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Extra Large Bicycle Seat - Detailed Information on Specialized Bicycle Seats

Updated on July 6, 2009

Why we need Specialized Bicycle Seats

Bicycle athletes and enthusiasts alike are increasingly concerned about the damage the wrong bicycle seat can cause the body. Men and women have suffered from the effects of the bicycle seats that are included with a bicycle.

Men have sustained damage from too much pressure on the perineum (the area between the rectum and the genitals) causing erectile dysfunction and impotence. A study was conducted at Stanford University Medical Center by Dr. Robert Kessler in response to increased reports of pain, erectile dysfunction and impotence in bicycle athletes.

The benefits of Extra Large Bicycle Seats

Specialized, a bicycle manufacturer that has developed an anatomically correct bicycle seat designed to address the discomfort and physical ailments of cyclists, conducted the study with Dr. Kessler. They tested 25 riders who exhibited symptoms caused by too much pressure on the perineum. Of the 25 riders, 14 experienced complete relief from their symptoms and 4 of the 14 had suffered from erectile dysfunction for at least a year prior to the study.

Women cyclists have also suffered discomfort such as inflammation and numbness in the perineum. The correct area for pressure to exist when sitting astride a bicycle seat is the “sit bones” in men and women. The reason that cyclists have pressure in the perineum rather than the sit bones is because the manufacturers of bicycle seats have for the most part provided only “one width fits all” bicycle seats. The sit bones are not supported at all in the average bike seat.

Fortunately, there are now bicycle seat manufacturers who address the problem by providing wider seats that are cut out in the middle. These more comfortable seats greatly reduce the pressure on the perineum, or the sit bones.

The athlete or serious cyclist should find the right combination of specialized bicycle seat and bicycle shorts for better comfort and performance. A casual rider can be satisfied with a gel saddle or a gel cover if he or she doesn’t want to replace the seat.

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Bike Shops for Bike Seats

You can find a local bike shop that sells specialized bicycle seats. They may carry several widths. Some even have a device that measures your sit bone size so that you know which seat to purchase. This device is a pad that leaves an impression when you sit on it. The impression is measured and the bike retailer will determine the measurement along with your riding style (athlete, enthusiast or casual) to determine the correct size for you.

A hornless bicycle seat has been developed to relieve the pain of riding a bicycle. The hornless seat consists of two pads separated by space between them so that all the pressure of sitting is away from the perineum and evenly distributed on the sit bones. The pads are adjustable to move in and out because everyone’s sit bone measurements are different. Having no horn on the seat also eliminates any possibility of pressure against the perineum.

Specialized bicycle seats with extra padding can also alleviate pain and suffering when riding. If you normally ride on rough terrain, you’ve experienced the shock to the perineum as well as the whole backside. Jumping and landing can also cause excruciating pain and numbness. The hornless dual padded seats are the ultimate in comfort and design.

If you enjoy riding an exercise bike, many of these specialized bicycle seats discussed in this article can make your exercise experience even more enjoyable. You will want to ride a lot longer when you are enjoying a comfortable seat.


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