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What Is Evony Age II? Experienced Players Looking For A Friendly Alliance? Join An Alliance!

Updated on March 8, 2012

What is Evony Age II?

Evony II is a browser based multi-player game that you play online, (it is similar to the game Civilization)  when it comes to the graphic attributes of the game.

The game takes place in a medieval time period. In the game the player has the ability to create a city, and start the city out by developing a variety of technology and building backup buildings to produce both armies and resources for the objective of attacking other players and other in-game adversaries.

Evony Age II is played in a continuing world, when a player logs out of the game, the game keeps on evolving. Your cities continue to be involved in the game even while the player is not.

When you first join the game you will be given a seven day "beginner's protection" which protects you from being attacked during your first week. It also stops you from attacking others during this period.

What is an Alliance?

Players form Alliances to gather together and form a bond. Alliance members help each other in the game, they wage wars together, give advice to fellow members, and usually have lots of fun.

Joining an Alliance also opens up an Alliance chat window in the game.

This "beginner's protection" gives new players the chance to become familiar with the game before the encounters start to develop.

When you first start to play the game your Title will be the "Mayor" of your new city. This Title will rise as you continue to play the game.

You will have the responsibility to give all the orders concerning production and construction, with the resources provided for you when you start your city.

The resources that are used in the game is Gold, Food, Lumber, Stone, and Iron, as well as the Population of the city itself..

It is very easy to gather resources. Building Iron mines will gather a surplus of iron.

The same thing goes for Sawmills, gathering Lumber.

Farms will produce food.

Quarries will help you accumulate stone.

The higher the level of your buildings the more resources you will gain hourly.

Contact to apply to a well run and organized Alliance!
Contact to apply to a well run and organized Alliance!

I am new to the game?

If you are new to Evony Age II, you will need to raise some Prestige in order to qualify to join this alliance.

A minimum of 30000 Prestige points is required to join this alliance. If you have not attained this level and you would like to have a mentor to help you achieve this level, I would be happy to help you.

Simply send me an e-mail through the Contact Arthur Fontes tab in the upper right of the page under my Avatar.

I will give you all the advice you will need to raise your Prestige, I will also help you be recruited into a strong and helpful Alliance.

How do I play the game?

Similar to other real-time games of strategy, the first thing that you will need to do when playing Evony age II  is to raise the cities Population. Every sixty minutes you will see the hourly resource-collection rates which increases through the creation of different buildings within your city. The next thing you will need to do is to progress other attributes of your city, as well as increasing and forming your armies.

Evony Age II includes player versus player (PvP) gaming, which gives you the potential to wage war and attack other player's cities.

Evony Age 2 presents a multitude of items which can be bought with actual currency (money) in the Item Mall within the game. Most of these items will quicken the progression of the player in the game.

Should I Join?

Below is a very good video to show you how Evony is played. It will show you how to set up your cities, manage your resources, and raise armies. If you are considering joining Evony watch the video so you will know exactly what to expect.

Of course the game goes much further into detail as you progress in Prestige and Rank.

The video is only a sample of what you can expect from Evony Age II.

The creation of buildings, researching the available technologies, and increasing the training of your army's units expend both time and resources. There may be other requirements which you will have to meet in order to perform these actions.

There are over a dozen slots for you to construct buildings. The game will allow the player to control a maximum of up to ten cities as you gain your Title and Rank. Both Title and Rank will require Medals earned by attacking valleys or by purchasing in-game coins.

Each city will contain 74 slots for constructing buildings up to their highest level. Army unit construction can be set up in a queue format, this can also be done with wall defenses. The queue format does not apply to buildings or research.

There are over a dozen slots for you to construct buildings. The game will allow the player to control a maximum of up to ten cities as gains in Title and Rank are achieved. Both Title and Rank will require Medals earned by attacking valleys or by purchasing in-game coins.

Will this game cost me money?

Evony Age II has two different forms of currency which are used in the game.

Within the game itself the currency is based on Gold!

You can earn gold by the completion of Quests within the game. You can also earn Gold in the game by placing a tax upon the virtual people who make up your city's population. You have the ability to decide what tax rate you wish to impose upon your citizens.  The lower the tax rate the higher the population will be, it will also make for a very happy citizens.

Another way to earn Gold within the game is to sell the resources that your virtual citizens have gathered for you,  even when you are not logged into the game your virtual people will still gather resources for their leader.  Then the player can sell the resources. This is done at the marketplace, which is one of the buildings available to you in the game Evony Age 2. These resources are bought by other players.

There is yet another way to earn gold within the game, and that is by raiding non player cities.

The second form of currency used in the game is the kind of currency we all use, Real Money. Although it is not neccasary, you will have the ability to purchase Game Cents that you may then use to buy items and/or resources from the in-game shop.

What is Prestige? What is Honor? What are Rankings?

Prestige is a way to evaluate a player's Rank in the game.

The way to raise your Prestige is by completing Quests, the building and raising of the levels of your buildings, training your armies, and succeeding in the successful attacks of valleys and cities repeatedly during the game.

Another ranking system used in Evony age II is the Honor system. your Honor will rise and fall depending on whether or not you win or lose against attacks or defenses against other players of Evony Age 2.

These Rankings are available in two forms, both of which can be seen by other players.

The Overall Ranking system can be seen in the player's window and this Ranking is based on their personal Prestige compared to the rest of the players that are on that server.

Evony permits the player to have control over ten cities all of which is based upon the players Title. It is not based upon the players Rank.

If you wish to control more cities you must achieve higher Titles by collecting certain medals.


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