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FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Predictions

Updated on July 29, 2012

FUT 11 Dream Team

FUT 11 Dream Team
FUT 11 Dream Team

FIFA 12 UT Predictions

This hub will be dedicated to idea that I think will be included in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. Fifa 11 Ultimate team was a big hit but it was still flawed. These flaws give EA a good measure of what the players want in FUT 12.

Fifa 12 Blog

Of course EA will balance what we want, with what makes them money, and that is pack sales!


Team Tournaments : Fifa 12 is the perfect year to introduce multiplayer only tournaments into fifa ultimate team. Currently they only have tournaments required by team rating, team make-up, and player quality. This is the year to make tournaments for people that play with guests. The trend for guests is growing, and this would make the stakes even. I think they will include this feature into FIFA 12.

Friendship/Chemistry Cards: The game is called ultimate team for a reason, the purpose is for you to create your idea of the best players in the world and putting them together. The only issue here is the fact that ultimate team chemistry is so important. You must have players that link by country/team/league. With the introduction of chemistry cards, this would allow players that don't normally link to have a link now. This would truly unleash the power of Ultimate team and is necessary. I do not think they will include this in FIFA 12 ut but I sure hope they do.

Advanced Injury Coaches/Cards: One of the biggest feature this year in Fifa 12 is the inclusion of real-life injuries. This does not get any Fifa player excited but they choose to make the game realistic so it's something that is not going away. Since they are spending time making injuries more real, they will add something to ultimate team that focuses on injuries. My guess is that they will make injury coaches have a larger role, and will have longer injury times. This would also make it important to have several different injury cards to repair your players. My hopes for fifa 12 ultimate are that you can buy enough injury coaches to make injuries a non concern. I don't think that injuries will ever go away so I think they will include a new way to manage injuries in FUT 12.

Card Packs with Additional Card Packs: One feature we saw late in FUT 11 was the inclusion of "1 free gold pack" cards in gold packs. This is a cool feature that encourages people to buy more packs. These basically double your investment because you get two packs for the price of one. They were testing it in FIFA 11, and I think this feature will be added to 12. Along with adding it, I think it will be more common.

Variety of Special Packs: Special packs are something that FIFA 11 also expiremented with, including consumable packs, rare player only packs, jumbo packs (40 items) and more. In FIFA 12 I predict that they will offer these packs all the time. Giving the players more options for packs keep the income rolling into EA, something they love. These options also help even out the UT market, something that the players like. This is a win win feature, and I assume it will be added to fifa 12 ultimate team.

New Conversion Cards: Conversion cards help change your players position and thus increasing his given chemistry. In FUT 11, there were limited conversion cards, and this made players angry. Sometimes you want a CB to play CDM, or an RF to play ST. These cards should be made available in Fifa ultimate team 12. I think EA will include different ways in fut 12 to make it so you can play your players in the position you choose, true ultimate team. Not exactly sure how they will make this happen, but one easy assumption is more conversion cards.

I will be updating this post with more information as FIFA UT 12 comes closer. For now back to my FUT 11 team!

Please leave your comments on how you think Ultimate Team 12 will change, be upgraded, or be annoying.

As Fifa 12 comes to an end you can check out all of the best and final Fifa 12 Skills

Will you Play FIFA UT 12?

Will you Play FIFA UT 12?

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    • profile image

      can 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Doug 6 years ago

      pretty much every prediction you made did not come true

    • shanestyle profile image

      shanestyle 6 years ago

      Thanks for your input Oli! Some very good points brother. I will find you on PS3.

    • profile image

      Oli 6 years ago

      Oh and while we are here...if anyone wants to donate some coins/cards ... add me on PSN : ovidox ...cheers

    • profile image

      Oli 6 years ago

      Some valid points above and whilst some features simply aren't going to be done due to team/financial reasons I'd like to say something has to massively be done about the cost of players / price fixing overall and the economy overhall needs a major overhaul; for example i might as well build an all silvers against crappy teams and replace my players at almost 1/3 the cost of buying a new contract for them . I'd like to see the search menu offer a lot more depth to it and ofcourse a greater community feel with some kind of hub to meet ppl from your zone/country and exchange players or coins even as well as chat/discuss fifa/soccer in general. I agree we need some kind of conversion card that it was obvious some positional change cards were worth too much over others. I also agree there should be INFORM only packs and they should be literally a fuckload of cash but yet again maybe not; it means rich bratts or ppl with no life and too much money would go out buy them/spoil the fun of being a noob n getting an epic RONALDO card. Perhaps even a set CAP for each card so ppl don't go profeterring as much from trading cards as the game now is just about buy/sell cards...hardly anyone plays coz it costs 2 much fitness/contracts and hell even time...more money a lot more money out of tournaments and yep multiplayer tournaments. INjuries are another waste of coins and again...where are all these coins going to come cards and not playing fifa / with ur team; i really hope they introduce some kinda EA controlled pricing; such as injury cards/contracts to stop the black market and ofcourse ultimately i'd like to see this my club or whatever feature they have that allows your players form to go up/down and increase card value so in utopia Ultimate team you can uncover the next messi out of some bronze card... if you play well enough with him (online only) and the card value/ratings increase and sell him back to the market but it won't ever happen as they need to make money not administer real time databases but in real world players grow/decline so yeah. thanks for the hub i prob didn't make much sense but look forward to more ppls oppinions as im sure i missed a bit.