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FF14: How to Get Wolf Marks and What Are They Used For?

Updated on May 30, 2020
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Squintina is an avid gamer and a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise.

What are Wolf Marks?

Wolf marks are the currency rewarded from general PVP activities in Final Fantasy XIV! Wolf marks can be earned from all forms of PVP, whether it's Frontlines, Rival Wings, or the Feast.

Likewise they are earned regardless of win or loss. However, how much you earn does vary both on the mode and whether you do win or lose. There are also challenge logs to earn some extra wolf marks as well as a Daily Challenge. The rewards do not change for different maps of the same mode (for example, Frontlines Secure and Fronlines Nadaam give the same rewards).

Do note that these are different from Wolf Collars - a totem reward from ranked PVP. However, if you have some extra Wolf Collars lying around that you aren't planning on using, you could choose to trade them in for Wolf Marks by talking to the Feast Quartermaster.

PVP Type
Wolf Marks
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Rival Wings
Rival Wings
Challenge Log
Each of the 6 logs
Wolf Collar Exchange
1 Collar

Please note that Challenge Log, Daily Challenge, and the actual match rewards all stack!

That means if you are doing a Daily Challenge Frontline, you will get the 500-1000 wolf mark reward and the 1000 challenge reward for a total of 1500-2000 wolf marks. If somehow that was your 7th match of the day (perhaps you did the first 6 by queuing directly), you would get an additional 1000 wolf marks on top of that.

Increasing Wolf Mark Gains

It is possible to increase wolf marks earned from matches by using the FC action "Mark Up" (5%) and "Mark Up II" (10%). If your FC is willing to use an Aetherial Wheel for a Wolf Mark buff, perhaps for a FC PVP night, the Wheel of Rivalry is used to receive the 15% buff.

These is no Squadron buff for Wolf Marks, so you do need to convince your FC to make use of this.

This buff will increase all wolf mark rewards - including challenge log, daily challenge bonus, and wolf collar exchange.

Note: I tested all these as I really did not think it would affect the challenge log, but it did.

Where to spend Wolf Marks?

All shops that use Wolf Marks are found in the Wolves' Den Pier.

  1. The Arms Suppliers only provide weapons
  2. The Armor Outfitters only provide armor and accessories
  3. The Wolves' Den Provisioner has 1 piece of Armor (glamour) and a variety of:

  • Emotes
  • Minions
  • Furniture
  • Orchestrion Rolls
  • Dark Matter (for self-repairs)
  • Glamour Prisms
  • Squadron Rationing Manual (15% PVE mob exp buff)

Gil Analysis: Saving and Earning Gil via Wolf Marks

Wolf Marks aren't amazing for Gil, but there are some ways to make use of it.

Gear into Grand Company seals

A common option for many currencies. Do be careful as some of the gear from Wolf Marks has item level of 1 starting in Stormblood where you will either get no seals, or nearly none.

This is the highest potential for gil earning, though it will vary a lot based on your marketboard. The GC market fluctuates a lot, especially in the few weeks of a patch. It does balance out later in the patch. This also means needing quite a bit of retainer space for listings.

The best GC rate will be the i110, i205, and i100 accessories (in that order).

If the common GC mats are selling for under 200 gil (Potash, Hardened Sap, Borax, Coke) and you're not willing to do extra research into the less common items, you may want to move on to...

Glamour Prisms

You can sell glamour prisms on the Marketboard. These don't fluctuate quite as much as materials from GC seals. That being said, the prices I've seen for glamour prisms (from 200 to 400 gil) would still put these lower than most GC material prices I've ever seen. The main benefit to this option is having to do less market research and less listings (as high stacks usually sell without much issue). If your glamour prisms are selling for 270 gil or lower on the marketboard, you might want to consider the next option...

Gil Analysis for potential Marketboard outcomes - will vary drastically and used to illustrate the potential of converting to GC seals
Gil Analysis for potential Marketboard outcomes - will vary drastically and used to illustrate the potential of converting to GC seals

Vendoring Gear

Buying gear to then sell for gil to a NPC is actually a decent option when it comes to wolf marks. It's a bit difficult to capture the profit as, unlike with GC, the gil price changes per item so do be careful what you buy. In my analysis, I just picked a price - usually one that was more in the middle.

The priority would be:

  • i110,i100,i90 shield
  • i110, i100 accessories (no belts) of 430+ gil
  • i70 shield
  • all remaining i110,i100 accessories (no belts!)
  • i205,i180 accessories & belts

I say priority because these are unique. You can use your retainers in inventory mode to "Have Retainers Sell Items" to sell these. However, if that's a bit too slow and you want to go to an actual NPC to sell a bit faster, you'll probably want to do it in one trip and thus spend as many wolf marks as possible.

There is one more good option, that technically earns less gil but can still be worthwhile if you just want to get something even faster and not have to sell anything:

Dark Matter

If you've got crafters leveled up, that means you can do self-repairs using Dark Matter. Since you can actually buy Dark Matter for gil, you are "earning" (saving) gil by not buying these from regular vendors. Since all the Dark Matter are the same wolf mark cost, and you can use higher matter on lower level gear if you really want to, the Grade 7s are simply the best option.

Gil Analysis for guarantees - Vendor prices!
Gil Analysis for guarantees - Vendor prices!

Risky Options

Selling Orchestrion rolls is the risky option. These items don't sell often, so you can only sell a 1-2 at a time without flooding your own market, if someone else gets the same idea you'll probably be undercutting each other over and over before someone actually buys the item. Because of that the prices are highly unreliable, but if you're willing to take the risk, this could pay off big.

A creative way of making gil

Most everything else is untradable and thus impossible to earn gil from.

However, if you have a decorating permissions, you could place the item, which would allow someone else to also move it. This is particularly used by FC houses where the person decorating may need furniture but does not do PVP. You could barter for something in return for your troubles.

Can Wolf Marks be used for Relics?

They can be used to get GC seals, which in turn are used for

A Realm Reborn

  • Bombard Core


  • Pneumite
  • Adamantite Francesca
  • Titanium Alloy Mirror
  • Dispelling Arrow
  • Kingcake

Aside from that, making gil (for the steps where gil is an option or requirement) is the only other relic-related activity possible.


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