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Updated on July 3, 2017


Scouts in fifa 13 poor scouts beginner level scouts in fifa 13
Scouts in fifa 13 poor scouts beginner level scouts in fifa 13


5 stars for FIFA scouting


Scouting has been one of the major points in the fame of FIFA as It plays a very important role as you go on with the game so you know why we need scouts some may say you can just buy youngsters and no need for the complicated scout stuff but I say you Don't want this you want scouts to double your profit or might be triple it by selling youngsters and even promoting some of them If you find the need to do so.I like scouting because they help me make a perfect team comprising of plenty of young reserves whom I can choose from and also gets me a lot and lot of money. If you want fat money go for scouting it takes a lot of time but it is worth it


you have to hire a perfect scout according to the requirement you see that the scout ranking goes such

  • All scouts with more experience will get better players
  • All scouts with better judgement will get more players max is six or seven at once

Look forward on buying a scout with balanced rating because scouts with the same ratings will cost the same so look for the best.

Where the scout comes from doesn't matter the nations are just to add charm to the game and animations etc so don't worry if you are a manager in England and you get a five star scout from Spain they all work the same way and eat a lot of money now you have hired a scout.


This is the most important part of scouting as you need to know which place will yield the best players so for that:

  • South america is the best place Attack kind of players like wingers,attack minded,technically gifted etc Brazil i would say is one of the best places to look for wingers as I always got a winger of overall 72 or above and age 16 in Brazil. Argentina is the best place to find forwards like attack minded people and rest of the places in south america these are useful and the best places to find forwards Do not forget to find forwards in other places such as Africa and Europe but you will get good forwards if you get lucky.
  • Defenders:the best place you will find defenders are in Russia Africa. You can also try Greece but the defenders you will get from Greece will not be that tall but will have all the skills required to be good defenders.I tried Australia I got good defenders but their overall kept decreasing and then stayed still and then increased this was a unique growth I saw.
  • Midfielders:To look for the best play makers or other midfielders you will have to look into Europe as most of the midfielders come from there.Search like in Germany or Italy or England
  • Fact: Some countries are good for all kinds of players but the above mentions are my own experience. if you find any good player in any other country its your luck but most spontaneous and most recurring good players will come from the above countries

STEP 3:Funds

Funds will fall less when you scout so much all three players will be signed in for a 25000$ so in fifa that is a very less amount so be sure you don't buy so many players that you have not even the money to buy yourself a young youth player.

After you buy a youth you can offer him a contract for a wage of 500$ for max five years to join the team if your team is performing he will join for less wage if your team is not performing your youngster will not accept the offer means he will not settle for less.

Scouts require a lot of funds for going to distant places and they require more funds to find players which have a more attacking role in the team so !.... . .. .. . . Have funds

STEP 4:Sum up

As now you have all you need to be a perfect scout lets sum up:

  • If you are trying a new country send for 3 months
  • If you definitely want a particular player then send for nine months
  • If you want ...... send for six months nothing specific just a try
  • Always be search specific.
  • Sending a scout with any kind of players preference just increases the probability of bad players.
  • Don't care about the money you have to spend that much
  • Good luck.
  • Comment below.

Scouting is a basic luck it might not always work out but if you put yourself in work and work hard you will end up having one of the best players so work hard and don't give up on scouting in fifa

Scouting tutorial on youtube

Below is a YouTube tutorial for scouting networks and Scouting techniques in fifa 13 This is a playlist by 0devilsnipero in you tube he has a lot more episodes and guides of fifa 13 scouting and he will also post for the FUTURE fifas Like FIFA-14 and Fifa-15.and so on. So follow him on You Tube



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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Italy always gives up good players in all positions. Also the Netherlands will provide good results

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have found players with the level of 90 just scout England, scotland, Ireland and northern ireland, spain, Ghana.

    • profile image


      4 years ago


      thanks fifascouter

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      also go 4 morocco, brazil, china, france, Germany, England ... for gems

      I found an English player that I scouted and at 16 was 72 and after 2 and a half seasons hes now 94 and worth £78.5 million.

      I also found others.

      try anywhere and gimme a shout for anywhere else plz




    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i always send a 5 star scout to Germany for 9 months and i have got a winger of 84 (19 yrs), a CAM of 83 (18yrs) , a striker of 81 (18yrs, finishing 87) and two defenders one with 82 and one with 84 (both 18 yrs)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k.


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