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FAQ - Rune Mysteries

Updated on July 21, 2012

What is Rune Mysteries?

Rune Mysteries is basically another name for the popular online game "Runescape". Rune mysteries is a game where you can travel a virtual world in order to become the master at everything from building fires and cooking to slaying mythical folklore creatures and creating runes to use magic.


Common Rune Mysteries FAQs

1. How do I not get hacked on Runescape?

  • One step that you should take is make sure that you have some sort of protection on your computer. Second is change your password so that it is as long as possible and no one can guess it. Put Capitals and lower-cases, and numbers. Change your security questions often. Make a bank pin in your gamer account, and scan your computer for a keylogger.

2. What is a keylogger?

  • A keylogger is any program that an internet hacker uses to place in your computer and record all of the passwords or information that you type anywhere at anytime. As long as you have protection for your computer, make frequent scans or cannot find a new, weird program on your computer that you didn't install you should be fine. The information that a keylogger collects could be very important or personal and possibly cause identity theft.

3. How to not get stuck in Runescape dungeons and pools.

  • Before you go into caves or exit anywhere outside of the cities, you should have health potions and teleportation runes in case you are close to dying and need to leave the area... or you are stuck and cannot do much of anything in the game any longer.

4. How to role-play in the game as a druid, knight or other creature.

  • Follow the link below to the forums providing useful information for your specific group. Click on the appropriate forum thread once on the site page.

5. How can I contact Runescape game-makers to give them more ideas or suggestions?

  • Runescape has a site for its fans and another for the Jagex creators of the Runescape game-site. In order to contact Jagex, you must go to the original site and post a new forum in the 'community' forum.

6. Where do I go next, after completing my last quest?

  • After completing a quest and receiving the reward you want to click on your "quests" icon in the game menu and select a new quest. The next location you should visit will be marked in white on the map.

Rune Mysteries is played by many people linked together in a virtual world through the internet. Rune Mysteries is a gaming site for all ages of people as well as different genders. The goal of what you do on the Rune Mysteries game is to become a strong avatar mentally and physically by completing tasks and quests assigned to each player. Players may select the class that they want to be in in this virtual world, but must also play the game in order to bring allot of what you desire in the game to fruition.

Rune Mysteries requires real money in some ares of the game. At electronics stores and some super-stores RuneScape points are sold on shelves as pre-paid gamer cards. These points enable you to travel into more advanced areas and maps in the runic world as well as buying other advancements. Much of the game is free, but Rune Mystery points enable advanced purchases.


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