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FPS, The Most Addictive Games Online!

Updated on September 14, 2011

First Person Shooter games are ones which are most liked by the game lovers of online game world. FPS games are designed for fun, casual entertainment and simple gaming. These computer games involve an avatar, one or more weapons including guns and knifes and varying number of enemies. As we can find different play modes in various sites to keep players entertained for hours, these games can be told as the center piece and most addictive part of the game world. FPS game uses key technologies such as 3d graphics, online players and modding. Enhanced realism combined with graphic violence has also made these online fps games so popular.

If you have experience by having played free fps games, then you can try to make some money on your little bit risk by depositing few dollars in some sites like Kwari, Bet on Battles. You will be paid for every action that you make online. If you will damage or kill your game enemies, you will be rewarded by real cash. Before playing for real cash it is better to get practice from some free FPS games that are available in the following links.

List of sites containing free FPS games


Though it is still under construction, the name has reached to the most of the players from all over the world. This is where you can earn real money for playing games. This game has incredible graphics and multiplayer levels. The quality of game is seemed as it has been purchased from the video game store. Every time you hit another player you make money, but, you can also lose money if you are hit by another. You need not have to kill them, just causing damage to them will give you money. Every shot that hits you deducts money from your account. Besides playing games for real money here you have the chances to win prizes. Free download of the game is the main attraction of the site. Playing with many skilled gamers needs some practice for new comers who want to play for real money. You may need to pay $5 for 5000 shots and the more skill you show the more money you can earn. Earned money can be also used to unlock other features of games like weapons and participation on weekly and monthly lotteries.

Bet on Battles

This is another fps game still under construction and similar to Kwari where you can earn money playing death match style First Person Shooter games with other online gamers. Here you can join for free and you can choose to enter cash or free tournaments. It's advisable to practise well before entering cash tournaments. Winners of the games will receive a share of cash prize funds.

Combat Arms (Nexon's)

It has been released by Nexon America, sister company of Nexon Korea. This is another FPS game site where you can join for free. This is a fast paced FPS that even beginners to the FPS can enjoy the playing. The variety of upgrades can be seen here. Graphics and sound are fairely well and enjoyable. You can earn money in rounds. Only problem here is the expire of weapons after particular period of time. We need to purchase again to continue playing after the expire of weapons.


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  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 5 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Prasadajain, I am happy to see your valuable comments. My heartful thanks for visiting my page and leaving your nice comments.

  • prasadjain profile image

    Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 5 years ago from Tumkur

    Yes, some of these games are very addictive

  • profile image

    6 years ago

    trying to find a fps with a customisable female character that u dont have to spend actual cash on gettin any ideas?

  • profile image

    jeppekrigare 6 years ago

    Have a look at strategies and tactics on this site. The concepts are applicable in any FPS. Good luck!

  • profile image

    KiLLa 7 years ago

    go to this for a fps game no download you just need shockwave

  • profile image

    peaunt  7 years ago

    lol love it

  • GreenTieCommando profile image

    GreenTieCommando 7 years ago from USA

    A very interesting FPS that you may want to look into is Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality. All you need to play is original Battlefield 2, which is like 6$ in most bargain bins.

    This game reminds me of pre-release counter strike and seems very promising!

  • profile image

    Derek1 7 years ago

    I generally only play First-Person-Shooters on a console. But this is definitely helpful for finding free ones online. Good list.

  • profile image

    hi 7 years ago

    idk i dont think that there is a good fps game without a download but i recommend Sudden Attack there is North America, Sea, Korea, and heaps more versions

  • profile image

    idk 7 years ago

    i tryin to find a good fps(first person shooter) game with out any download

  • profile image

    ffhfhtsrt 7 years ago

    try warrock good fps game i love it...

  • profile image

    LUKA 7 years ago

    i dont know what game 2 play plz help me i like gam like shooting N maplestory

  • 1enigma profile image

    1enigma 8 years ago

    Would lots of halo 3 exp help me out? it would be cool to make money like this.