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Top 10 Annoying Predators in Far Cry 4

Updated on September 4, 2018
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy enjoys gaming when not helping manage the college he graduated from.

The Land of Kyrat

Ah, Kyrat. As players of Far Cry 4 know, this land is home to a ruthless army, a desperate rebel force, and one heck of an entertaining dictator, Pagan Min. Throughout the game, you'll traverse the beautiful and huge Kyrat, honing your skills and doing your best to survive.

Royal Army soldiers aren't all you have to worry about, though. Some of the biggest threats will come from the native wildlife. Today, we'll countdown the top 10 biggest animal threats in Kyrat—and some ways to counter them!

He's so happy when he murders.
He's so happy when he murders.

10. Elephant

First up, elephants. These guys are large, can take plenty of hits before falling, and sometimes travel in small groups. So why aren't they higher on the list? Well, the elephants of Kyrat are one of the few animals that won't attack on sight - in fact, after protagonist Ajay Ghale obtains a certain upgrade, you'll even be able to ride them into battle. Note that unlike most mammals in the game, elephants are perfectly capable of swimming in the many lakes around Kyrat.

So the best way to avoid trouble with elephants? Don't harass them, and they won't harass you.

Native Yaks
Native Yaks

9. Yak

You won't encounter yaks until later in your quest. They're not the fastest animal out there, but their size lets them absorb a fair number of bullets before falling. Also, yaks are almost always encountered in small groups, so if you battle one, you'll probably end up fighting two or three.

Since yak aren't fast, you can always flee if things look grim. Also, their size makes them easy targets for shotgun blasts.

He's caged up - release him when the enemies draw near.
He's caged up - release him when the enemies draw near.

8. Snow Leopard/ Clouded Leopard

You'll fight these felines throughout the game. Leopards can't take many hits before dying - but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. They're agile and difficult to hit. Additionally, it's easy for them to blend in with the environment and get the jump on you—keep an ear out for their distinctive growl.

To counter them, use a weapon with a good rate of fire (machine guns work well), and remember that one of your syringes allows you to track animals. Thankfully, leopards hunt alone.

Freakin' honey badgers.
Freakin' honey badgers.

7. Honey Badger

Honey badgers don't look too intimidating - they're much smaller than the word "predator" normally implies. But they will attack you; they seem to be one of the most territorial animals in Kyrat. Despite their size, these guys can do a lot of damage quickly, and will withstand more punishment than you might think, so be on your guard.

The best way to fight them? Utilize range. Badgers are vicious and relentless - but their stubby little legs only let them run so fast. If things get dicey, back off and attack them with a sniper rifle, assault rifle, or bow.

This will happen to you. A lot.
This will happen to you. A lot.

6. Eagle

Next, one of the most annoying foes in the game. Eagles have almost no hit points; they should fall after being struck by any bullet. So what's the problem? Well, since they fly, they have a whole plane of movement you don't, making aiming tricky. But more than that, eagles are everywhere throughout the game. You'll only be attacked by one at a time, but even if you vanquish it, it won't be long before you face the next.

Do your best to defend yourself against them. When you hear their distinctive shriek, you know one is about to dive-bomb—either quickly strafe the skies with your weapon or find cover.

Cue Jaws theme.
Cue Jaws theme.

5. Demon Fish

Demon Fish. That's literally the name of this piranha-like creature, which should hint how dangerous they are. The good news is that (obviously) you'll only have to worry about them in water. The bad news is that Ajay is almost completely defenseless while swimming—you can't fire your weapon, and these guys can swim faster than you can. If you have a boat or a strip of land nearby, you can stand on that in order to attack the demon fish.

Discretion is the better part of valor, right? Avoid these things and use a boat if you have to traverse water. When you can find land to fire from, grenade launchers are good at eliminating them.

Tibetan Wolves
Tibetan Wolves

4. Wolf

Or maybe "wolves" would be more fitting. Individually, a single wolf shouldn't be too hard to face. But as you likely know, wolves travel in packs—and where the individual fails, the group succeeds. Facing an entire wolf pack is likely harder than fighting any individual predator in the game.

Wolves are essential an "upgrade" from the dog-like dholes you fight at the beginning of your quest. More health, stronger, bigger groups. If you have enough distance to safely do so, grenade launchers work well against wolves. Up close, shotguns, assault rifles, and machine guns, and prayers are your best bet.

All he wants is a hug. And maybe your vital organs. But mostly the hug.
All he wants is a hug. And maybe your vital organs. But mostly the hug.

3. Bear

Bears aren't fun. They're strong, faster than they look, and can withstand plenty of punishment. Ajay's Golden Path allies never seem to emerge victorious when a bear crosses their path. You'll find them more in the later parts of the game, so hopefully by then you'll have obtained the higher-quality weapons of Far Cry.

Bears are big targets, so shotguns work well despite their inaccuracy. But be aware that you won't fell them even with a direct hit—keep blasting til this fearsome beast topples.

Warning: Ajay Ghale is a trained idiot. Do not approach tigers in real life.
Warning: Ajay Ghale is a trained idiot. Do not approach tigers in real life.

2. Tiger

Second place goes to the intimidating tiger. They function similarly to leopards, except they're stronger and can take more hits. These felines are so fierce that Ajay's offensive upgrades in the game are learned in a pathway called "The Tiger". Be wary entering caves in Far Cry 4—some of them house these deadly predators, and there's not much room for dodging.

Tigers are tough, but they actually go down a little faster than I expected. Use whatever weapon you're best at hitting fast-moving targets with. Also, your Molotovs can set the ground (or the tiger itself) ablaze, which should scare it off for a period of time.

Aren't they cute as they flip trucks?
Aren't they cute as they flip trucks?

1. Rhino

Top spot has to go to the mighty rhino. They're powerful, agile for their size, have the highest hit points of any animal. These guys are nightmares—in fact, a rhino is the final foe you'll face in the Arena Challenges. Also, rhinos are sometimes encountered alone, but occasionally seen in groups—I'd advise against taking on multiple of them at the same time. They can be found surprisingly early in the game, so be on guard; Kyrat's not the land of milk and honey.

Having trouble besting rhinos? There's a somewhat cowardly (but effective) strategy you can employ if a body of water is nearby. Rhinos often travel to the lakes to drink, so patrol the waters until you encounter one. Blast it with your weapon at mid or short range, and it should charge you; at this point, run screaming like a little girl into the water. The poor rhino will be powerless to follow (they can't swim), and will start retreating the firm land. Emerge and reload, then attack and retreat as needed. Rinse (literally) and repeat until the beast has fallen.

Which animal was the biggest overall danger?

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Kyrat's Other Beasts

Great, we've tackled the toughest of Kyrat's wildlife... or have we? For this countdown, the one-time only "Kyrat Fashion Week" quest animals were excluded because they don't normally roam the land. Be on guard against those powerful foes when you access these missions.

And don't feel bad about ending the lives of these guys—the game notes how Kyrat has animal infestation issues; you won't be driving anything to extinction in this virtual world. Be fierce, Ajay!

© 2016 Jeremy Gill


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