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FIFA Soccer: How To Be Better

Updated on April 16, 2014

Why Take My Advice on FIFA?

I have been playing FIFA for ten years now. I have bought every FIFA and played them each for countless hours against friends who are good at the game and online against some of the best players. I always have a winning record online because I have played so much and mastered these ideas below. Enjoy, hopefully this helps you become a better player!

Know Thy Players

It is important to know the abilities of the players on the team you are playing with in FIFA. Most urgently is to know their pace and their strength, followed by their shot power, finishing and passing. An easy, quick way to tell pace and strength are by the players size. Usually players of smaller stature are quicker and players with large stature are stronger and not as pacey. Knowing a player's abilities helps you make a decision on what to do with the ball. For example, you don't want to be ripping 30 yard shots with a player possessing a low shot power, and you don't wanna want to be taking on players with a slow paced player.

Watching/Playing Real Life Soccer

Most of the better FIFA players are either huge soccer fans or people that have played soccer in real life. Why? Because they understand the game. There is no better way to learn soccer, therefore be better at FIFA than either playing yourself or watching the professionals play. If you play and watch and are still bad at FIFA, then A. video games are not your thing or B. you aren't paying close enough attention to the details and tactics.

Ball Control

This may be the most important thing in FIFA and playing real life soccer. Most bad or amateur players sprint way too much with the ball, and lose possession. Using the L2 (PS) and Left Trigger (Xbox) buttons are very very important. Learning to change paces between control and sprinting is a lot of what separates good FIFA players from bad ones. So start sprinting less, and being patient with ball control more.

Chipped Through Balls

The chipped through ball by using L1+triangle (PS) or LB+Y (XBox) is the best way to penetrate defenses. If you learn to weight and time the passes correctly, chipped through balls can leave your opponent almost helpless, especially if you have a pacy forward up top. The most effective chipped through balls and often overlooked are the short ones. Barely pressing the through ball can be a cheeky way to bypass a pressing defender, and it provides more chance of the ball getting to your forward compared to a regular through ball. The picture below displays a short through ball, which is my favorite technique for penetrating defenses.

Full Field Awareness

Most players that aren't any good at FIFA, just focus on the ball. This narrow focus leads to a lack of awareness of your teammates and your opponents defenders. Knowing the general position and movement of those two is crucial. Everything about your game will improve, especially your passing and possession. You will be able to link together more complex and unique chains of passing usually leading to your opponent being baffled and thinking you are a genius, the next virtual Zidane. Next time you play try to focus on several players simultaneously.

Defensive Timing

Timing your tackles and knowing when to contain can be the difference between allowing a goal or not. It is generally better to contain most of the time, but there are times when you must step up as a defender and take a risk to stop a player. A well timed slide tackle is one of the most exciting plays in FIFA and real life soccer. Learning this intricate balance will make you a better player.

Being Unpredictable

Once you've mastered the above ideas the final key to being a great FIFA player is unpredictability on offense. Learning to fool your opponent and be tricky and creative is the best way to beat his defenders. If he always knows you are going to cut back with the ball or drive down the line for a cross, then you will be easy to defend. This unpredictability manifests itself in passing as well. Go for a full field switch when they expect a drop back pass, or use a dummy when they expect you to possess the ball, or dribble around them when the expect a shot at the top of the box.

Last Thoughts

Mastering any of these ideas will take a good deal of time and practice like any other skill. Once they become second nature is when you will really start to see improvement in your game. Also remember to have fun with the game and seek a close game with amazing goals and plays rather than seeking a win. Being overly competitive can take the fun out of FIFA or anything else in life. So try tricks, do crazy slide tackles, rip 40 yard shots, charge your keeper, anything to keep it fun. If you wanna play against me, my username is Evdaddy22 and I play on the PS3.


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