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Fan Rules : Warhammer Skirmish

Updated on December 20, 2016

Warhammer Skirmish uses the combat rules from 40K so you'll need a rulebook and some miniatures to play, the game is basically designed for a few players who are fairly familar with 40K or for example the perfect time to play would be when two warhammer players had a friend who hadn't played though wanted to try on a small scale.

Skirmish can be played by 2 players however it works best when 3 or more.

In brief the rules are whomever wins three skirmishes in a row is crowned champion. A skirmish is a small-scale battle aimed at a very quick pace however still using the vast majority of the standard 40K rules.

Tunnels of the Underhive

All of the rules will be written as if you had never read the 40K rulebook though you have one to hand.

Step 1 (Enviroment) :

All players should to begin discuss with eachother where and what the skirmishes are over, as skirmish is mainly tunnel & room based these could be the tunnels under a vast ruined city or the caves of a nomadic tribe. In addition each player should donate something to a "pot" that the eventual winner will collect, ideally this could be a cheap un-used plastic miniature for example.

Step 2 (Race) :

After the enviroment is set all players should choose which of the following races they'd like to play;

* Mercenaries (Dark Eldar / Dark Elves)
* Incursion Forces (Imperial Guard)
* Cultists (Imperial Guard)

Step 3 (Forces) :
Each player begins with 15 points, with these points each race can choose

[All Races] - Basic Melee Weapon (axe / sword / club) - 1pts each [+1 A]
[All Races] - Shield - 2pts each [+1 T]
[All Races] - Pistol - 3pts each
[All Races] - Rifle - 4pts each
[Freebooterz, Mercs, Feral Orkz] - 3+ Gretchin / Goblin / Grot - 2pts each
[Freebooterz, Mercs, Gang, Cultists, Incursion] - 2+ Humans - 3pts each
[Freebooterz, Feral Orkz] - 2+ Orkz - 3pts each
[Mercs, Gang] - 1+ Squats (use dwarves mainly) - 4pts each
[Mercs, Cultists] - 3+ Eldar / Dark Eldar Guardians - 4pts each
[Incursion] - 3+ Hormaguants - 4pts each
[All Races] - 3+ Lesser Things - 1pts each (come un-armed)

Rules a work in progress though comments most welcome at any point.


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