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Facebook's The Vampire Diaries Get Sucked In Game Needs A Little Revamping

Updated on June 18, 2013

I just finished the latest version of Facebook's The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In game, and while I truly do enjoy playing it, there is also a lot about it that really started to irritate me. It really does need some revamping so it becomes a top of the line game.

First off, as I was playing, I started to wonder if you're a man if the game is catered to be slightly different for you because of your sex. So I registered for a male Facebook account and started playing the game and found out that it is. As a woman, when you first come to town, you try out for the cheer leading squad, but as a man you instead try out for the football team. I just thought a man might feel a little strange playing the game and finding a dress to wear to a party. So that's definitely bonus points in the games favor that it's slightly different if you're playing and if you're a man or a woman.

One thing, however, that was slightly off-putting was the use of these black silhouettes for certain characters. I could see the reason for your father, and Jane and Jack in the game, since it might make it more personal if some stranger wasn't used to represent them, but what about Elijah and Carol Lockwood? I didn't get why Carol Lockwood and Elijah were represented as these black silhouettes. Why weren't their faces used like the other characters were?

The invite a friend thing really started to become annoying in the last half of chapter two. You'd do some task and then it was invite two or three friends, then you do a task and invite three friends to help you, and it happened again and again and again. It felt like it was at least ten times in a row. And since you can only use the same friend every twenty-four hours, if you don't have a large cache of friends, you're going to have to wait 24 hours after each of these repetitive invite a friend tasks. It's going to get darned annoying. I had enough friends to get through a few of them before I was stuck waiting until the game allowed me to invite the same friends over again. It just started getting to the point of being ridiculous. I'm guessing they did it to make the game last a bit longer.

Of course, my biggest irritant became Mystic Pix and Forgotten Objects. Every time a game would come up, I'd pray it would be Trivia instead of either of them. Both Mystic Pix and Forgotten Objects need to be full-screen. If someone is playing this game on their phone, it must be an absolute nightmare to play. In one game scene from Forgotten Objects they want you to find the fly in the room and it's like a little black speck on the window. The size the window is, the objects are so small you can't even tell what they are and just have to blind-click everything and hope you hit the right object. As for Mystic Pix, some of the pictures are so horrible you can't even tell any difference between the two. So, some of the bad pictures need to be thrown out and they be replaced with better pictures. The more you do Mystic Pix the more they start cutting down the time on how fast you have to do them you need pictures where you do need to study them from five minutes to try to spot the barely noticeable difference when you have only a few seconds to do it.

The final problem is the storyline. In Chapter Two the game starts following the show's storyline and on one hand, it makes you feel like you are participating in the actually story that happened on the show. On the other hand, the stuff you are just finding out in Chapter Two, going by the show storyline, you already found out about in Chapter One. For instance, you start to wonder in Chapter Two if it's possible there could be werewolves in Mystic Falls and are shocked when Caroline tells you Tyler is a werewolf. But in Chapter One Tyler told you he was a werewolf. So they really need to go through any moments in their Chapter One storyline that conflicts with the story when they start following the show's storyline.

Another problem is if you've watched the show's storyline you know what's going to come next in the game's story. Like when you help set-up the school carnival that's episode 2.02. And if you remember what happened in 2.02 you have a pretty good idea what might be about to happen in the game. It takes a bit of the suspense out of the story knowing what should be happening in the story next based on what episode of the show they're up to.

Anyway, the current game ends at 2.15 when Damon is planning to use the dagger John Gilbert gave him to try and kill Elijah. I figured it would end at the end of season two. I figured the Mystic Falls section would unlock with 2.20 when Stefan took Elena for the walk in the woods after Damon shoved his blood down Elena's throat. But I guess when Chapter Three comes out it'll pick up at 2.15. Once you finish the game up to that point the Bonus Missions became active and you do little missions for the characters to earn beverages and other items. I'm guessing the point is to keep you playing the game until the new chapter comes out.

Again, I really enjoy playing the game. I like the visual atmosphere it has. With a few improvements it could be a five star game. They just need to go back and take the part of Chapter One out that has Tyler telling you he's a werewolf and Katherine coming to your house and Damon chasing her away. Then the storyline shouldn't have those little burps in it. Not to mention making changes to Forgotten Objects and Mystic Pix.


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