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Fallout 4 Ballistic Weapons Guide

Updated on October 4, 2017
W. K. Hayes profile image

Hi Everyone, I enjoy playing the life out of video games when I am not busy writing video game guides.

Fallout 4: Weapons Guide Introduction

The hand-crafted Pipe Pistol is perhaps, the most modifiable weapon in the game!
The hand-crafted Pipe Pistol is perhaps, the most modifiable weapon in the game! | Source

Fallout 4 Guide Overview

Weaponry is a really huge part of Fallout 4, with a wide range of weapons and weapon types. However, not every modification you can make to a weapon is the best for that weapon. This guide will take an in-depth look into each weapons type along with the pros and cons of each modification.

Although Fallout 4 does have, "Ultimate Weapons", of mass destruction, you would not want to use the Fat Man indoors and in tight areas. Since most combat takes place inside bunkers, buildings and so forth, your best bet is to use weapons that will not affect you at the same time such as explosives.

Another very important thing to consider when you first start out is, 'What type of character will you be'? The mass array of weapons in the game allows you to be anything from a full-assault combatant to a stealthy Ninja. So, make sure you focus on choosing Perks that fit your play-style versus grabbing Perks randomly.

Fallout 4: Basic Ballistic Weapons

The Weapons Workbench is a weapons best friend... and yours too!
The Weapons Workbench is a weapons best friend... and yours too! | Source

Fallout 4: Weapon Types

In Fallout 4, there are thirty-nine basic weapons divided into ten categories:

Ballistic Firearms

Energy Firearms

Heavy Firearms

Heavy Weapons: Ballistic

Heavy Weapons: Energy

Heavy Weapons: Explosive

Heavy Weapons: Flame

Melee Weapons: Blades

Melee Weapons: Blunt

Melee Weapons: Unarmed

Then, there are weapons that are unique and deserve their own section such as the Cryolator and the Alien Blaster but more about those later on.

And let us not forget the Legendary Weapons which will be listed along with where to find them.

Fallout 4: Assign weapons and ammo to ALL Settlers

Arm ALL settlers for maximum protection!
Arm ALL settlers for maximum protection! | Source

Fallout 4: Ballistic Firearms

10 mm Handgun: This weapon is well-balanced in its base form. It is also great in close quarter combat and finding ammo for this weapon is fairly common throughout the Commonwealth.

Double-Barrel Shotgun: Although this weapon packs a wallop and has pretty good accuracy, it is also very loud and has a very poor range.

Hunting Rifle: The Hunting Rifle has does decent damage and finding ammo for it is somewhat common. If you want a really good sniper rifle, this is a great weapon to start with.

Pipe Pistol: The Pipe Pistol is very versatile and can easily be modified into a rifle. The ammo for the Pipe Pistol is common to find and purchase. The drawback to the Pipe Pistol is in the fact that it is a weak weapon.

Pipe Bolt-Action: The Bolt-Action uses .308 rounds like the Hunting Rifle but in its base form, it has the range of a shotgun with less than half the accuracy.

Pipe Revolver: This revolver uses hard to come by .45 rounds which are best saved for more powerful weapons.

Combat Shotgun: The Combat Shotgun is great at handling close quarters combat. However, it still has very poor range and fire rate in its base form.

.44: The .44 is modifiable from a Snub-nose to the powerful .44 Magnum. Although it packs more damage power than a shotgun in base form, it is also very loud which can be bad for attracting enemies.

Combat Rifle: Although this is called a rifle, it is best suited as an automatic weapon versus a Sniper Rifle, although you can modify it either way. It does fairly decent damage but again, its range is very limited and it is another loud weapon.

Assault Rifle: Same as the Combat Rifle, an Assault Rifle does have better accuracy and fire rate but in base form, does only about half as much damage per shot. It uses 5.56 ammo which is somewhat easier to get than the Combat Rifles .45 ammo.

Fallout 4: 10 mm Pistol

My personal favorite!
My personal favorite! | Source

Fallout 4: The 10mm Pistol is so much more than just any weapon!

What makes the 10mm Pistol is not the most powerful weapon but it is one of the most well-balanced weapons in the game. Because of this, I prefer the 10mm when heading out into the Commonwealth.

When using VATs, the 10mm is great for targeting multiple enemies with multiple shots per enemy.

In addition to this, the 10mm Pistol has about the same range as any of the sniper rifles but weighs less. Also, its accuracy is comparable to the rifles.

Because of these facts, the 10mm makes a good ranged weapon as well as a close-combat weapon.

When adding a suppressor to any weapon, Range is drastically reduced but the 10mm still makes an effective ranged weapon.

Fallout 4: Double Barrel Shotgun Weapon

Powerful and loud!
Powerful and loud! | Source

Fallout 4: The Double Barrel Shotgun

The Double Barrel Shotgun is a very powerful weapon but it has two major drawbacks with a few minor ones, as well.

First, it has a slower fire rate than most other weapons and secondly, it is loud! Unless you like having a bunch of enemies charging you all at once, avoid this weapon and stick to something much quieter. However, if you want a Tank-type Character, then this is the weapon for you.

Some of the other drawbacks to this weapon is that it has a very poor range and is also limited in its modifications. Another issue with this weapon is that it is heavy.

All-in-all, the Double Barrel Shotgun is heavy, loud and fairly useless unless you simply want power and can take a lot of damage in a short period of time by an onslaught of enemies.

Fallout 4: Hunting Rifle for hunting but not for fishing. LOL

A pretty decent Sniper Rifle just waiting to be made!
A pretty decent Sniper Rifle just waiting to be made! | Source

Fallout 4: The Hunting Rifle

Out of the three rifle types, the Hunting Rifle is considerably the best when making a Sniper Rifle so long as you use the right modifications. Although it has the same range as the 10mm but it's accuracy is about 20 points better which makes it great for picking off enemies from a distance when approaching an enemy base or camp.

The Hunting Rifle uses a different type of ammo than the 10mm. So, having this rifle on hand is a good way for saving on your 10mm ammo until you get in close and really need every bullet.

Another great use for this rifle is giving it to your Settlement Guards. Having this weapon helps give them better range for picking off enemies which helps keep your settlers, safer.

Fallout 4: Pipe Pistol is more than just junk!

One very interesting weapon!
One very interesting weapon! | Source

Fallout 4: Pipe Pistol

As you might have guessed from the picture, the Pipe Pistol is extremely versatile. Not only can it be converted from pistol to rifle, if modified correctly, the Pipe Pistol has the best range of any weapon I have tested so far.

Range: 438

That is not a typo but this is the weapon where paying attention to the modifications really comes into play. By leaving the weapon with a pistol grip, the range will stay at 438 provided you add the right combination of mods. Adding a rifle stock will literally cut the range in a little over half.

Although the Pipe Pistol is exceptionally weak, it has the most common ammo in the Commonwealth and it takes the least amount of components to modify for the most part.

Since this is the choice weapon of Raiders and Scavengers, do not underestimate your enemy's ability to shoot you while you are still trying to get close enough to shoot back.

Fallout 4: Pipe Bolt Action Pistol

Ammo type is different!
Ammo type is different! | Source

Fallout 4: Bolt-Action Pipe Pistol

The only real difference between the Pipe Pistol and the Bolt-Action Pipe Pistol in the type of ammo used. The Pipe Pistol uses .38 rounds while the Bolt-Action Pipe Pistol uses .308 ammo.

Because of this, the .308 Bolt-Action is nearly three times as powerful as its counterpart.

Although it is possible that there are other differences, I will have to take these weapons out on a test run to learn more about them.

Fallout 4: Pipe Revolver Pistol

The third Pipe Weapon in the group.
The third Pipe Weapon in the group. | Source

Fallout 4: Pipe Revolver

Using .45 rounds, the Pipe Revolver sits right in the middle of the Pipe Pistol family as the second most powerful of the three. Just like it's siblings, the Pipe Revolver is highly modifiable.

Since .45 rounds can prove a bit hard to come by, decide for yourself whether or not you want to put in the effort on this weapon.

Again, this is another weapon I need to take out and test try. I will update the Pipe Pistol Series once I have had a chance to test all three in combat.

Fallout 4: Combat Shotgun

The Short Combat Shotgun only bears a few unique features versus its cousin, the Double Barrel Shotgun.
The Short Combat Shotgun only bears a few unique features versus its cousin, the Double Barrel Shotgun. | Source

Fallout 4: The Combat Shotgun

Just like its cousin, the Double Barrel Shotgun, the Combat Shotgun is loud, close ranged and heavy.

Unlike its cousin, the Combat Shotgun does have an improved range and Fire Rate with better Accuracy. This type of weapon would be best used against Mirelurks and other heavily armored enemies.

Two of the perks from using either of the shotgun types in the game would be the ability to Bash with greater effect and you can also add bayonets to either. Consider these weapons as, "Bash and Boom".

Fallout 4: .44 Revolver

The .44 Revolver packs a punch!
The .44 Revolver packs a punch! | Source

Fallout 4: The .44 Power House

The .44 is a potent weapon, even in its base form with a starting damage of 138. Still, what is more surprising is its range which is, 269. Granted, range is only as good as your character's Perception, this is still important and worth noting.

Ammo for the .44 is usually found at shops but never in mass quantity like the .38 or 10mm rounds. Still, if you want the power of a shotgun with the weight of a pistol, the .44 is you best choice.

Fallout 4: Combat Rifle

One of two possible Sniper Rifles waiting to be made.
One of two possible Sniper Rifles waiting to be made.

Fallout 4: The Combat Rifle

Although the Combat Rifle has the ability to be used as an automatic weapon, it is best suited as a Sniper Rifle. Just like the Hunting Rifle, the Combat Sniper Rifle has the ability to change ammo except it changes from using .45 rounds to .308 or .38 type ammo.

What makes the Hunting Rifle the superior choice when making a Sniper Rifle are the following key factors:

Hunting Rifle versus Combat Rifle

Damage: 184 163

Range: 215 203

Weight: 17.7 Lbs. 21 Lbs.

Although the Combat Rifle has a much better Fire Rate, the point of using a Sniper Rifle is to pick off enemies from a distance without being detected. Hence, a single shot versus firing multiple shots at a time is the best way to remain undetected by enemies.

Fallout 4: Maxed Stats Ballistic Weapons Comparison Chart

Ballistic comparison of weapons when maxed out.
Ballistic comparison of weapons when maxed out. | Source

Fallout 4: Ballistic weapons maxed for comparison and conclusion

Although the Pipe Bolt-Action has all the best stats with the exception of Fire Rate, it is because of the lacking Fire Rate that I still prefer using the well-balanced 10mm. The Pipe Bolt-Action only has a Fire Rate of 3 while the 10mm Has a Fire Rate of 69.

Both Shotgun types have a superior damage rating, they lack in range and in Fire Rate in comparison to the 10mm, as well.

The Pipe Pistol is all around better than the 10mm but it's lack of Damage will require firing more shots than the 10mm.

Although the rifles have better accuracy, they don't have as much range and weigh at least three times as much as the 10mm.

As always, it's your choice on which weapon you want to use but in a game without using Mods, conserving on supplies and carry weight is key in the game. Not to mention, 10mm ammo is really common in the Commonwealth and the 10mm has the ability to be modded into a fully-automatic weapon. Also, you can add a the Recon Scope to the 10mm and if you like using the sneak method of taking out enemies, you can even add a silencer but bear in mind that adding any kind of suppressor, reduces range. Still, indoor combat does not require a lot of range so, keep that in mind.

Fallout 4: Energy Weapons Guide Coming Soon!!!

Power to the player!
Power to the player! | Source

Fallout 4: Over-all weapons comparison.

Since there is a lot to be said about the various weapons-types. It is necessary to write individual articles for each group-type. Once I have completed compiling all the various groups, I will go back and make one final chart showing the best weapons for each group and posting it in a later update.

Something that should be noted of great importance is that the weapons in Fallout 4 almost act like a magic system in a role-playing-game. For example, Ballistic and energy weapons work best on humans and animals while energy weapons have little effect on ghouls, if any at all. Because of this, another article explaining this in-depth will be added to the growing list of articles I am doing for Fallout 4.


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