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Fable 3 Weapon Morphing

Updated on October 28, 2010

Fable 3 Weapon Morphing

Fable 3 Inquisitor Morphed
Fable 3 Inquisitor Morphed

Fable 3 Weapon Morphing

The fable 3 weapon morphing is one of the best features of the fable 3 game, just released. If one had obtained the fable 3 collector pack, then its amazing to get the fable 3 inquisitor sword. The sword will morph in appearance depending on the level of goodness or evilness of the character. To obtain the fable 3 inquisitor sword, obtain the collector edition, and then play fable 3 xbox live, redeem the codes and then download the sword. You have to have at least Xbox Live membership silver to do so. It took a long time to look for the inquisitor sword in the fable 3 sanctuary. Finally realization that the sword is packed as a gift from Lionhead next to Jasper as you enter the fable 3 sanctuary.

The fable 3 inquisitor sword has 3 upgrade levels. Inquisitor was used by Reaver in Bloodstone in fable 2. Hence using evil will unlock the inquisitor sword ungrades. Spending 3000 gold will add + 15 damage. Extort, obtained from earning guild seals from evil expressions, will allow the melee user to gain more money per hit. Finally bloodsucker, obtained from defeating 300 villagers and soldiers, will allow one to vampirize enemies by absorbing health per hit.

This and other weapons will morph as one becomes more powerful. The fable 3 hero gets 2 initial weapons to choose from. They are the hammer and the sword, both belonging to the hero and you have to name them. Not entirely sure if the pistol and rifle will morph as well. Only time will tell.

Fable 3 Other Weapons

The other weapons in fable 3, although not a true melee weapons, are very useful indeed. They are the spell gauntlets which allows one to fire off fire spells, ice storm, vortex and shock. The fire spell is the one that the hero begins with (to fight off bats). This is followed by opening the various guild gates in the road to rule. Shock is a very useful spell that comes in opening the second guild gate. Shock not only damages the enemy but also stuns them. The key in using this spell is when the hero is surrounded by lots of enemies. Power up the shock spell to the maximum level and then let loose on the enemies. On the wolves, the 2nd damage tier of this spell reduces all to skeletons without lifting a hand on the fable 3 morphed weapons. The next 2 spells are ice storm and finally vortex. It is a pity that the ultimate spell in fable 1 (haste) has been reduced to a time slow potion. However, the key about using spells as fable 3 weapons is the ability to combine the various gauntlets to create various fable 3 spell combinations.

The other fable 3 weapons are the ranged weapons rifle and pistols. These may look cumbersome to use. However they prove to very useful against one of the favourite villains of the fable trilogy, creating lots of explosions and mayhem.


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