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FFXI-Faming and Crafts (How to make gil)

Updated on May 20, 2009

Making Gil

If you have read my other hubs about FFXI I make mention of making online currency to buy armor and equipment. This will give you a slight overview of how to make gil.


Farming is what the online communities say is a way to make currency. You ask someone "How do I make gil?" their answer "Go farm.". This means you go out killing mobs that drop items. In FFXI farming is going to a lower level area and killing mobs that drop stack-able items usually. I find that you can also go to areas where the mobs read easy prey, you get a little experience and you get items to sell. Farming takes time, especially if your still leveling. At max level you can join HNMLS (Hard notorious monster linkshell) or Sky linkshells to farm up items to sell off from harder monsters and higher level areas. But this article will discus lower level farming.

The drop rate on items vary, you won't get the item you want every time you kill something. Farming can take days sometimes weeks, especially is your trying to buy certain items off the auction house. You start off looking at what is selling for a decent amount and decide if you can kill the mobs that drops those items. Most of the time materials used for crafting are what people will go for.

So you looked thru the auction house and found something you can sell that's worth a little bit of gil. For example silk thread on my server sell for 10k gil. I can easily kill the crawlers that drop them. I clean out my inventory except for the basic armor I'll need for farming and I go to the area they are abundant in. For an hour I kill 50 crawler and I now have almost 2 stacks of 12 silk threads.

As I mentioned, you can also find items off mobs that read easy prey to you, this can take awhile to farm but you'll get exp on a job as you do it. If you have thief leveled you get an active job trait called "treasure hunter". This trait increases the chances of having items drop a certain percentage. Most people will level thief just to use as a sub job or a main job for farming.

Once you obtain the item or items you are after place them on the auction house to be bidded on. Just like getting money in real life you have to work at getting gil online. Some people get a stroke of luck and obtain an item that sells for 100k+ or even 1million+ gil.

Farming is not the only way to make gil, but it is a guaranteed gil maker. There are BCNMS, these are 3 to 6 person party fights that you can do using beastmen or kindred seals. These fights pit you against higher level monsters in most cases. If successful in winning the battle you are given items, depending on which BCNM the items can be worth a lot of gil. The ever famous kraken club goes for 20mil+ gil.

Crafting elemental wheel
Crafting elemental wheel


FFXI offers a crafting system. Now from personal experience I like the crafting system in WoW and Everquest II more, 1) its easier to gather crafting items and 2) easier to learn recipes. In FFXI you have several different crafts you can take up, but you can only level one main craft to max.

  • Smithing
  • Goldsmith
  • Leathercrafter
  • Alchemist
  • Bonecrafter
  • Cooking
  • Woodworking
  • Clothcraft

To level each craft you have to join the guild for that craft and pass tests at certain levels to advance. Crafting can take time especially if you have to farm the items required. There are some things you can do such as gardening, fishing, harvesting, logging and mining that give you the items needed for certain crafts. These tasks do not require leveling except fishing. To fish in higher level areas you must level up your fishing skill or risk the chance that your pole will break.

The crafts mentioned above require crystals, crystals are either farmed when you have signet on and fighting easy prey+ mobs or buying thru the auction house. All crafts starting off require easy to obtain items. I'll give examples of a few crafts:

  • Smithing: Fire crystal + Copper ore(x3) + Tin ore= Bronze ingot
  • Alchemy: Lighting crystal + Tahrongi Cactus= Distilled water
  • Goldsmithing: Wind Crystal + Flint stone(x2)= Stone Arrowheads(X6)
  • Bonecrafting: Wind crystal + Seashell (x3)= Shell powder
  • Leathercrafting: Dark Crystal + Distilled water + Sheepskin + Willow log= Sheep leather
  • Woodworking: Wind Crystal + Arrow wood log= Arrow wood lumber
  • Cooking: Fire Crystal + Millcorn= Roasted corn
  • Clothcraft: Wind Crystal + Yagudo necklace= Grass thread(x3)

Crafting is nice to level, due to the fact that you can make your own armor, weapons, medicines and foods. Each craft has the ability to High Quality, this means that you can get more items in a single craft or a +1 item (this also depend on what your crafting). Most +1 and high quality items are sought after in higher levels. For example one food item, Meat kabobs can high quality into Chief kabobs, the high quality version offers higher stats and last for an hour instead of 30 minutes. Where regular meat kabobs go for 4k the chief kabobs go for 8k and if you farmed your own mats then your making a profit.

All the crafts require you to have another craft leveled for certain items. For example to make Sairui-Ran(x33) you need cooking lvl11 and Alchemy lvl28.This will require you to level alchemy and cooking.

I hope that this small article gives you a decent insight to making gil on FFXI.


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      saleh ally saleh 8 years ago

      thanks for the comment

    • Srainey profile image

      Srainey 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. There actually are a few hubs about it, but mostly I see WoW hubs.

    • Zeek's Newsroom profile image

      Zeek's Newsroom 8 years ago

      after searching hubpages for ffxi i didn't find much so i decided to write my own hub on ffxi about, who else other than me ? lmao but no, after writing my hub yours popped up in the little "related" box and i went x_x

      Great hubs you got about mmorpg's and ffxi!

      and amazingly enough you have the right synthesis wheel! i don't see many ppl using the correct wheel, most ppl use the "myth" guess wheels and others.. don't care which way they face lol. but i just wanted to say man, great hub, good job and nice to meet other ffxi players outside of ffxi