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Fantasy Life 3DS by Level 5: A Beginners Guide

Updated on January 30, 2020


This hub is going to be a beginner's guide for Fantasy Life, a Nintendo 3DS game made by Level 5. I am going to write up what I believe to be a sound introduction to the game, but my following hubs will focus more on post-story content, where the real game begins!

Included in this Hub:

  • What is Fantasy Life?
  • Lifes
  • Stats
  • Story Line
  • Houses
  • NPCs and Pets
  • Multiplayer

So let's get started!

(It should be noted that there are differences in names from UK to US versions of the game, those that I am aware of will be pointed out.)

What is Fantasy Life?

Fantasy Life, a JRPG on the Nintendo 3DS, is not your typical game; it has much more to offer than Dragon Quest and Animal Crossing combined. How can a game do that, you ask? Fantasy Life is YOUR life! The moment you begin, you are asked to create your character, and this is where the game begins. There are tons of options to choose from, making the character you create unique. Your character's gender, body type, hairstyle, facial features, name, and starting Life are all changeable. There are 12 different Lives (Classes) to choose from.


There are 12 Lives (Classes) in Fantasy Life, which can be split up into three categories: Combat, Gathering and Crafting.

An interesting aspect of Fantasy Life is that you can change your Life as often as you'd like, with only a few exceptions. You must have completed the tutorial for the Life you are currently in, and/or you are able to "Explore Reveria Freely," aka, you have free time.

Below are the Lives in their categories, followed a summary of each Life.

Magician (Wizard in US)


  • Fights with a 1-handed Sword and a Shield.
  • Has the option to ditch the Shield and become a 1-handed Sword fighter.
  • Life Bonuses: Max HP and Vitality.


  • Fights with 2-handed Swords.
  • Life Bonuses: Max HP and Strength.


  • Fights with a Bow.
  • Arrows inflict status aliments, including: poison, sleep, and stun.
  • Makes use of the skill, Sneak, as way to creep up to sleeping enemies.
  • Life Bonuses: Dexterity and Strength.

Magician / Wizard

  • Fights with Magic using a Staff.
  • There are four elements that can be used: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.
  • Enemies have elemental weaknesses.
  • Earth Magic heals.
  • Life Bonuses: Intelligence and Focus.



  • Uses a Pickaxe to mine nodes.
  • Life Bonuses: Strenth and Focus.


  • Uses an Axe to cut trees.
  • Life Bonuses: Strength and Dexterity.


  • Uses a Fishing Rod to catch fish.
  • Life Bonuses: Intelligence and Focus.



  • Makes Dishes using ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables.
  • Dishes have healing effects and stat boosts.
  • Life Bonuses: Focus and Dexterity.


  • Crafts Weapons and Armor for Paladin and Mercenary Lives.
  • Crafts Tools for other lives including Pickaxe for Miner, Needle for Tailor, and Frying Pan for Cook.
  • Able to craft better Hammer for Blacksmith Life.
  • Life Bonuses: Vitality and Focus.


  • Crafts Weapons for Hunter and Magician Lives.
  • Crafts Tools for other lives including Fishing Rod for Angler, and Axe for Woodcutter.
  • Able to craft better Saw for Carpenter Life.
  • Makes Decorations for houses including chairs, beds, tables, and cabinets.
  • Life Bonuses: Vitality and Dexterity.


  • Crafts Clothes for Hunter, Magician, Angler and Cook, including tops, bottoms, hats, shoes and gloves.
  • Crafts Decorations including curtains, mats, and windows.
  • Life Bonuses: Intelligence and Dexterity.


  • Crafts Medicines including HP Potions, SP Potions, and Antidotes.
  • Crafts Explosives including Bombs.
  • Crafts Accessories including charms, necklaces, and glasses that increase stats.
  • Able to craft better Flask for Alchemist Life.
  • Life Bonus: Intelligence and Dexterity.

Life Tip

Get a license in all three Gathering Lives (Mining, Woodcutting, and Angler) early on. Once you learn the skill associated to a Gathering Life you can use it when you are in a different Life. So once you learn how to fish, you can fish in a Combat Life such as Paladin. This way you will get be able to gather materials used later for Crafting, as well as rank up the Gathering Lives as you go.


Each time you level up, you get the option to put 2 points (or 3 points if the level is a multiple of 10) into any of the six Basic Stats.

The six Basic Stats are: Strength, Vitality. Intelligence, Focus, Dexterity, and Luck. Basic Stats affect your Life Stats and Combat Stats. You can view all three stat pages by opening the Menu and clicking X to go through the different stat pages which are shown on the top screen.

The value for each stat caps at level 50 (100 if you have the DLC). Life and equipment bonuses are added to the values.

Each stat has a large influence in some Lives and a small influence in others, shown below.

Story Line

It should be strongly noted that this game isn't fantastic because of it's story line, with many finishing it in under 15 hours. The game really "starts" when you gain access to the DLC and begin post-game quests.

To advance the story line, however, you need to fulfil Flutter's Quests and gain Bliss Points. Once the requests are fulfilled, she will tally your points, and you will be able to make progress with the story. Flutter will always have an exclamation point over her head when the next chapter is ready to begin.

When playing through the game, some may feel the need to rush the story, while others will want to reach the maximum rank with each Life they are playing before continuing. It should be noted that either way is fine, the whole basis of the game is that you get to play it your way, doing what you want!


There are a total of six houses that you can buy and live in. If you do not have the DLC, you only have 3 open slots for houses, so you'll have to choose them wisely! Once you purchase a house, you can easily teleport to it by opening up the Map and clicking "Go Home," where all of your houses will be listed.

Besides your starting house, or should I say attic in the starting town, there are three other houses in Castele that you can buy and live in. However, you can only own one house in Castele. You also have the option to never move out of the attic, which is what some people do. I found that the location of the attic compared to the other three houses made it the ideal house to live in.

The other houses you can buy are in: Port Puerto, Al Maajik, Elderwood, Levitania / Terra Nimbus, and Origin Island.

My Elderwood Home
My Elderwood Home

Houses vary in size and can be customised however you choose. You can add different types of furniture and decorations that you make yourself in the Carpenter and Tailor Lives, or purchase from shops. There are also furniture sets based on the main cities, which makes anyone with OCD happy.

NPCs and Pets

While playing though the game, you have access to add 2 NPCs / Pets to your party. They follow you around wherever you go and help in combat. They grow in levels, though you don't get to see their stats or have any contribution to stat distribution, and if you have the DLC active, they have a friendship growth meter too, showing how much they like you.


Throughout the game, you can recruit many NPCs to help you in your adventure, some sooner then others. Many NPCs require you to rank up your Life in order for you to invite them to your party. There are certain NPCs that will travel with you throughout the story line, as well as whenever you do the Fledgling Challenge for any Life, though that is for a short time only.


There are 4 different types of pets you can buy: Dogs, Cats, Birds* and Dragons*. You can have a total of three pets living with you, but as mentioned above only 2 can be in your party at any time. Pets fight alongside you, and are able to heal themselves. If they faint, don't worry; simply going up to them and clicking A will revive them!

*Birds and Dragons are available only if you have the DLC

Special note: NPC's stats will reroll/update whenever you choose to Sleep in your bed. If you're finding your Pets or Allies aren't progressively doing more damage, or taking more hits as you progress with the story, try to Sleep in your bed.


Multiplayer allows you and up to two other people to play together. Multiplayer unlocks after the prologue, during the first chapter of the game. You will be prompted to go to the Guild Office to speak to the LINK Clerk, who is located in the far back of the Guild Office on the right. To enter Multiplayer mode, you must not be in the middle of a Chapter in the story, instead you must be in the "Explore Reveria Freely" part of the game.

Players have the option of inviting players to their world, or visiting someone else's world. You must have the player's friend code, or be playing locally together. While playing together, you are free to craft, fight monsters, trade and even turn in bounties.

Multiplayer communication is done via text chat, using a non-qwerty keyboard, which most agree is annoying. There is also some quick text options, which is what most people use including 'Hiya' and 'Thanks'.

What you can do in Multiplayer:

  • Fast Travel using the various aircraft and ships throughout Reveria.
  • Fight enemies with bounties and cash them in.
  • Complete Life Challenges.
  • Trade Items by using the the red box in the Guild Office. There are a total of 8 spots in the box where players can withdraw or deposit items as they please. Make sure you withdraw all items in the red box before closing Multiplayer. Once you withdraw or deposit from the red box, the game will save automatically. If you forget, those items will be forever lost.

What you can't do in Multiplayer:

  • Bring your NPCs and Pets along.
  • Complete any Main Quests.
  • Save using the Save Crystals.
  • Report to Life Masters to rank up.

Note: It also should also be noted the game is split into two when it comes to Multiplayer. If you have DLC, you can only play with people who have DLC. If you don't have the DLC, you can only play with people who don't have it either. This does make things a little annoying, but the DLC just adds so much to the game.

Which Life did you start with?

See results


I hope this hub has given you a good stepping stone into the world of Fantasy Life. There's a lot to get your head around, but once you dive in, the opportunities of this game are endless. The real fun, as I've said before, begins in the post-game, which I'll be covering in hubs to come.

Feel free to talk about Fantasy Life in the comments, and ask as many questions as you'd like!




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    • Monfang profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      It's not too Animal Crossing-y that was my concern too. It's definitely a lot more complex. Let me know if you end up purchasing it :)

    • blargablarga profile image


      6 years ago

      This game looks great, actually. I was scared it would be too Animal-Crossing-y. I just never could get into Animal Crossing. But this look much more complex than that.


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