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Exploration Achievements Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 1, 2012

This guide will cover the various exploration achievements players can earn, which is a subcategory of General in Diablo 3, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each. These are typically handed out for passing certain milestones in the game, completing a difficult or out of the ordinary task.

**WIP** This guide is still being worked on, expect to see additional info and pictures until this message is removed.

Exploration Achievements

There are 25 exploration achievements that cover a wide variety of odd tasks and some progression based milestones that don't necessarily fit into the other more specific categories.


General Achievements


  1. A Guiding Light
  2. Me, Myself & Eirena
  3. Stolen Moments
  4. Friends With Benefits
  5. Rarely There
  6. Legends of the Brawl
  7. Chestmaster 2000
  8. Born to Dye
  9. Rainbow Connection
  10. Color Coordinated
  11. Made it Work
  12. Wirt's Case Scenario
  13. Sets Appeal
  14. Space! I Love Space!
  15. Best Dressed
  16. Socket to Me
  17. Iced Out
  18. Bless You
  19. Slice of Life
  20. I Got What You Need
  21. Grave Buster
  22. Market Research
  23. Sword for Hire
  24. Haunted
  25. Shut Up and Take My Money!

A Guiding Light
A Guiding Light

A Guiding Light

Use the Templar as your follower.
Unlocks the lightning bolts banner accent.

After you meet up with the Templar companion, hire him as your follower to unlock this achievement.

Me, Myself & Eirena
Me, Myself & Eirena

Me, Myself & Eirena

Use the Enchantress as your follower.
Unlocks the water banner accent.

Same deal as with the Templar, you will meet her near the middle of Act II.

Stolen Moments
Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

Use the Scoundrel as your follower.
Unlocks the Quivers banner accent.

You will meet up with the scoundrel towards the end of Act I.

Friends With Benefits
Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

Fully equip one of your followers.

Best to do with your whoever you want with you most of the time, just grab an item to put in every slot, being main hand, off hand, 2 rings, amulet and token.

Rarely There
Rarely There

Rarely There

Equip a rare (yellow) item.
Unlocks the right stripe banner pattern.

You'll find a rare, yellow named item soon enough. It will most certainly be worth wearing, but if not you can just put it on for a second. An achievement, like the previous four, which will definitely happen soon into a character's life.

Legends of the Brawl
Legends of the Brawl

Legends of the Brawl

Equip a legendary (orange) item.
Unlocks the Large Lightning banner pattern.

Legendary items are the rarest type of item drops in the game, along with sets, and it will likely take a while for you to find one, but when you do you will probably be pretty ecstatic. The first step in eventually being decked it out nothing but uniques.

Chestmaster 2000

Open 2,000 chests.

Let this happen naturally, as it definitely will, just after a good long while. Rushing for this would be pretty difficult given chests are spread out no matter where you are by design.

Born to Dye
Born to Dye

Born to Dye

Dye an item.
Unlocks the Potion banner accent.

You can purchase many different dyes from the various merchants in the game. Just pick up one of any color you like (usually 350 gold a dye) and apply it to one of your items. Boom, unlocked.

Rainbow Connection
Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection

Use the following dyes.
Unlocks the Light Bleed banner pattern.

  • Aquatic, Tanner's, Winter & Spring - (Normal)
  • Autumn, Cardinal, Desert, Ranger's, Royal - (Nightmare)
  • Elegant, Lovely, Mariner's, Summer - (Hell)
  • Abyssal, Forester's, Golden, Infernal, Purity - (Inferno)

Dyes are distributed amongst certain vendors by difficulty, requiring advancing up through each to unlock additional dyes. The fastest method would be to purchase these from the Auction House if you are still far away from the higher levels. Not every dye will be available at the same time, and any dye can be available on a difficulty higher than it first exists in, but not lower. The fast way to collect them all is to reach inferno and keep making new games, checking Argus the Collector's (Act I knew Tristram vendor) inventory each time for any dyes you are missing until you have them all.

Color Coordinated
Color Coordinated

Color Coordinated

Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands slots with items dyed the same color.

Buy 6 of the same color dye and just apply them while you are wearing the items. Make sure you apply to your gloves, not bracers, as the latter is for wrists technically.

Made it Work
Made it Work

Made it Work

Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands slots with items dyed in all different colors.
Unlocks the Flower Banner banner accent.

Basically the opposite of make it work, more challenging though since you need to find 6 different items versus purchasing 6 of the same item from a vendor. Items found through loot will come dyed a certain color as well, thus it is entirely possible to unlock this by just equipping items you have found without every dying a single one. Unfortunately, sans eyeballing your character, there is no good way of telling the current true color of an item.

Wirt's Case Scenario
Wirt's Case Scenario

Wirt's Case Scenario

Acquire Wirt's Cowbell.

This is a special item, one of several used to get to Diablo 3's secret level. It can be purchased from the vendor, Squirt the Peddler, for 100,00 gold, who is found in the Caldeum Bazaar in Act II.

Sets Appeal

Complete one of the following level 60 unique item sets.

  • Immortal King
  • Natalya's Wrath
  • Zunimassa's Spirit
  • Inna's Majesty
  • Tal Rasha's Wrappings

These item sets are composed of several pieces of top tier unique items that when worn together, grant powerful bonuses. Incredibly hard to do because you will need to find several specific items out of hundreds of incredibly rare drops. Best done with heaps of cash and the Auction House.

Space! I Love Space!
Space! I Love Space!

Space! I Love Space!

Buy all stash upgrades.

Your stash can be upgraded many times over by spending nice little heaps of gold. Total estimate is being worked on.

First Tab: 4 extensions to purchase @ 10,000 gold each (40k Total)
2nd Tab: 100,000 to purchase, 4 extensions @ 10k ea. (140k total for 2nd tab)
3rd Tab: 200,000 to purchase, 4 extensions @ 10k ea. (240k total for 3rd tab)
Total Gold Cost: 420,000

Best Dressed
Best Dressed

Best Dressed

Equip a socketed item in the following slots.

  • Helm
  • Leg Armor
  • Amulet
  • Chest Armor
  • Weapon
  • Ring

Remember you can unsocket items, so just find some crap items with sockets and put a chipped gem inside of it to wear for a second. You don't have to wear all the pieces at the same time, just once checks off that part. You can search for crap socketable items on the auction house if you are having trouble finding one.

Socket to Me
Socket to Me

Socket to Me

Socket a gem in an item.

Self explanatory and really easy. You can always desocket it later.

Iced Out
Iced Out

Iced Out

Socket the following gem types.

  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Amethyst

Doesn't matter what quality, so as long as you have one of each as a chipped, or any other level, you can just pop it into the same item, unsocket with Shen and repeat until you've done all four. Or just wait until you want to use an item with said gems in them.

Bless You
Bless You

Bless You

Get the following benefits from shrines.
Unlocks the Small Runes banner pattern.

  • Blessed (Reduced Damage)
  • Fortune (Increased chance to find Magic/Gold)
  • Enlightned (Gain XP)
  • Frenzied (Attack and Crit chance increased)

You will find all four shrines without much problem as long as you're not rushing through the entire game without stopping to look around. Even then, you'd be hard pressed not to find these.

Slice of Life
Slice of Life

Slice of Life

Use 50 health wells.
Unlocks the Hearts banner accent.

Make sure to use any health wells you see, waiting until you need it if enemies are nearby, or just using it anyway if your about to leave the area. If you don't pay attention to this achievement, it is highly likely you'll unlock it anyway within a full playthrough.

I Got What You Need
I Got What You Need

I Got What You Need

Acquire a Templar Relic, an Enchantress Focus, and a Scoundrel Token.

These items are the special "only for this follower" types of items. I managed to find one of each by the last third portion of Act II, but it may take a bit longer. Note, you only need to pick up these items into your inventory, not actually equip them, to unlock this achievement.

Grave Buster
Grave Buster

Grave Buster

Destroy 50 tombstones.

You can find the Tombstone destroyable objects littered throughout the Weeping Hollow towards the northern part, by the Cemetery of the Forsaken or the cemetery itself. Search all around this are and destroy as many of the tombstones as you can. If you still need more and can't find any, just log off and back on for a fresh batch of breakables. It shouldn't take more than 2 runs.

Market Research

Meet the following wandering merchants.

These are all random chance spawn merchants that are occasionally found in specific locations in the wilds. Guides for locating each merchant are being worked on now.

Sword for Hire
Sword for Hire

Sword for Hire

Earn 50,000 gold from quest rewards.

Simple enough and will complete within one or two playthroughs. This can be unlocked by the time you complete nightmare, perhaps running a few quests over again. This will come faster if you search out events which often grant gold quest rewards.


Meet the following ghosts.

  • Luscious the Depraved
  • Drury Brown
  • Fecklar's Ghost
  • The Tomekeeper
  • Dataminer
  • John Gorham Coffin
  • The Archivist

These are likely random spawns found in somewhat obscure areas. More information to come as they are located.

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Buy each type of item from merchants.
Unlocks the Meditation banner sigil.

Sword, Mace, Mojo, Amulet, Boots, Belt, Bow, Bracers, Ceremonial Dagger, Chest Armor, Daibo, Crossbow, Dagger, Dye, Fist Weapon, Gloves, 1-Handed Crossbow, Helm, Leg Armor, Mighty Weapon, Wizard Source, Polearm, Quiver, Ring, Shield, Shoulder Armor, Spear, Spirit Stone, Staff, Wand

An expensive journey no doubt, made somewhat unfortunate since crafting is often so much better. Just make sure you're buying as low level items as possible if you're just doing it for this achievement, as even they run about 2.2 thousand or so from merchants.


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