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How to Play Evony

Updated on April 6, 2010

How to Play Evony

Playing Evony can be hours of fun. Learning how to conquer valleys, add cities, change your flag and other useful tips in playing the game will make it much simpler and less frustrating . How To Play Evony is both a down-loadable book full of step by step instructions and it is the title of this site. I will work to answer many questions you may have and give you interesting tips on a variety of factors.

Keep checking back, new stuff is added frequently. Feel free to click the highest value star at the top of this page that you believe it is worth to players seeking answers...and if there is stuff you are looking for but not finding, leave a comment good or bad. Playing Evony is for fun, my joy is being able to help you along the way.

Managing Your Population

Evony Strategy for Population Management

When the mouse hovers over the upgrade button for a resource, for instance a stone quarry, it shows the capacity limit for that quarry at that level. All the quarries that you have will have a capacity limit. When these limits are totaled together, and production bonus factors are figured in, that is your overall total capacity limit. Over in the right pane you can hover over the number of stone you have to see what the combined maximum limit is. When the amount of rock you have saved up equals this limit, production is frozen. The workers are still showing up at the Quarries to work but they are drinking and partying and playing computer games and producing no stone.

Yet when you need to be making archers, you are limited to the "green" number beside your population. This is the number of "idle" people, unemployed. Suppose you got a good deal in the market and bought 10 million stone and have no need for more for a long time. Then (just remember to turn it back up once your stone is depleted) go into the town hall, production tab and turn the work force percentage down, then click modify at the bottom. The result? You will see these workers move to the unemployed/idle population and therefore give you more people to create soldiers out of in the barracks.

In the picture mine is turned down to 10 for illustration, actually I'll turn it to zero so that the very low hourly production capability shown in the right instrument panel will remind me that I have production turned down for stone. Since I generally run with only 8 or 9 cottages and 12 or 13 barracks this strategy helps me to make larger troop building orders per time so I don't have to come back in as often and order more (for instance right now I'm building 100,000 archers as fast as possible to help a friend take over a level 10 npc so I want my barracks busy 24 hours a day).

How to Play Evony - By the Book

The Beginner's Guide

Having an experienced player showing you the moves in Evony can make the game a lot more fun. It can be frustrating trying to learn it all just in the game. How do I build cities, what should I build first? How do I feed my people? What's a valley anyway and why is it important? How can I make sure I'm not building some lame city that the first wave of attacks from a hostile neighbor is going to reduce to rubbish?

This guide has been streamlined to teach what you need to know, when you need to know it. It gets you started with the fun part, without worrying about making mistakes that are difficult if not impossible to correct later. You'll build a powerful city and you'll know how to use your troops and resources from the ground up. The book compresses weeks and months of learning into a guide you can absorb in an hour or two. It's just as long as it needs to be to cover all the valuable information you need and it doesn't waste your time with what you don't.

Valuable basic instructions with detailed illustrationsQuick simple tutorial on playing the game of EvonyAccelerated knowledge that could otherwise take months Maximize fun. Minimize frustration How to build your second city (and third, fourth...) Resources, valleys, flats ---what it all means How to take over or plunder a barbarian cityHow to make a level 2 lake into a level 10 and how that helps How to dispatch an army or recall oneWhat to do when you are being attacked What you should be doing when you check on your cities become an "experienced" player with this simple read Much more, very simply explained...

2,936 Prestige Points
2,936 Prestige Points

How to Gain Prestige in Evony

Prestige Requires Effort but Strategy Helps

First, to easily add hundreds of points a day, go into town hall, comforting tab, and pray for your people. If cash flow is not a problem, you should do this every 15 minutes or so of your play time but definitely every time you log in.


The point is, the more it "costs" you to gain a victory seems to make all the difference in gaining prestige. Not only do you gain prestige in the attack but you also gain prestige in rebuilding your lost troops.

I've included a screen shot of an attack I made on a level 6 npc. I tried it yesterday with 840 ballista and the prestige gain wasn't as good as it was with 800. In this attack I lost 327 ballista but was able to heal 32 of them. In addition the loot was sufficient to rebuild about 30 more. When the ballista are replaced that also will give some prestige points. Beware though if you are a newer player, before attempting to exactly replicate this move...all of my academy studies are level 10. The Attack Hero is level 190 in attack skill. Another "hearsay" factor in how much prestige a person gets may have to do with the number of cities they own. Currently I've dropped my cities down to just one, not for improving the prestige strikes...which that is hearsay, I don't know that that affects anything...but because of time limits. Having only one city, it can't be "taken".

2936 prestige points from this attack alone.

For big gains on a lower scale try attacking with thousands of warriors or whatever you want to try. Here is the catch...know what it takes to win, if you lose, you get no prestige. If you lose badly, you can even lose a bunch of prestige. The narrow victory is the secret....and you'll have to play with that until you find what it takes for you to do that. For example, my next attack I plan to send 780 ballista in hopes that I'll still win, but have more casualties.

So the key to gaining prestige the way the algorithm currently is set the maximum casualties you can have and still win. The value of those casualties matters too, since ballista are more expensive, my total cost of loss was higher. Hope this is fun to play with. Remember in experimenting to use the same attack hero because changing heroes...will give you different results.

Open gates to fight?

Evony Rally Point

If you don't know what a Rally Point is yet, just skip this paragraph for now, you will know soon enough and remember to come back here

As to putting a check in this box in rally point that opens the gate to fight: this little checkbox is one of the most important options in the game to understand. If you leave it empty, your gates will not be opened so when under attack the enemy will only be going against your wall defense (like your Archery Towers which you need the majority of defenses to be, and if on a level 10 wall these are valuable). If the check mark is in the box, your forces will fight also. If you have a large number of forces or if you are reinforced in your embassy by a large number of fighters, leave this checked. (If your alliance is good about reinforcing, their reinforcements do NO good what so ever if this box is unchecked. However if you likely won't be reinforced and don't want your transports killed off leave it unchecked).

Hero Bonus
Hero Bonus

Hero Upgrade Boosts

Items that Help Your Favorite Hero

After clicking on your Feasting Hall, which should be done each time you play, you can check the loyalty of each hero to make sure they are all at 100.

If you click "VIEW" beside each hero it will show you whether or not they have earned an upgrade. If the upgrade button is lit up, simply click it as many times as it remains lit up. This will give you unassigned "Attributes"...for each "level" the hero upgrades. Click the plus mark beside the attribute that you want to increase...for example if it is your mayor, increase politics. If it is a hero for leading attacks, click the plus beside "attack".

But sometimes you'll get some strange "books" in the wheel of fortune or in packages that can help out your favorite hero too. So while you have your favorite hero being viewed, click the little green plus mark shown in this included picture. The pop-out box will show if you have any books that can be used to raise their experience may be able to use a book to add to the experience count and end up raising your hero another level.

For more information on strategies for which hero to have as mayor and some simple quick tests How to Use Your Evony Heroes

Evony World Map

Wall Poster of the Evony World

Clicking on the map itself should take you to a poster site for those that want to purchase a bigger "poster" of the Evony world.

Frequent asked question of new players: "What State am I in?". Quick Answer: Click onto Map View in the top right of the game window, then click once on your city, it will show the name of the state at the bottom of the list.

Having the Evony World Map on your wall makes your play time more fun and adds happiness to your work space.

Put this on your bulletin board and add colored push pins for friends and enemies...or laminate it and use dry erase markers to color code locations.

Thy Queen Awaits You?

Many were tweaked by the advertisements that illusioned a queen. Then felt schnookered when their queen never showed up. Yet the queen is as imaginary as the kingdom, if one has no Queen then they simply haven't got into the role playing deeply enough to conjure one up, perhaps having the picture mounted above the desk might help? Or for you female players...your king..or perhaps a photo representing you in the game.

Taking Valleys in Evony

A youtube that might prove helpful,

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      how do you heal casulties can someone get bk to me a.s.a.p

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      Has anyone played Kingdoms of Camelot on FB? How does Evony compare? I like K of C, but I am thinking that I want to go in a different direction with my FB profile other than gaming and am looking for a comparable game to swap to. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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      I'm a newbie to Evony and needed some help. Was getting my rear kicked everyday until I downloaded this book. Now I understand what is going on and now it if fun to kick butt on my terms. Thanks - DarkShadow

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      @anonymous: There. Added the easy start book for you and others.

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