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Final Fantasy XIV - Macros to Save Your Life

Updated on March 29, 2015

What Is A Macro?

Macros are user-defined automated commands that allow you to record multiple actions and trigger them with a single button or keystroke.

In shorter terms - a macro is a feature in FFXIV designed to make the more tedious tasks take less time and effort from your end while still having all of the work done in the game. You can also use macros to create "flavor text" with emoticons or even having your character say a witty one-liner after a skill or spell is cast!

Why Should I Use Macros?

I hear you over there thinking you don't need to use macros. When I first started - I thought the same thing. If you're saving up for a house, wedding gear, that expensive barding for your chocobo or the latest gathering and crafting gear, you're probably doing a lot of tedious crafting. That's where macros come in. Macros can turn a 20 button combo craft into one button press and save you lots of time. You'll never realize how valuable that 30 seconds really is until you use it to place the controller down to sip a cup of coffee!

Not a crafter? No problem. If you're tired of being a cookie cutter Tank, DPS, or Healer, macros can spice up your moveset with some flavor text! Maybe you'd like an angry expression or your favorite quote from an anime as you cast provoke! Or perhaps you'd like to alert the party when you're getting ready to cast protect, stoneskin or a stun skill. Macros make all of this possible and so much more!

Before You Macro

There are a few common macro commands that you need to know!

  • /ac - This tells the system that you want to perform an action. For example - If you were going to tell the game to use the "Standard Synthesis" skill, you would type "/ac Standard Synthesis"
  • <wait._> - the "<wait._> command is used to tell the game to wait a certain amount of time before it moves on to the next step. For example, after you type in an action, you generally want the game to wait so it doesn't try to simultaneously activate another skill. For "Standard Synthesis" you would type "/ac Standard Synthesis <wait.3>" The number at the end tells the game how long to wait. Generally you want to put a 3 for an active skill and a 2 for a buff to maximize on the time your character spends in the macro.
  • /blist add <r> - This command is my favorite. What this macro'd command does is automatically blacklists the last person who sent you a tell (private message) this is perfect for those annoying RMT gil sellers. If one whispers you, just hit the macro button with this command and BAM! Bot blacklisted with minimal effort.

There are lots of other macro commands that will will use throughout these articles, but these are the basic ones we will use at first. Over time we will move onto more advanced macro commands and tricks. Take the time to get used to the basics and write up/share your own macros you made! I'll be sure to leave a few of my own beginner macros below so you guys have something to go by!

Tells the game to use an action.
/ac Standard Synthesis
Tells the game to wait (generally used right after each action
/ac Standard Synthesis <wait.3>
/blist add <r>
Blacklists the last person who sent you a private message

Skills You Want

While this isn't a list of what you have to have, you should make progress towards leveling these crafts to get these skills:


  • Careful Synthesis I - Level 1
  • Brand of Lightning - Level 37
  • Careful Synthesis II - Level 50


  • Steady Hand I - Level 9
  • Hasty Touch - Level 15
  • Steady Hand II - Level 37
  • Reclaim - Level 50


  • Innovation - Level 50


  • Tricks of the Trade - Level 15
  • Brand of Water - Level 37
  • Comfort Zone - Level 50


  • Brand of Ice - Level 37
  • Piece by Piece - Level 50


  • Ingenuity I - Level 15
  • Brand of Fire - Level 37
  • Ingenuity II - Level 50


  • Waste Not - Level 15
  • Brand of Earth - Level 37
  • Waste Not II - Level 50


  • Brand of Wind - Level 37
  • Byregot's Blessing - Level 50

Macros, Macros, Macros!!!!

What you see above is my own macro in Final Fantasy XIV on the macro hub in the game. You have one of these hubs too! You can access it under the Main Menu. First you go to Main Menu -> System -> User Macros.

In this window you can not only create macros, but pick your own icon for them and then assign them to a hotbar slot!

Think You Know Your Stuff?!?!?

view quiz statistics

Last Touches!!!

You made it! Welcome to the end of Part 1 of the basic macro tutorials! This article may be a lot to take in - so let's recap!

Level all crafts to at least 15! At the very least - aim for Steady Hand, Waste Not and Hasty Touch! Those three skills will be the basis of almost every macro we make in all oncoming parts to the tutorial series.

Remember your macro commands! Especially take care to remember that <wait.2> is used after buffs and <wait.3> is used after active skills.

Keep on practicing! Nothing polishes those macro creating and crafting skills more than practice, practice, practice. It's not like absolutely nothing will come from your practicing! You'll be crafting lots of cool things to sell!

Be sure to check out the quiz and test your macro memorization! That's it for this issue of "Macros to Save Your LIfe!" Be sure to drop in next week when we explore skill combinations, disciple of hand quick leveling and how to HQ your crafts - even from NQ materials.

© 2014 Dusk Jackson


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