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Exciting Backyard Adventures

Updated on July 4, 2015

Let the Fun Begin!

There is no reason why you can't have a lot of fun in your own backyard. There are all sorts of exciting activities that can be planned that encourage engagement and imagination.

Whether your kids are firing foam rockets, scooting down slippery slides, collecting bugs or playing catch, your kids will adore the myriad playthings compiled in this cheerful collection of backyard games and toys.

Exciting adventure is waiting for your family, just beyond the back door!

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this toy: "Purchased this as a fun item for a 5th birthday party. The children lined up and played with this the entire time. Other parents from the party have now purchased it too. It is plastic so not meant for long term life and use, but it did last for a three hour party with high volume use and is still ready for more. Really fun inexpensive product for some good fun."

Uncle Milton Dragonfire Night Rocket

Uncle Milton Dragonfire Night Rocket
Uncle Milton Dragonfire Night Rocket

What could be more fun that blasting a rocket! It is called a night rocket because you want to blast it off in the night so you can see the bright red light it emits as it travels. Launch it over and over again for more fun. It even whistles in flight!


National Geographic Toys Video

National Geographic Expedition Shoe Lights

Uncle Milton - National Geographic - Expedition Shoe Lights
Uncle Milton - National Geographic - Expedition Shoe Lights

Let your child be an explorer with these expedition shoe lights. The set of two offers night vision or they are great for path finding. They simply attach to a shoe strap and then you just need to adjust the angle to get the right amount of light on the path.


Squeeze Rocket Launcher

Squeeze Rocket Launcher
Squeeze Rocket Launcher

Another exciting toy as your little one can squeeze this launcher's trigger to shoot six foam darts in seconds flat. Makes for some great active outdoor play too.


Here is what one happy customer had to say about this rocket launcher: "I bought this for my five year old who is fascinated with anything that shoots. I wanted something that we could teach the safety rules of shooting with. Although I have no complaints about the durability (It's sturdy and well made) or its accuracy (I've never used a nerf type shooter with more accuracy AND you can shoot the six missiles in semi-automatic fashion), it is not a toy for five year olds. The trigger requires much more strength than most five year olds have. I would say a good pick for 7 years and up."

Djubi - the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch

Djubi Classic - the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch!
Djubi Classic - the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch!

This is a great game where you can get the whole family involved. Djubi (pronounced joo-bee) is played with specially designed rackets and a unique ball called the Djubi.


Here is what one happy customer had to say about this toy: "My 10 and 12 year old daughters took to it immediately and could easily catch with the generous basket. They really liked it when I launched a djubi straight up and they had to settle under it and catch it with their racquet. My older nephew quickly took to making behind the back catches and launches from different angles."

Do You Have Some Favorite Games You Play as Family?

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