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Facebook! Games, games, and more games.

Updated on February 8, 2011

Playing Games Online!

Enjoy & make friends.
Enjoy & make friends.

Playing Online!

Facebook! Games, games, and more games....The internet is taken over by games virtually! Members of all ages are overwhelmed, and taken by a storm, and constant creativity of those wonderful games. Every day, a new game is born. Each game allows you to compete in a very unique way whether to build a city, plant a farm, keep a pet, battle on or simply gather your own gang members to attack others. Violence might take an important role in the games but violence is nothing but a mere reflection to a very small piece of the puzzle of a grand picture called "Society" or "Life".. Therefore, we should always be in control as long as we're behind the wheel.

You might find that there are some positive affects, and some negative on the players. Some become addicted, and turn a clever game into a gambling problem while others enjoy the challenge with an opened mind, and continue playing moderately. Is it anĀ obsessionĀ or just an addiction???? I think we should take into consideration the following:

Positive points: Make friends almost instantly, share good time with other players, and give your mind the proper daily exercise.

Negative points: Mistake the use of these games, and their sincere intentions.

The question is when are we supposed to draw the line of "enough is enough"??

Will the aspect of playing becomes a danger zone for the players???? And will the games become a playground for addiction, obsession, and gambling. But if we "players" have the control, the needed self esteem, and parental guidance, we might overcome this obstacle of struggle, and doubt.. Can't we just simply enjoy a game without having unnecessary arguments, debates or even conflicts.... Do you agree?? I wonder!!! Share your opinion with me, and the world. Go ahead, write what's really on your mind...

Gladys Karam

3Angels Power Film Production INC


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    • JadedRose profile image

      JadedRose 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      I know exactly what you mean. I would usually play games after a day of work and expect some relaxation. Unfortunately (facebook) at the moment it seems impossible. Everywhere you look or turn is drama....ugh... Mafia Wars is one game not to be played for relaxation or a getaway from the real world. I find this game in particular makes people crazy... The attitudes and disrespect that I have seen would amaze you. So, don't get me wrong I still play but not as often as much. I think being down with a pimp site didn't help either as they have their own drama. So now I'm mostly back to World of warcraft.