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Fable III - Guide to Sex, Love and Family

Updated on January 24, 2011
Ain't family life grand, your majesty?
Ain't family life grand, your majesty? | Source

Fable III puts gamers back in the role of a Hero, tasked with saving the kingdom of Albion. This time however, it is through revolution that you will overthrow the newest tyrant of the land, who just so happens to be your brother.

The franchise continues to offer the love and marriage options pioneered in Fable I (2004), where virtually any NCP in the kingdom can be wooed and wed, even characters of the same sex as the hero.

There's a lot of good Fable III guides already on HubPages, but I didn't see anything that really explained the love/sex features in this sequel. Here's a few tips to help you make the most of the relationship features in the game.


Getting someone to like you in Fable is easy. Once you've unlocked the 'Friendship', 'Romance', and 'Family' chest upgrades along the Road to Rule, it's just a matter of going up to the individual and choosing the friendly option (which is always the A button).

Even if you've just massacred everyone else in their entire village, and they hate or fear you strongly, just a few dancing sessions, some hugs, and maybe a simple relationship quest or two and you shall be back in their good graces.

The relationship quests - which are required to move from hated status to neutral, and again to go from neutral to friend - fall into two general categories. They either ask you to fetch a buried item, or deliver an item to someone. Both types of quests will require you to travel to a neighboring zone to achieve.

To track down these quest targets, go to the sanctuary map, and press the Y button to bring up the quest log. Select the relationship quest you want to complete as the active quest, and then just follow the sparkles.

Going from friend status to love is a little different. If they're the same sex as your character, they must be bisexual or gay, otherwise they'll tell you they'd rather just be friends. Your significant other will ask to go on a date somewhere. These 'dates' can range from ridiculously easy (such as taking a maid 10 steps to the front doors of your palace) to a major pain, such as taking a stuffy noble from the palace out to Millfield gazebo through a crowd of Balverines.

Luckily, you can fast travel, while holding your date's hands to speed things along! Reach the designated spot, and kiss your date to confirm your love.


Once your special someone is officially in "Love" with you and if they have the 'flirty' (or the 'vulgar'?) personality trait, it becomes possible to have sex with them. Simply interact with your new love, and 'suggest sex' should be one of the options. Selecting that option seems to be a bit of an unnecessary step though. If the character is willing to have sex (listen to the voice acting - they'll make some very suggestive hints if they are) just take them by the hand, and lead them to a bed, preferably one in a house you own.

The Sleep/Sex screen will come up. Move the cursor down to Sex, and press left or right to select either protected, or unprotected sex (because love can be an adventure too!)

Note that Peter Molyneux seems to have a pretty simplistic view of reproductive health. Unprotected sex reults in your character receiving an STD. Don't worry though, having an STD doesn't seem to have any effect on gameplay whatsoever. Also strange - if you sleep without a condom an infinite number of times with the same individual, you contract an infinite number of STD's. How any one human could carry that number of crotchrotting afflictions is a mystery.

Also a mystery, babies seem to take virtually no time at all to pop out.

Of course, if you've bought some condoms (or found some, say in Reaver's secret bedroom), STD's and babies can be avoided. Be aware though, that if you sleep with a man, and use a condom you won't hear him making any pleasurable noise during the discrete fade to black scene. Also, you'll see his love for you has slightly decreased!

But as Tina Turner so eloquently reminds us, what's love got to do with it? Prostitutes can be found in several locations - noteably Old Bowerstone, Bowerstone Industrial and the Mercenary Camp. For a simple monetary transaction, male or female prostitutes will follow you to the nearest bed.

For group sex, just hire more than one prostitute. When you hire the second one, you'll have to let go of the hand of the first, but don't worry. Just go to a nearby bed, and you should hear the audio, and get the stats and STD's to prove you had sex with both. For easy group sex, build the brothel after taking the throne of Albion (no nursery for you!). Just hire all the prostitutes in a given room, and then head to bed.


Once someone loves you, all you need is a ring (cheaply bought from several vendors) and to press the right button to propose - oh, if only it were this simple in real life.

You will be given the choice of where to hold the wedding. Most of the zones in Albion are available, each with three different wedding options ranging from the cheap and simple vagrants wedding under a bridge, to the full royal wedding at the palace. There doesn't seem to be a gameplay difference, it just shows a different cut scene based on your choice.

Even a demanding and uppity noble lady remained quite in love, even if given the cheapest wedding available.

You will be asked to designate a home for your new family. Choose one of your existing properties, or buy a new one. Then set your spouse's allowance.

The total value of the house, and their allowance seems to affect your spouse's happiness. Put a noble in a dweller wagon, and they'll immediately start to grouse. Put a beggar in a luxury estate and they'll talk about never living so well.

You can marry multiple times, but as Jasper will warn you, it's best not to set up your new family in the same neighborhood as an existing family. In fact, there's a glitch where trying to place your new love in the same home as an existing spouse results in the new love disappearing (crime of passion methinks) entirely from the game. 

Once married, unprotected sex involving a man and a woman will result in a baby. Over time, that baby will grow to become a child.

When they're old enough, bring your child to Brightwall Village, to open the Demon Door there. 

If you're truly a horrible person, you can point and laugh at your own newborn... like, really, really horrible. I bet you 'tell off' your dog too. For shame...


Keep your spouse happy, and even if the rest of the nation hates your guts, they'll still merrily tootle up to you every time you come to town, and hand you presents.

The game contains many items, including flowers and jewelry, that are described as items that can be given during relationships. It seems to be a feature that never made it into the game though. Just sell that stuff, and just give your spouse a hug or kiss every time you come to town to keep them happy, and keep the presents coming in.

If a spouse grows unhappy enough, either through poverty, or through neglect, they can and will divorce you. The house is sold in the settlement, and any children are given to the orphanage. Good job deadbeat!

If you opted to build the orphanage (no orgy for you!) then you can actually go there and adopt your child back, choosing a home for them, and raising them Murphy Brown-style.

Fable II's co-op features allow you to marry another Xbox player, and even have children (it's a gamer achievement). If the couple divorces, the game host's world keeps the child.  


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 

      3 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for the hub! I find the love system a bit too simplified in Fable. Then again, if only real life could be that way too!

    • girlgamers profile image

      Amber Davis 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Great info on the more sketchy parts of the game. Gotta love the fade to black audio... Keep up the good work!


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