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Evony Attacking 101

Updated on December 29, 2010

Attacking 101

There are several ways to attack.then there are the correct ways to attack.attacking a player is a lot different then attacking an npc or histoic city which is also a npc. when making the choice to attack a player is a must to know what they have got for wall defense and then what they have for troops count. below i will give some examples ...

the player you wish to attack has the following..

5k traps

1k abatis

13k at's

1k logs

1k treb

143k work

2mil war

1.7 mil scouts

500k pike

500k sword

2mil archers

123k cav

54k phract

27k trans

39k bals

6k rams

2k pults

now a good thing to keep in mind and know is what order to the troops fight in. a lot of this is based on what the enemy has and what you send. evony is a lot amount numbers. being able to calculate the numbers takes lots of practice.

lets say that you have close to the same numbers in troops as this player. in that case i would recommend not tryin to go after him alone since it is easier to defend then it is to attack which will mean u will suffer massive lose while your enemy will have very little.

but lets use the example with you having double his army.first thing you will need to do is take out the wall defense.

easiest way to do so is to send small layer waves. 100 work 100 war 100 scouts 100 pike 100 sword 100 archers 100 cav 100 phract. sending this type of layer wave will hit the traps abatis logs and the trebs. it will not however touch the at's. also the enemys cav will rush out to fight first.

you will need to send this layer until wall defense of traps abatis and logs and trebs have been cleared. all during these attacks the enemys cav will be rushing out to fight. once they are beaten their phract will begin to rush out.

once wall defense is beaten send waves of 100 or 1k cav or phract to take out the players cav and phract. then once they are beaten the enemys pike will fight next. again easiest way to beat them is to send cav and phract of the same described layers above.

now once the pike have been cleared. sword archers and war can be hit. now you switch back to the first described layer wav and keep sending that to take out the troops.don't be discouraged as this will take time but the smaller waves kill more then a lager wave in ratio. also u can keep sending the cav and phract waves as described as well as they will do more damage.

an easier way to get to the archers is one of 2 ways. first is a scout bomb. 100k scouts will take out an average of between 18k and 26k archers. you can even send these as your very first waves as they will bypass the wall defenses and other troops and head right for the archers.(note) if there is a bigger ratio of war to archers then the bomb will hit war. also it is a good idea to send a few of these anyway first as they will knock up your enemys honor and give you a better heal rate and him a lesser one.

the second way is to send a bals wave which u can send as 100 or 1k of everything down to the bals. this will allow the bals to get into postiion and have time to fire upon the archers.

once the troops have been cleared except for bals rams and pults. the best and easiest way to clear these branches of troops is will other mech waves or cav and phract. i prefer the phract as they r much stronger and will kill a lot more then the cav. you can even mix it up and send both in same wave.

another big thing to keep in mind is make sure you have your buffs going. war horn corselt penicillin buxom wenches from facebook. excalibur and art of war these increase youer heroes intel and attack. higher intel on an attack hero means they will fight smarter. also make sure your heroes are equiped. another good thing to account for is if your enemy is capturing your heroes. if this is true make sure to watch the loy of your heroes and watch their energy as well as less energy means they will kill less. but nonetheless if your enemy is capturing your heroes make sure to send fresh recruited heroes from your inn instead . as they can be captured and save your better heroes. once his feasting hall has been filled from captures then u can send your better heroes until he dismisses the ones he captured.

once you have beaten the troops his city will be put under suppression for 8 hrs. during this time i recommend u make sure to have enough troops their to fight at the end. once the city is your colony be sure to set the settings for suppression to 0. otherwise if he was to uprise you could have a massive army lose if he is reinforced. remember this it is always easier to retake a colony then lose your troops and try to do it that way.

if you follow these simple guides ,you yourself will become a huge asset to your alliance and more over to yourself.

i wish to thank everyone for reading these guides and wish to remind everyone to vote up the blogs, as they will allow me to continue to write them for you and help to make the game experience of evony that much more interesting and fun for you and everyone whos troops you kill. happy hunting.




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    • profile image

      alex 2 years ago

      learned a lot thanks

    • profile image

      deed 6 years ago

      cool guide ! :)

      It was useful as it confirmed some things that I have seen in WR, but had no idea why - this explained really well