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Farm Bodyguard Rep in Warcraft

Updated on November 26, 2014

Why do I need reputation with my bodyguard?

Once you have a level 2 barracks you are able to have one of multiple bodyguards follow you out into the world and help you. What you may not know is that each bodyguard has two special abilities that you unlock when you gain reputation with them. When you gain level 2 reputation with your follower they unlock an ability that they will use in combat with you. Once you reach level 3 reputation they will give you a unique perk that you talk to them to make them use. The unlocks are....

Bodyguard abilities
Bodyguard abilities | Source

Now that I know why, what is the farming spot?

Since launch there have been multiple places found to get reputation with your bodyguard very quickly but blizzard has fixed them so they are no longer usable. Because of this I set out looking for any highly clustered groups of low level, low health, and low damage mobs. In my quest I found a cave filled with goren eggs that when stepped on cause a baby goren to hatch out of them. In the cave, there are three large clusters of goren eggs and some more scattered around. If you go around the cave in a large circle then you can step on all of the eggs plus you can grab the few mobs that spawn in there. Be careful however, there is a rare that spawns in there that isn't particularly strong but if you go to the cave lower than level 95 you may want to keep your eyes open to make sure you don't have lots of enemies attacking you when it aggro. There is probably close to 80 eggs inside the cave and they respawn fairly quickly so if you hatch them all, the eggs where you started should have respawned.

Where is this great rep farming spot?

This cave is found in FrostFire Ridge just south of Colossus's Fall. It is a dark colored cave within dark colored rocks so you may not see it right away. Also, keep in mind that there are other caves nearby like this one but if you don't see any eggs, you are in the wrong cave.

Frostfire Ridge
Frostfire Ridge | Source

Once you get close to the area you should see the mouth of the cave. There are water/ice elementals nearby so if you are lost, try to find these guys and go from there.

Now that you are inside the cave you will see these steaming eggs. You have to step on the eggs to make them hatch and each one will hatch into one baby goren. They have low health and low damage so they are very easy to kill and survive.

You will know the eggs hatches when they blow up with green smoke. This doesn't damage your character or bodyguard but be sure to check that you popped all of the eggs before running to the next area because sometimes they don't register being stepped on right away.

Extra for classes with pets

If you stand on a group of eggs to break them and don't leave that spot then every time the eggs near you respawn they will automatically break and the goren babies will pop out and attack you. Because you have a pet they will be killed and the 10 reputation per kill still takes effect! Move your character around to pop as many eggs as possible each time they respawn (I was able to get 6 at once) then you can go AFK (or in my case, get some work done) and you will be gaining rep without doing anything.

Although you will be in combat it will still kick you off of the server for inactivity so if you do decide to grind rep while AFK be sure to jump every now and then so that you don't move your character but are also not disconnected.

The baby goren do not drop anything so having your pet get the kill will not cause you to lose any loot from them. There are also adult sized goren but they only drop trash so losing their loot isn't a huge concern either.

For people who are under level 100

Each little goren baby does give XP and although it isn't much it does add up when your are killing hundreds of them. Be sure that if you are a class with a pet that you are hitting them all. You will not receive any XP if you pet kills it and you never damaged it.

Personal Experience

I was able to get Illona from almost 0 reputation up to max in an hour or so, I didn't really time it but it was SO much faster than any other method. I was also able to get Leorajh up to maximum in about 4 hours while being AFK the whole time. All I had to do was the occasional jump and Leorajh and my pet would take care of the rest for me.


Blizzard has nerfed every way they have found that gives quick bodyguard reputation and so I can only assume that they will nerf this soon as well. It really doesn't take long and the ability to summon, have a command table, mailbox, repairs, or a garrison portal is worth it!

What bodyguard will you level up first?

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