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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips and Strategy for How to Get 100 Chemistry

Updated on February 1, 2015


In this guide I will give you tips and guidance to help you get to 100% chemistry. This will help build your team and make you more effective when playing against your opponents. If you have any questions please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page.

If you also want to get in touch you can message me on Twitter @ . I also have a Youtube channel where I post tips and hint videos where you can check that out by clicking HERE .

What is chemistry and WHY is it important

Chemistry is one of the most important aspects in the Ultimate Team game mode. Chemistry is your players ability on the field to work with one another, and have success throughout a game. Having 100 chemistry allows your team to cooperate with one another, be more successful on passes, and overall play better games which will help you win more games. Having bad chemistry can allow for bad passes, and not only make it very difficult for a team to score, but also make it much easier for your opponent to win a game. It is not difficult to build a team with 100 chemistry, although building a team of all stars can get a little more difficult. You can have a decent team with 100 chemistry, but building a great team with 100 chemistry takes a bit of time and effort in order for this to happen.

Tips for building 100 Chemistry

FIRST - The first tip to building 100 chemistry is deciding what nationality, or league you want your players to be from. You can decide whether you want a team from Spain, Italy, The United States, or you can choose specific leagues throughout the world that these players play in. IF you want a specific player, or players on your team then you may want to build your team around those players. There is an exception. For instance, if you have a team that is all Spanish, you can still add players that may be from a different nationality or league and still have 100 chemistry if the player may play on the same team, or if your team is strong enough having 1 or 2 players that don't match will not hurt your chemistry. My team itself is all Spanish, but I do have Aguero and Tevez as my attackers. These two players match up with each other, but do not match up with the rest of my team. Although I still have 100 chemistry.

SECOND - If you have a ton of players in your FIFA storage area, then my first suggestion is using squad builder and using the chemistry as the main search criteria. This will put a team together based off of the players you already own and give you an idea of positions you will still need to fill, and will assist you in the starting process.

THIRD - Build a well rounded team first! Do not go out and buy a 500k player when you don't have a decent team to start. Your first step should always be making sure you have a well rounded team to play with. You can always build up coins later, and buy specific players that you want later on, but in the beginning your main focus should be on having a well rounded team.

FOURTH - Don't Stress Early On. The beginning of FIFA makes people think they need to run right out and build the best team possible, and causes chaos in the beginning. Building the perfect team over time is the best strategy to follow, and will allow you to get the team you want over time. Not to mention it will be much easier and cost less money if you build up your team over time by playing games to get your coins.

FIFTH - Don't build your team early on the release. When the game first gets released low level players can go for high prices. Usually a month or two after release the auction house crashes, and you can buy 80+ level players for 1-2k a player instead of 10-20k per player on the release month. Waiting until this point will help you save money, and allow you to build a better team for significantly less coins.

SIXTH - Learn your team. Just because you have a great team does not mean that you will win every game. The most important aspect of playing is knowing your team, and knowing how to use each player to their ability. For instance buying a player that has 5 star skill moves could be useless if you never perform skill moves in a game, which means it would be more productive for you to get a player with lower level skill moves that has other attributes that will be better for your team.


Overall Ultimate Team is a fun game mode to play. It allows you to make a team with some of your favorite players, and to compete against other players with the same goals. The game mode can get addictive, and is my favorite aspect of the FIFA game. If you have any questions feel free to comment below, or message me. Thanks for reading.


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