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Fable 3 Dweller Camp Brightwall Village Library

Updated on October 28, 2010

Fable 3 Gaining Allies

Fable 3 Gaining Allies
Fable 3 Gaining Allies

Fable 3 Dweller Camp

The Hero Prince is brought to the Mistpeak Valley containing the fable 3 dweller camp. There the prince speaks to the leader, and understands his quest to obtain a treasure from the fable 3 brightwall village library for him.

The Fable 3 Dweller Camp is made up of gypsy-like villagers living in open gypsy camps in the cold and hungry for food. They are envious of the people of Brightwall, living in warmth and their stomachs are full all the time. Somehow the hero must obtain the support of the people of both camps.

Fable 3 Fireball

Fable 3 Prince vs Hollow Man
Fable 3 Prince vs Hollow Man

Fable 3 Brightwall Village Library

The fable 3 brightwall village library is where the main combat action in this part of the fable 3 walkthrough takes place. Go straight to the librarian who will lead the prince into the reliquary of the brightwall village library.The brightwall village library is actually a front for the actual hero brightwall hero academy.

The fable 3 brightwall reliquary is a training ground for the newly appointment hero of Albion. Here you are taken to and fro the fable 3 sanctuary and back to the reliquary to learn the techniques of dungeon crawling and also battling with the fable 3 sword, fable 3 hammer, fable 3 pistol, fable 3 rifle and fable 3 spells - fireball for now.

The fable 3 brightwall reliquary contains the main enemy hollow man, a skeletal like minion which is "hollow" inside. Quite easy cannon folder. Use a combination of spells, rifle like shots and swashbuckling sword moves to eliminate them. Claim the prize at the end - which is the famous fable 3 music box. The prince is taken to Teresa, where he opens the box, and can unlock the second gate of the road to rule. There, the prince can use the guild points he has accumulated from defeating enemies and gaining favors to unlock more potent melee moves, more potent magic spells, more expressions and more potent ranged weapon damage.

Fable 3 Dressing for the Occasion

Fable 3 Sanctuary Dressing Room
Fable 3 Sanctuary Dressing Room

Fable 3 Sanctuary

The Fable 3 Sanctuary is like a inter-dimensional area where the fable 3 hero can gather his thoughts and strategy in trying to take over Albion and rule the country effectively. In the fable 3 santuary, there is a dressing hall, where the fable 3 hero can dress in various costumes as befitting for the occassion whether it is dungeon crawling, or an extravagant dinner for allies. The armory obviously contains the various tools and trade for dungeon crawling in Albion. The map on the centre of the table allows the hero to travel to and fro various parts of Albion (fast travel) as he likes. There is a guild portal stone which can take the hero to the road to rule, another inter-dimensional area where levelling up is done.

Fable 3 Gaining Favors

In fable 3, other than obtaining favors and allies in the form of the leaders of the various camps in the world of Albion, one must obtain favors from the various commoners in the village and camps. This is done through expressions. Initially, like the melee and magic experience levels, these expressions are fairly limited but will grow as one collects guild points and uses them to unlock chests for more expressions in the road to rule dimension.More secrets and walkthrough in the fabulous world of fable 3 Albion to follow. This includes unlocking the 10 silver key chest in Brightwall village, which contains 50000 gold. Where does one get the 10 silver keys from?


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