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Fallout: New Vegas: Lonesome Road DLC Review

Updated on September 20, 2011

Lonesome Road is the fourth and final? piece of story-driven downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas. This DLC revolves around you, Courier 6, running into Ulysses whom was the Courier originally tasked with carrying the Platinum Chip that the main story of New Vegas revolves. You must travel through the Great Divide to find him and put an end to your Courier's back story...or so you hope.


I have to admit that I'm kind of a Fallout fanboy and have thoroughly enjoyed the previous DLC's. This has definitely changed with Lonesome Road. The big turnoff about this DLC is that the map literally is a straight line from entering the Divide to the end of it. Honest Hearts and Old World Blues were enjoyable because they gave you new open playgrounds to enjoy where as this is just a straight shot to the end with a few off shoots here and there to look for new weapons and items. Another thing that I didn't enjoy is that this DLC requires you to have a companion tag along for the duration of the 3 hour venture. You need this companion to initiate story progression and open up the shops for you to trade your goods. I liked some of the story elements revolving around this companion and love how upgrades you find for this companion will carry over to another certain companion when you return to the Mojave. Speaking of the Mojave you are allowed to return to it at any moment during this venture which is great because of the mass amount of items you'll need to drop off at your home base.

One of the big selling points of the Fallout DLC's is the unique items to find and bring with you to the wasteland. The items found in Lonesome Road offer something for everyone, as long as you're not an energy weapons character. Here you can find a new arm-mounted buzzsaw similar to the man opener of Fallout 3 fame for unarmed characters, a staff for melee characters, flashbangs and a new multi rocket launcher for explosives experts and for the gun nuts you have an awesome shoulder-mounted machine gun that you can upgrade. For attires you will find alot of variants of former attires from the Mojave along with some new sleeveless coats and finally obtaining the full armor and helmet of Legate Lanius. The items here are OK but I feel those found in the other 3 DLC's are a little better.

The story here leaves much to be desired. I was looking towards a big epic battle that was teased upon in Dead Money but the final battle is anything but that. Obviously your confrontation ends with Ulysses whom you can either fight physically or you can talk him out of his diabolical plan. That plan, though, is seemingly shoehorned in just so Ulysses can be viewed as a villain who must be stopped. I finished this wanting more from the story of the Couriers and even after exhausting all dialogue options and seeing 4 of the endings I was still unsatisfied with what I experienced. To get to these endings you must venture through a straight path of more destroyed buildings and caves infested with a new enemy type whom I found to look overly awkward and didn't really fit into the Fallout universe. You wont see many new textures here and the only noticeable new textures are tied around a certain sidequest which only rewards you with an achievement.
In the end I was left with a sour taste in my mouth after my time with Lonesome Road. After coming off the great story-driven Old World Blues and the fun exploration of Honest Hearts I realized that Lonesome Road doesn't do anything new that I'd want to go through again. With only 2 new enemy variants, a small amount of new items, some boring new perks and an overall boring environment Lonesome Road is a major disappointment. In the spectrum of New Vegas DLC's I would rank this one last. OWB>HH>DM>LS


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    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      A nice review! I have to ask though, how much did this DLC cost? Barely sounds like it's worth the price of others, that's for sure. Voted up, useful and interesting ^^


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