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Youtube Fan Songs About Video Games

Updated on June 10, 2019
Screen capture of "I Can Swing My Sword" by Tobuscus
Screen capture of "I Can Swing My Sword" by Tobuscus | Source

Really? You’re surprised that video games inspire folk to write songs? If a game can keep your kid (or spouse) glued to a glowing screen for hours (days), I say:

Rejoice that they have any brain cells left to be creative with.

Let us celebrate their ability to still function with a countdown of my favourite top 5 Youtube Fan Songs from Video Games …

#1 I Can Swing My Sword by Toby Turner (AKA Tobuscus)

Although Youtube personality, Tobuscus doesn't do his own animation, he produces animated videos, including this one. "I Can Sing My Sword" (better known as the "Diamond Sword Song") is well done and the lyrics are easy to follow. Fun to watch and funny to listen to, this song was inspired by the popular online game, Minecraft. It's very catchy. Addictive even with a 10 hour version floating around on Youtube for hard-core fans.

#2 Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song by Smosh

For those who don't know, Smosh is a popular Youtube partner with 1 million + subscribers. These guys make a lucrative living out of making goofy videos for online audiences (think 6 figures annually). They put serious time, money and effort into their videos. This one, in particular has excellent period costumes while the music is catchy and well done.

Warning: This video contains adult language, innuendo and violence - just like the video game it's based on.

#3 The Legend of Zelda Rap by Smosh

Smosh's second contribution to this list is a rap song inspired by The Legend of Zelda. There's a reason Smosh is on this list twice; they rock. The quality of this live-action video is excellent. The costumes are great, the sets are extremely well done and the lyrics are funny.

Warning: This video contains adult language and innuendo.

#4 “Big Blue Dress” by Cranius

Written to scenes from World of Warcraft, this song is completely original and very well composed. It’s a funny song about a powerful character who laments the same question all mighty mages wonder, “It doesn’t make much sense, that a man of my stature should have to wear a dress!” With gnomes singing back up and fireballs a-flying, this song is good for a giggle every time.

#5 “Halo ((All I Play-Oh))” by Palette-Swap Ninja

There are a surprising amount of badly done songs based on video games. This isn't one of them. Done to the tune of Snow ((Hey-Oh)) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this ode to the game, Halo has amusing lyrics and is well sung.

Please Note: The videos in this article belong to their creators. They are included here via direct links to their owner's Youtube accounts. I claim no ownership.

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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