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Experiment Levels + Why Did You Kill Me? Achievement - Small & Life Planet Stage - Solar 2

Updated on November 9, 2013

This Solar 2 walkthrough and strategy guide covers the planet stage, Experiment missions along with the achievement that can be unlocked through performing this mission, Why Did You Kill Me? Within this guide you will find strategies and tactics along with playthrough videos showing these tasks being performed in real time.

The Experiment chain of levels in Solar 2 begin to incorporate some psychological trickery into your tasks presented by the Entity. The second level has 2 methods of completion, the more complicated of which unlocks the Why did you kill me? achievement and will be covered in a separate section below this one.

If you are looking for more guides covering the rest of Solar 2, click here to be taken to the Planet Stage Index where you can find more links to the other guides.

Tips for the Experiment Levels

Both missions are best performed as a fully evolved Life Planet, since all the benefits they provide will come in handy with exterminating the planets you are presented as targets. You will have to perform both missions without dying as doing so in either will fail the level.

Experiment 1

Level one has you tasked with taking out a single hostile Life Planet that is inhabited by skunks and is probably going to be fully evolved itself. Possibly the quickest way to eliminate it is through smashing your own planet into it to drop it’s shields and most likely your own. This can be used to propel the now unshielded enemy planet into nearby hazards in order to exterminate it’s life.

One alternative is to repeatedly ram your planet into the target since you do not need to maintain life yourself to complete this mission or optionally allowing your shields to replenish before the next hit if trying to preserve your life.Battling it out with turrets and ships is a slow process that also works but can be hastened by physically plowing through the enemy ships with your planet. Finally one last effective option is to smash or grind the skunk planet’s shields off then follow up with an orbiting asteroid strike.

Finishing off the skunk planet in the experiment level of Solar 2.
Finishing off the skunk planet in the experiment level of Solar 2.

Experiment 2

This mission can be completed one of two different ways. The harder method which unlocks Why did you kill me? is covered separately, however the easier option is quite simple indeed. All you have to do to complete the task presented before you is to run away in the opposite direction of the target trio of planets. Eventually you will be congratulated for saving the planets which turn out to be inhabited with kittens instead of skunks.

Experiment Levels – Video Walkthrough

Why did you kill me? Achievement

The secret achievement Why did you kill me? requires an alternative method in completing Experiment level 2. Instead of running away from the three planets full of kittens presented to you in this mission you will need to destroy them. You do not need to destroy the star they orbit.

One of the hit planets bounces off the star due to its shields still being up in Solar 2.
One of the hit planets bounces off the star due to its shields still being up in Solar 2.

Performing this mission as a Life Planet with as much mass as possible without making the jump to a Small Star, the quickest method in this level to unlock the achievement is to smash your planet into the target planets one at a time. This is much like before, however aiming your hits so the planets collide with their own star and making your hits hard enough to drop the shields of said planet with your first hit so the collision with the star can do actual damage.

This is complicated by the evolved Life Planet status of the kitten system which presents a slew of spacecraft that can destroy your planet rather quickly. To combat this, try to circle the system so your spacecraft are distracting the hostiles away from whichever planet you are trying to smack into its sun. Make sure you realize you must completely destroy these planets, not just the life on them.

Be careful, if you knock the planet out of orbit and away from the star, or it survives the collision and travels away, you will need to chase it down and destroy it before the planet drifts too far away from the others.This happens if you do not drop the shields with your first impact, since shields will soak up the star collision damage. If this happens you will finish the mission as though you ran away, missing out on unlocking Why did you kill me? unless restarting the chain.

Finally one helpful point of note is that if you do not have life on your planet, the hostile forces will ignore you until you significantly damage their planet through a collision. You can use this to work as a Small Planet and using hit and run tactics to knock the planets into their star before running off to consume whatever mass was lost. The danger with this method is if you propel a planet away from the star, you may not have enough mass to survive destroying it before causing the mission to complete as though you ran off.

Why did you kill me? Achievement – Video Walkthrough


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