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Facebook's The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In -- Chapter Two Has Arrived

Updated on October 16, 2011

Chapter two has finally arrived, and unfortunately I'm stuck on a task, because I refuse to fork out 48 credits to unlock the bare tree to complete my mission. One of the big things I've noticed is that the prices have really been jacked up. I understand the programmers of the game want to make money, but there's only so much I'm willing to pay for something and I'm not going to fork out the money for something I think is way over-priced. Thus I'm stuck going to previous fog areas hoping I'll come across the three summer flowers I need to unlock the Bare Tree so I can get the shovel to give to Bonnie. I just think 48 gold credits is too much to pay to unlock it.

I still think you should be able to buy stamina with the Mystic Fall silver coins opposed to having to use gold credits for it. I don't mind the gold coins for obtaining the items you need to get ahead in the game. That way you have the choice to either pay the gold coins or keep searching the fog and hoping you get the item that you need.

It also seems like they've slowed down the regeneration of the fog in areas, which is nice, since it gives you the opportunity to collect silver coins for clearing all the fog. They also have little pop-ups that tell you when the fog has returned to certain areas, which I also like.

I'm also glad to see Mystic Trivia popping up more often. I'm anal, so I've been trying to complete all my collections, and everything I hit a hot spot in the fog, Mystic Pix would show up to the point I was screaming in frustration, "Not another one." The trivia was barely showing up. But on the upside the time to complete two pics has been increased in some areas to 100 seconds, which helps you to get through two puzzles in the allotted time.

Another nice addition is the rewards for playing the game five consecutive days. You can get free stamina via Damon's kiss and Damon's heart or even be given items to complete you collection.

Of course, one thing that really ticks me off is when they said the Salvatore mansion had been unlocked and you could look in Damon's bedroom. But guess what? There is no Damon's bedroom, only Stefan's. No offense, but I could give a flying fig about Stefan's bedroom. They promised me Damon's bedroom and I want Damon's bedroom. Talk about false promises.

Overall, chapter two is fun to play. I'm not in some all-fired hurry to complete it, since I know chapter three has probably yet been created. I'm also not going to pay 48 gold credits to unlock the bare tree. I feel that price is priced too high. What can I say? I'm a cheapskate. I'm also not going to buy any stamina for the jacked up prices their now charging for them. I'm at level 18 and have 39 stamina points. Each puff of fog I pop gets me closer to a new level and more stamina. So I'm just going to keep popping fog puffs until I hopefully find the items that I need.

So far the biggest problem I've had playing the game, aside from the gold credit thing, has been remembering that the little mailbox icons are where you enter the various woods. You should have seen me looking all over to find The Woods, completely forgetting it's in the first game area that features my house and the school and Mystic Grille. I searched every area before I finally located it. And The Woods is not to be confused with The Southwest Woods.

Some of the tasks you're asked to do still make me go all sarcastic like, "Really, Elena can't go find her own earring. Puh-leeze!" But a nice twist in the game is that perhaps you are related to the Salvatores somehow. A shocking twist was seeing my character called by my own name, which really makes you feel you're a part of the game. And as a Matt fan, it was nice to see him pop up. Unfortunately, he isn't do anymore in the game then he does on the show.

Maybe when the game is ultimately done they can release it as a video game for Playstation of XBox that you can buy with the whole gold credit thing eliminated. It really is some nice mindless fun.


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    • profile image

      Kalaina 5 years ago

      Where are the southwest woods. That is what i cannot find.

    • profile image

      Rianna 6 years ago

      I on level 11 and I need the lapis lazuli stone to get to grave 1!

    • profile image

      jess 6 years ago

      ihave been trying to two summer flowers for the past month and still havent found them im looking for the lavader flower and the maragiold flower so i can unlook the bare tree in the grave yard it ticks me off that i havent found them yet does anyone know where i can find those two flowears ????????

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      They do have Damon's room, its just locked.