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Fairy Dresses for Little Girls

Updated on March 8, 2011
Little girls love fantasy fairy costumes.
Little girls love fantasy fairy costumes.

Fairy Dresses for Little Girls

Whether for costume and dress up play or a special occasion, little girls love fairy dresses. Imagination takes flight when your little daughter or granddaughter is gowned in ribbons and tulle with sparkling accents. A wreath of pretty flowers or a sparkling fairy princess crown can sit on her head. Fairy wings and a fairy wand complete the look.

Fairy dresses can be made easily at home or purchased in any color of the rainbow. Even people with no sewing skills can manage to create a beautiful fantasy costume for their little girl.

Fairy Dress Top and Skirt

When it comes to fairies, light and airy says it all. Purchase any pretty dress with short sleeves or straps, or use a leotard or bodysuit to get the look you want. For fairy costumes on the fly, a plain colored t-shirt can be used in pink, pale blue or yellow. It is easy to decorate a plain shirt to make it more special and magical.

Decorate a Plain Top to Make a Fairy Dress

Lay the t-shirt or tank top out flat on a table and get an assortment of sparkly fabric paints, plastic gems, sequins and trims ready. You can use any type you like for the fairy look you desire: pretty flower fairy style or sparkling magical style.

Draw swirls, dots and flower shapes around the neckline and sleeves of the top with the fabric paint. Use the fabric paint as glue to attach fake gems, ribbon roses and other accents. Let it dry completely before using.

How to Make a Fairy Dress Tulle Skirt

Purchase long lengths of tulle fabric in pretty colors. You can use just one color, or use layers or multiple colors. Instead of tulle, try netting, lace or shiny fabrics. With tulle, you will not have to sew to hem the fabric as it will not unravel.

To make a quick tulle fairy skirt, simply run a ribbon through the top of a long length of the fabric with a yarn needle. Gather it all together and tie the ribbon around the girl's waist for an instant fairy skirt. For fabric skirts, sew the hem of the fabric and make a pocket at the waistband to slip a ribbon or piece of elastic through.

For fairy skirts, think short and puffy. Tutus are a good shape for fairy dresses, though more elegant longer skirts can give your little girl a fairy princess dress.
The fabric you chose for the skirt can be decorated as the top was with plastic gems, sequins, fabric glue, ribbon roses and other accents.

How to Make Fairy Wings

Quick Fairy Wands and Headpieces

With the fairy dress just right, and pretty wings on her back, your little fairy may still feel incomplete without a magical fairy wand and a headpiece. These are just a few ideas to make wands and headpieces. Your creativity can lead you the rest of the way.

How to Make a Fairy Wand

Start with a foot-long wooden dowel painted white or a pastel shade to match the fairy dress. With some craft glue, stick a Styrofoam ball at the top of the dowel. Cover this ball in glitter, sequins,, plastic gems or small silk flowers. Tie ribbons in bows at the base of the Styrofoam ball and spiral them down the length of the dowel to let streamers trail from the end.

How to Make a Fairy Costume Headpiece

Start a fairy dress headpiece with a basic cloth or plastic headband, preferably one of the wider cloth ones. Glue sparkly gems or flowers to the headband, and tie on trailing ribbons or lace at each end for a fluttery, magical feel. A row of silk flowers with ribbons sticking out the sides and ends can make a crown for a lovely flower fairy princess as well.


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