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Far Cry Primal: Game Review for PS4

Updated on March 4, 2016

Far Cry Primal Photos

Front cover of the game.
Front cover of the game. | Source
Back cover of the game.
Back cover of the game. | Source
Start screen of the game.
Start screen of the game. | Source
World map
World map | Source

Far Cry Primal: Game Review for PS4

I usually don't play these types of games, but I wanted to try something new. Far Cry Primal is set in 10,000 BCE and sort of tries to recreate what it would be like to be alive in that time period. The main character in this game is Takkar. When you first start the game, you play Takkar who is hunting mammoths with his tribe. It has been several days and the tribe needs to kill something or they will die of starvation. They finally come across a mammoth. You help kill the mammoth. A saber tooth tiger comes and basically kills everyone in the hunting party except you. Before your friend dies from his wounds, he tells you to look for the lost Wenja tribe in the land of Oros. You learn to gather the natural resources to make weapons that will help in gathering food and other resources. After killing the mammoth, you hunt goats for food. Then you find shelter for the night and learn how to set things on fire. You go through a cave, where you meet Sayla. You ward off another saber tooth tiger attack and Sayla shows you where she lives. After gathering green leaves to help Sayla heal her wounds, Sayla tells you that if you find other Wenja, to tell them to come to her location for safety. Sayla also tells you that the Udam are cannibals and have destroyed her village and have scattered the remaining Wenja all over the land. The next person that you recruit is Tensay who is a shaman. Tensay teaches you how to become a beast master. Completing Sayla's and Tensay's missions lets you progress further in the game.

Taming beasts in the game is extremely helpful. First, you get an owl that you use to scout for you. Then you learn to tame a wolf. There are many animals that can be tamed in the game. You need to spend skill points to unlock most of the tamable animals. Skill points are earned when you gain enough experience through exploring, completing missions, or killing stuff. The bottom three creatures in the list are special beast hunt creatures that can only be obtained when Jayma gives you those missions. Those bottom three creatures are really handy to have but can be difficult to get. The first great hunt beast is the saber tooth tiger that has been killing people. The mission can only be started at night. The game has day and night cycles. If you try to start this mission during the day, it will tell you to rest at a campfire until it is night to start the mission. There is a camp fire right near the mission start. In the great beast hunt areas, there are places where traps can be set up. These traps are really useful in these hunts. There is also a screen that lets you know that you are on the great hunt when starting a great hunt and that whatever damage you have done to the beast is kept should you happen to be killed during the hunt so that you don't have to start at the beasts' maximum health each time you try to take a beast down. The next great beast hunt that I hunted was the special wolf which has normal wolves with it. The wolves in this game often attack in packs, which means that you can get a lot of damage fairly quickly. I did the mammoth mission next in which you have to kill an insane mammoth that hits really hard and had a lot of hit points. All mammoths in the game hit really hard and do a lot of damage. After hunting the mammoth, I went after the Great Scar Bear which wasn't that bad. The bears in this game also do a lot of damage.

After you complete Sayla's and Tensay's beginning missions, the village that you have started with them gets attacked by Udam. That is a main story mission in which you need to kill the Udam. After surviving the attack, you are told to recruit specialists for your village and are given their locations. All the specialists, including yourself, have special huts that can be built and upgraded. The construction of the huts takes a lot of materials. It is always good to gather as many resources as your pack will allow. There are special skills that you can spend skill points on to show what resources are available to be gathered on the map. When you are near a resource that can be gathered, a square symbol and the resource name will pop up. A resource that is found near the starting area is Alder Wood. If you are near that resource, a message with the square symbol will pop up that says "Take Alder Wood." Some skills are locked until you complete certain main story missions.

As you continue the main story, you learn that there is another hostile tribe to the south, the Izila. The Izila are led by Batari, the sun daughter. The Izila use fire a lot. There are two sub commanders that you can recruit into your village: Dah of the Udam and Roshani of the Izila.

Bonfires | Source
Outposts | Source
Skills menu
Skills menu | Source
weapon wheel
weapon wheel | Source

Far Cry Primal: Game Review for PS4

I have including several photos that you can see in the game. The first two are help messages that you can see while trying to capture outposts or bonfires. The third is a photo of the skills menu. This is where you can select skills that will help you survive and complete in game missions. The fourth picture is the weapons wheel that lets you select your weapons. The skills menu also shows pictures of all the specialists that you can recruit for your village. Starting at the top left, is your character Takkar. Takkar specializes in survival skills which are really useful. In the top middle is Sayla who specializes in gathering skills. On the top right is Tensay who specializes in beast master skills. On the left, right under Takkar's skill set is Jayma who specializes in hunting skills. Under Sayla's skill set is Karoosh who specializes in fighting skills. Under Tensay's skill set is Wogah who specializes in crafting skills. On the bottom left is Dah who specializes in Udam skills. On the bottom right is Roshani who specializes in Izila skills.

Pressing the big middle button on the PS4 controller gives you a menu with six options to scroll through going from left to right: Map, Crafting, Skills, Village, Pack, Help. You can use the L1 and R1 to choose any one of these options. The map is where you can see what missions are available and figure out where you want to travel in the world. Crafting is where you can upgrade and learn new weapons. Skills is where you learn new skills that will help you survive in the game such as being able to tame new beasts and getting more health bars. Village is where you can see what buildings if any you need to upgrade and what materials you need to upgrade those buildings. It also lets you see how many people you currently have in your village. Pack lets you see how many resources you have on you. Help is just that, it will try to answer any questions that you have in the game. Examples of help topics are the two pictures that describe outposts and bonfires.

The two main bosses in the game are Ull of the Udam and Batari of the Izila. In order to get to the Udam home land, you need to learn the Antidote recipe which you learn by completing a mission from Sayla. You use the antidote and go through the toxic caves that lead to Ull's cave. Fighting Ull, can be a really tough fight. He can kill a lot of your beasts with just one blow. He hits really hard. The hint that you are given before the fight is to shoot the icicles to slow him down. I found the fight with Batari to be a lot easier. Before fighting Batari, you need to complete some of Tensay's missions. I took out both bosses but did not finish upgrading all the village huts so I did not see any credits. The last hut that I finally upgraded was Dah's hut which required a rare rhino skin. I did not see any rare rhinos and was going to do the orange side missions. While doing one of the orange side missions, it required me to hunt rhinos. During the rhino hunt, I got two rare rhinos and was able to get the last ingredients to upgrade Dah's hut. Upgrading his hut gave me another mission, which was to kill some Izila. After that mission, I talked to Dah who wanted Takkar to kill him since the skull fire led to a slow death. Takkar does that and that was the last mission that I needed to do to have the credits roll. I let the credits roll to see if there was anything interesting. There were a lot of people who worked on the game, which is not surprising. I noticed that there was a Shanghai group that looked like it had done a lot of the game programming. I also noticed that the credits also included HR people and the accountants. I also noticed that the game was translated into a lot of different languages since the credits included the translators names. After going through a really long list of names, there is a short cut scene at the end. It looks like Ull's child has figured out how to tame a cave bear and smiles as if he is up to no good.

The game play is smooth. I did not notice any bugs or glitches while playing the game. The game controls are easy to learn and feel decent. The graphics look good. There does not seem to be that many main story missions. There are a good number of side story missions. There are also random events in the game that can help increase the population of the village such as help defend the Wenja and help protect against beasts. Capturing outposts and bonfires are really useful since both can be used as fast travel points and will add population to your village after you capture them. I liked the setting of the game. I like the primal feel and being able to tame beasts. The story itself was decent. There was not anything really surprising involving the story, but it made sense given the time period that it was set in. While I normally don't play this type of game, I really did enjoy playing it.

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