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FFXIV: Heavensward - Alexander - Fist of the Father Guide

Updated on August 8, 2015

It's been roughly a week since the newest raid, Alexander, has been added to FFXIV: Heavensward and wow is it fun! I've been getting a lot of feedback about needing guides for the turns of Alexander, so here's a brief strategy for Alexander's first turn - The Fist of the Father.

Alexander - The Fist of The Father

At the first boss there will be trash mobs that continuously spawn. The best way to tackle this fight quickly is to have the off-tank hold the adds while one of the healers focuses on keeping them alive. The main tank will take the boss and the rest of the party will focus on burning down the boss as quickly as possible so the off-tank doesn't get overwhelmed.

After the first boss is done, make your way through the narrow corridors and past the steam traps, up the ramps and down the chute to get to the final boss of The Fist of the Father - The Oppressor.

This fight isn't very hard at all - in fact it borrows some things from Turn 1 of The Binding Coil of Bahamut, so if you've done that you'll pick up on one of the main mechanics quite quickly. Let's note some things about this fight very briefly:

  • When you kill the adds, they create a small circular aoe on the ground that will give mini status to anyone who steps in it - do not step in it.
  • If the adds tether to a tank - it's the dps's job to get them off IMMEDIATELY.
  • Don't die. (:

Okay, so going into the fight the Oppressor will be on the North side of the arena. The main tank will want to tank it in the south part of the arena instead. At this point, everyone will dps the boss until the 2 minute mark - which is when the 2nd boss will appear in the arena - Oppressor 0.5. The off-tank will then do an emnity combo or provoke the Oppressor 0.5 and take it to the North side of the arena, breaking the tether created when the two bosses are together.

From this point, dps will split between the two bosses or take turns whittling each boss down to about 5%. Every so often adds will appear and blue lines will appear also. You'll want to take the adds over to where the blue lines are (this is where missiles will drop) and kill the adds right under where the missiles are dropping. When done correctly, the missiles will get mini'd from the aoe of the now dead adds and do minimal damage.

Afterwards, the bosses will fly above the arena and an aoe pulse will begin on the floor. You want to move as far from this aoe as possible, while being mindful to not step in any mini-aoes that you see in the area. Continue the fight like this until both bosses are at around 5% HP. Once they're at 5% HP, you should use your limit break 3 on one boss and quickly burn down the other boss because killing one boss starts the self-destruct sequence on the other which will one hit KO the entire party if its successfully cast.

After the fight is over, enjoy the cool cutscene and CONGRATULATIONS! Now go get your loot!

Alexander - The Fist of the Father Loot

  • Tarnished Gordian Chain
  • Tarnished Gordian Pedal
  • Tarnished Gordian Bolt

Each loot token has a specific piece of gear it unlocks and needs a specific amount. Here's the information on what each piece is for and how many you'll need for this first turn of Alexander:

  • Tarnished Gordian Chain - Trade 1 in Idyllshire for i190 waist piece
  • Tarnished Gordian Pedal - Trade 2 in Idyllshire for i190 boots
  • Tarnished Gordian Bolt - Trade 1 in Idyllshire for i190 accessories

After you decide which loot piece you want, click need on it and good luck! Please keep in mind you can only win one piece of loot per turn per week in Alexander. Think hard about what pieces you need from which turn! Happy Adventuring!

© 2015 Dusk Jackson


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