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Quests in Dungeons and Dragons: House Jorasco

Updated on August 16, 2018

The Healer's Guild

House Jorasco is an enclave of buildings where adventurers will find many quests that will aid them in their struggle to become more powerful. All of Stormreach's enclaves (Houses) are basically zones where players can get new quests and find important items for sale. They are located off the Stormreach Marketplace as if spokes of a wheel (that is, with the Marketplace being center). Each of the Houses primarily has one art, or skill, as its theme.

House Jorasco's theme is healing. Clerics, paladins, and favored souls are common here, each seeking to find ways to increase their own healing power. Sorcerors can be seen prowling the streets and shops for special ingredients that will aid them in their attempts to control or create undead. And, of course, magic-less blades-for-hire stomp around looking for casters who will join them in taking on Dungeons and Dragons Online's difficult House Jorasco quests.

It's important for players to remember that just because each House follows one ideal or another, that doesn't mean you won't need to familiarize yourself with each. That is, yes, House J is the healer's enclave, but rogues and wizards will find exploring and adventuring there just as rewarding as clerics and paladins will. It might not be as easy for them, but the exceptional experience and treasure are still available to them. As with all DDO quests, players should determine before entering any dungeon whether they are capable of dealing with the creatures within. It's very important that players form diverse adventuring parties before entering most of the following dungeons. Players will find that many of the adventures here require not only clerical ability and magic, but brawn and cleverness.

Free Quests In House Jorasco

  • Mirra's Sleepless Nights: It is immediately apparent to adventurers new to House Jorasco quests that they are going to be seriously tested. The traps in this quest, which takes place in the basement of a nearby tower, are a serious impediment to adventurers that have failed to bring a skilled rogue along. Protection from cold potions or spells might enable some players to survive the icy blasts. Hint: Before attempting this quest on elite difficulty, find a rogue who will come along!
  • Haunted Library: Here is a truly balanced adventure that, in return, requires a balanced party to complete on higher difficulty settings. There are traps, puzzles, and monsters that require special weapons to even harm them. It is highly advised that players come up with a plan of attack before entering. Moving slowly, with a rogue in the party, will help to complete this quest in three parts, without missing any of the impressive treasure that is sometimes not so easily noticeable or accessible. Hint: Dungeonraider advises all melee characters to invest in a good Ghost Touch weapon. These weapons enable the wielder to strike ethereal creatures such as wraiths and specters.
  • Dead Predators: Dread Zombies are very tough monsters, and the Dead Halls are filled with them. When you put them into a crowd of regular zombies and other undead, and then have that mob shamble along together during battle, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences for players that aren't prepared for it. Hint: Don't expect to complete this dungeon on elite level of difficulty without skilled helpers. There is extreme mob fighting in this quest, bring players who do high DPS (damage per strike).

Use ghost touch weapons to more effectively destroy ethereal creatures, like the specter shown above.
Use ghost touch weapons to more effectively destroy ethereal creatures, like the specter shown above. | Source

The Graverobber: This quest has caused the failure of plenty of ill-planned expeditions. The trap that has collected a pile of failed adventurers beneath it can be disabled with careful searching by a talented rogue. And when you think you have achieved success, get ready for the mobs of tough zombies that will give mid-level adventurer parties either a thrill, or a lesson in futility.

Redwillow's Ruins: This is just a great all around adventure. It takes place on the forest trails near, and within, ancient structures. Outdoors you will find large groups of monstrous humanoids in organized patrols. The objectives (finding and securing lost goods from an archaeological dig) will take you on a long path to get to the final exhilarating confrontation with an ancient type of monster (which dungeonraider won't spoil here).

The Path to Madness and The Xorian Cipher: The first quest mentioned is the entryway to the second. It is treated as a separate quest in terms of experience and favor rewards, so is mentioned along with the main quest. The Xorian Cipher is designed so that it cannot be soloed. That is, built into the adventure is a part that cannot be passed without two (with hirelings) or more players. This is a long adventure for advanced players who enjoy solving puzzles as a group. There is abundant treasure in this dungeon, if you can find it all. Hint: Having at least one player with high strength, and one with high intelligence, will help to disable runes and cause Chaos Orbs to disappear.

Tempest's Spine: This is a very long and very difficult Raid. DDO raids allow for maximum allowable party size to be increased to twelve members. The quest itself normally requires at least one person who has successfully completed it previously. It is just that difficult to figure out how to get past certain parts of it. This quest is for advanced players who prefer working as a team to not only succeed in intellectual tests, but physical battles, as well. Hint: Players are often surprised at the willingness of experienced players to lead expeditions like this one. Using the chat and tell systems helps players send messages to other players.

The Enemy Within: This adventure takes players back into the Parthilcar Tower, where they had solved the riddle of Mirra's Sleepless Nights earlier. This time, players get to go deeper beneath the tower. This quest is difficult, but not overly so. With conservative spell point conservation and smart advancement through the dungeon, victory should be reasonably attainable for most DDO players. Hint: Aberrations, such as mind flayers, can be better harmed by players wielding Byeshk Weapons.

Dreams of Insanity: This quest sort of gives explorers a peek at what they can expect from high level quests. Gone are most of the monsters that could easily be defeated by a fireball or maul. For the first time, players start to realize that they need strong defense or they could die instantly when attempting to fight certain foes. Party adventuring is a way to make your experience in Dreams of Insanity something other than a nightmare.

The Night Revels event in Delera's Graveyard is a way for players of any level to acquire powerful and fun new items.
The Night Revels event in Delera's Graveyard is a way for players of any level to acquire powerful and fun new items. | Source

Night Revels Festival

The Night Revels is a live Dungeons and Dragons Online event that takes place on and around Halloween. This event has taken the place of the old Mabar Festival. It provides an opportunity to for players of any level (you must be level 7 or over to run the mini-quests in the event, however) to gain unique equipment by destroying undead and the event draws dark thrill seekers from all over Xend'rik.

The event takes place in Delera's Graveyard (located within House Jorasco). This is a public zone where monthly subscribers and premium players enter Delera's Tomb Adventure Pack quests. So, normally, free to play players have little reason to visit it - except during Night Revels.

Around Halloween night the graveyard is transformed into an eerie backdrop for the skeletons, wights, and vampires that push their way up and out of the ground. Destroying these creatures causes them to drop either Darkest Chocolate or Night Revel Keys. The keys are used to enter quests within the event where more ingredients can be obtained. The chocolate is a staple ingredient for all of the goodies one get from the vendor just outside the graveyard entrance.

This event is pretty much a grind. You need a certain amount of materials to upgrade items to suit your own level. If you're character needs a high level item, you'll be hunting for materials for a good while as you upgrade through the tier levels.

The first event in 2015 has been a success. There have been some lag issues and an update was done to make keys drop a bit more frequently, but all in all, players just love the environment. The Night Revels is eerie, fun and provides an opportunity to get some awesome cosmetic and utility items.

Pumpkinhead and Skullhead bombs turn unsuspecting adventurer friends into holiday displays.
Pumpkinhead and Skullhead bombs turn unsuspecting adventurer friends into holiday displays. | Source


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