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Evony Prestige

Updated on December 29, 2010

prestige farming

 So many players in the game of evony wanna be the top dog. but many of them don't actually have the troops that should be associated with the high prestige. so don't let a high pretige player fool you into think you cant go after them and win.

one of the easiest ways to gain prestige is by building buildings. going through and leveling up your buildings will gain you prestige

another way is through research. making sure you have something being researched at all times in your cities is a sure way a gaining prestige.

while another way is also by following the game quests. you can donate medals from farming npcs and donate troops from building them. these are some quick ways to gain prestige quickly and effortlessly.

another way is through farming (attacking) npcs. this is a fairly easy yet tidious task but can also be rewarding at the same time as you will be gathering resources from them. lev 1-5 npcs can be hit with bals and trans and you will have no losses providing your research has been done. while the higher leves contain ample resources keep in mind you will lose troops. so be cautious in your farming.

while yet the fastest way and easiest way to gain prestige is through building troops. for every troop u build  you will gain prestige. while some troops take longer to build you will gain more prestige from them then others. while the smaller branches of troops take a short amount of time and resources to build you will gain 1 point of prestige for every warrior you build. so amass a large amry quickly and you will gain prestige rather fast.

but as my opening statement says. troops should always represent your prestige. a 1 mil prestige player should have 300k archers 500k scouts 1 mil war  and some troops of the other branches. while yet a 2 mil prestige player should have and you can expect them to have 1 mil archers 1 mil scouts 200k of some other troops. now it is vital to keep the prestige farming guide in mind when it comes to making a choice on if you wanna attack someone. as they may have high prestige and little to no troops.

while having a lot of prestige is a bonus, it does hinder you as well. the plus side to it is you can send resources to anyone with lower prestige then you and send reinforcements to players with lower prestige then you and you don't have to worry bout troops being taken or raid on the way to their cities. this happens when a lower porestige player does this to a higher prestige player. the draw back to having high prestige is it will make you more of a target to the bigger players who most likely will have a lot more troops then you. so i urge everyone to be wise when tryin to gain prestige. don't grow to quickly otherwise you will be feeding yourself to the lions.

with all of this being kept in mind i hope that it helps everyone have a richer evony experience.i wanna thank everyone for reading and ask that everyone votes up my blogs as it will continue to allow me to write more and more blogs and guides to help players out. thanks for reading.



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      cim 4 years ago

      tanx for ur advice