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Fallout Shelter Game Review

Updated on September 14, 2015
Please Stand By
Please Stand By

Fallout Shelter App

I downloaded the Fallout Shelter game app the other day for my smart phone and Ipad. If your a fan of the Fallout world I think you will enjoy this game for what it is. I've played Fallout 3 on the xbox 360 console. For those of you who don't know what fall out is. The story is mainly about how in the future people had to go into vaults for survival from nuclear blast. Thats why you see radiation suits in a post apocalyptic world. Fallout Shelter so far has been pretty true to the previous games in an ant farm type of way.

You are the overseer of the vault.
You are the overseer of the vault.

The Game Play of Fallout Shelter.

At first look it's a sidescroller type game at first glance. But you will see your are in a small vault that you build on and add rooms too. I've mentioned that it feels like having an ant farm. Well thats pretty much what it is. One room generates power while other rooms make food and water. You have to have all 3 working together or your people will start to lose health and energy. You are also responsible for matching couples to have more kids. This will add more people to your vault when you need workers for resources. The more rooms you have the more power you will need too. Dragging your little people from room to room to carry out your needed task. When zooming into the vault rooms a little bit closer you will see that your vault people have thoughts and say how they are feeling.

The vault screen shot.
The vault screen shot.

Game over man! Game over!

Sometimes the bugs win.
Sometimes the bugs win.

Sometimes they don't make it out alive.

I find if funny that you do have to keep them alive from huge cockroaches. If you have a failure in trying to speed up progress things can go bad. You can get a fire to put out or needing to put a bullet in a bugs head. Depending on how your arm and dress your people will determine if they can handle the situtation. And if you have a pregnant woman in the room she will not think twice and run!

Out into the wastelands.
Out into the wastelands.

The waste land is outside and we don't go outside.

You will see that you can send your people out into the wasteland to gather supplies and gain experience points. You can see their progress as they go along into the wasteland in text. The game is very sims like but in a fallout type of way. You will have people from the wasteland trying to kill the people you send out. You can arm your people to better protect themselves. It's nice to see each persons experience as they go along the way. Just don't let them go too far because it will take longer for them to reach the vault coming back.

The audio of the game.

There really isn't much to the game as far as sound. You will have little background noise for the room. But there really isn't music playing in the game play. You could play this game with no sound and still be okay with it. It's not a bad thing that it doesn't have very much sound. In fact it kind of adds to the fact that you are looking at people inside a vault and only trying to survive.

Thumbs up!

I give this game a thumbs up.
I give this game a thumbs up.

My thoughts of the game.

The game is a good for what it is. If your into sims type games this might be for you. I like it for what it is and keeps me entertained. Just to see what happens like a little ant farm would. And if this game keeps me entertained for a good month or so then it's a thumbs up. The other good thing I've seen is that it's not asking for money constantly to get furture along in the game. They do have few things you can purchase in game ranging from 99 cents on up to around $5. The game so far has been free to download on Adroid and Ipad so far. Feel free to leave a comment of what you think of the game.

3 stars

3 stars for 3 stars


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    • Edgemaster profile image

      Edgemaster 2 years ago from Dallas

      Yeah most mobile games for me are short lived too. This one for some reason has held my interest.

    • hrymel profile image

      Haley 2 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      It's like a lot of other mobile games. I played it pretty heavily for about a week, then I got bored, and haven't opened it since.