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F1 2015 is it worth it

Updated on July 19, 2015


So after 1 week of playing F1 2015 on Xbox One (also on PS4 and PC) and i am here to review it so here it is

championship season mode

so after completing 1 season of championship season mode it is fair to say the single player has very much improved over the past year, with AI being aggressive (a little too aggressive) with me being spun out when challenging a AI car in to a corner and losing my front wing and suffering a puncture. It can also be every race that someone will spin you if you are challenging AI anywhere. Not many bad things about this game mode besides you can't choose how long you want a session to be for example i want to do a 30 min practice, a full qualifying session and 25/50% race but you can't do that

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Pro Season Mode

Pointless. The only word to describe it. You can do the same thing in championship season mode with the same cars, same drivers, same assists and same cockpit cam. Many F1 youtubers have said that Codies (Codemasters) have ran out of ideas for the game with a lot more space to bring new content on. Also you have to rely on 'Jeff the engineer' to tell you about your car and how you are doing.


Who the hell did the online servers? Because they are dumb, can't get online right since forever, ok you want to know the reason why this is not gone codies way for this. Desyncing with other drivers which makes you think your in what ever position your in but your like 5 places down in real life time. There are lots and lots of different bugs and glitches online for example disappearing cars. Yep that's happened. Also i can't have no assists online so i have to use all the assists and also it costs me a lot of pace into the fast corners and in league races you are slow and can't get a pole position or even challenge for the win. It costs me at least 2/3 seconds with a hot lap.

Time Trial

OK, time trial a thing that make practice even better until you are 1 cm off the track and that is a corner cut whilst cutting it by 10 m seems to pay off and codies will not say that is a corner cut GG CODIES, gg

physics model

The best part of this game is handling the car is not stuck to the floor in previous games so the struggle is real, Tyre and fuel saving is very good it keeps you thinking through out the whole race about managing them to last the race or until you go to the pits also you need to know when the other drivers pit so you can make you can make a choice on when to pit and when to push on a stint

Wheel vs pad

so what are you, are you a pad user or wheel user. I have used both of them and they are fairly even. The pad has better things, for example you can use voice commands more easily whilst the wheel has to use a random button to select, The wheel has better turning circle compared to the pad. The pad is better to Tyre save compared to the wheel because it is easy to lock up your wheels on the wheel and the pad you can take it easy and the pad has a little bit more traction off the line from the start. For fuel saving they are both the same, you can put the car in mix 1,2 and 3 and know what fuel you have left and how long until you run out of fuel.

What do you use to play F1 2015- Pad or wheel

What do you use to play F1 2015- Pad or wheel?

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So is it worth £50 no it would say £35 just because you can't have a lot of fun online and single player will just become boring come the middle of the year of release so buy it if you like playing single player but if you are a competitive person on these types of games try time trial. I think F1 2015 is the worst racing game in a long while with everything besides championship season mode.

By Ben Dyer


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