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Fable 3 Mistpeak Valley Monorail

Updated on October 28, 2010

Fable 3 Mistpeak Monorail

Fable 3 Game is Loading
Fable 3 Game is Loading

Fable 3 Mistpeak Monorail

To open more guild gates, the hero prince must venture on. After helping the people of Brightwood Village, the hero prince is to meet with Sir Walter at the Mistpeak Monorail station. What is suppose to be a pleasant ride turns to nothing, as the monorail crashes onto the ground. A rush to the ground confirms the inevitable. The fable 3 hobbes have returned to ruin any given day! Just about the only good thing about the fable 3 hobbes are that they are easy cannon fodder, and the more hobbes the hero prince defeats, the more you want to defeat them.

Fable 3 Hobbes

The fable 3 hobbes return!

To defeat them is really easy. At least in this stage. The hobbes strategy is rather simple. Swarm the enemies whilst using hobbes shooters to eliminate the enemies from behind. The key to defeating them is to use spells. Try the shock spell. Shock allows the player to build up charge and power up to the third tier and then unleash. The hobbes will be stunned and damaged. Then power up to the 2nd tier and stun and shock them again, and repeat this cycle. Plus always run to the hobbes shooter, and explosive barrels and let loose. The explosive effect and fireworks is good enough for this part of the battle. Have no fear of letting the barrels explode, as the hobbes are defeated and more life enemy is drained into the hero prince.

Fable 3 Hobbes Arena

There is a row of hobbes shooters hiding behind some explosive barrels. Use your ranged weapons to take them out and create a lot of explosions behind them. Finally the hero prince arrives at an arena where the spellcaster hobbes seal the arena. And there are 3 spellcaster hobbes in the centre, conjuring "hollow hobbes" to attack the prince hero and sir walter. You could use the same tactics above, which is pretty failproof in this scenario, or use your own tactics. Finishing this quest allows you to enter the portal to the road to rule, and the double spell gauntlet for the fable 3 spell combinations is almost complete. Next stage of the fable 3 walkthrough will continue through Mourningwood and against hordes of Hollow Man. There are some secrets in Miskpeak valley and the monorail tunnels, including where to find the silver keys.


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