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Far Cry 3 Ambushed

Updated on December 16, 2012

Far Cry 3 Ambushed

In Far Cry 3, Jason heads into the ambushed quest intending on setting up an ambush for the pirates and striking a blow to their operations. This will guide Jason on how to complete the ambushed quest, from setting up the ambush to getting ambushed, and illustrate how to get his equipment back.

Head to the designated village point and speak to the Rakyat leader. Set explosives to detonate on the truck. Then climb the ladder to the water tower before time runs out. When the pirates arrive at the site, use a RPG or rocket launcher to defeat the enemies in numbers. When the enemies are defeated, run down and get into the truck and drive away, chasing after the convoy before it escapes. Reach the convoy site and defeat the remaining pirates at the convoy site. Open the door of the truck, hoping to rescue the prisoners. However, it is not the prisoners inside but Vaas. Vaas knocks Jason unconscious.

Far Cry 3 Retrieve Your Equipment

Far Cry 3 Retrieve Your Equipment - the heavy armored pirate guards the hut that holds Jason's equipment.
Far Cry 3 Retrieve Your Equipment - the heavy armored pirate guards the hut that holds Jason's equipment.

Far Cry 3 Warrior Rescue Service

When Jason wakes up, Vaas says a bunch of insane things at him. Then he kicks the tied Jason into the cenote. Struggle and escape the bonds. Then come out of the water and prowl around the site, defeating the pirates in stealth mode. Go to the nearby camp and do likewise, taking down all the pirates. Notice that the truck is empty, and the prisoners have been taken away. The warrior rescue service has failed.

Get to and climb into the helicopter, commanding the pilot to fly it away. However, as the helicopter is flying away, it is shot down by Vaas. Vaas then shoots Jason.

Far Cry 3 Retrieve Your Equipment

Jason is not dead. Apparently, a firelighter saved his life. Climb out of the dead bodies and then talk to Dennis Rogers. Go to the nearby camp and retrieve your equipment. Most of the pirates here can be defeated by stealth takedown, save for the heavy armored pirate (can still be taken down by Heavy Beatdown). If the pirates are alerted, grab their equipment and start using them against the pirates. Look around the camp and the downed pirates for some grenades and molotovs to use against the heavy armored pirate. He guards the shack that contains the hero's equipment. Defeat him and then proceed inside to retrieve Jason's equipment.

This will complete the Warriors Rescue Service quest. Now to the temple and prepare for the new rite of passage.


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