you but use the crossbow or the assault rifle or shot gun and pop a few body shots and they are easily down.

Perhaps ending the speculation, or further fueling it, that The Chainsaw Lady is another version of Laura, here she is in all her Spider Lady glory. By far the hardest to fight of the three, Laura can only be killed with fire. The tiny level has a blast furnace area where you must cook Laura alive but if you are unfamiliar with how quickly she moves, be prepared for one of the fastest enemies in the game with the ability to teleport just inches away. Freeze her where you can and find both valves on either side to start the fire and trap her in the furnace with freeze bolt if you have one and throw the switch a few times to cook her just right.

After all this, you get another moment with The Preacher, but there is no battle.

Overall this whole segment was really disappointing. Where I appreciate the cameos, the battles were poorly constructed tie ins to the other game and its flashbacks.

The introduction of the The Preacher as a bad guy to not even get to fight him is pretty weak.

This optional trophy comes when finding another Mobius operative stranded on a truck and Sebastian uses oil on the ground to kill two or more enemies
This optional trophy comes when finding another Mobius operative stranded on a truck and Sebastian uses oil on the ground to kill two or more enemies | Source

The Last Boss Is Your Wife!

Insert any marriage jokes here, the final boss is somehow...Myra?

I loved this game and I'm already planning my next play through on the next difficulty but in true Evil Within storytelling and its confusing narrative moments, I was very thrown off that the last boss in the game is Myra which I didn't see coming before it's hint after Chapter 8.

What the game does well is introduce this new game play style and take chances on the newest tools for the sequel but its complex story that needed three DLC's to patch back together is really going to have to do some explaining here.

So...Sebastian was put back into Stem by Kidman to find Lily and take on Stefano, but Mobius somehow didn't know that it was actually The Preacher that seemed to be running the show. But somehow Myra and other rouge operatives were already inside Union trying to get back Lily but they turned evil mostly themselves and O'Neal, The Preacher, and Myra were trying to kill Sebastian. Everyone wants Lily because she is The Core of Union, but somehow Kidman had no idea about all this while monitoring the sequence going on in Stem... And now Sebastian has to fight Myra because this is a call back to the fight sequence with the Ruvik/Leslie brain at the center of the Stem machine if the first game?

That somehow feels a little cheap to me after all the lead up.

Now that Union is destroyed and no longer on fire after the death of The Preacher, Sebastian traverses Union to find a huge monster in the middle of town that is now Myra and has his showdown.

Fire based weapons are you best friend in this battle so lighting oil and shooting and sort of bolts that will shock or explode will be of great help to defeat Myra and reunite with Lily.

I'm ashamed to say one of my few silver trophies in this game has been "Premature Finale".  Where in an earlier review I had remarked how the openness made the game a little easier, then later ate my words.
I'm ashamed to say one of my few silver trophies in this game has been "Premature Finale". Where in an earlier review I had remarked how the openness made the game a little easier, then later ate my words. | Source

A Weak Ill Constructed Battle Sequence

The gauntlet Sebastian runs is the trifecta of three of the franchises best bosses, ´╗┐Chainsaw Guy, The Keeper, and Laura aka Spider Lady.´╗┐ Again trying to reason that this is a test of Sebastian's will the infamous battles from the first game are considerably scaled back from their appalling former glory.


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