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Farm Frenzy 3 Review | Free Casual Game Downloads

Updated on July 31, 2009

Alawar has made a business of creating a game, then essentially releasing it many times over with a little make up, a nip and a tuck here and there. Some people might frown upon this practice, but its a formula that has achieved success for many major gaming companies and franchises over the year (We're up to what, Final Fantasy XXCVI, now?)

Farm Frenzy 3 is a retake and upgrade of previous Farm Frenzy games, essentially it is an arcade business simulation. Your job is to farm animals, collect eggs, sell lions, make flour, the list goes on. But no good casual game comes without a dramatic storyline. In Farm Frenzy 3, you play Scarlett, a young and talented farmer called upon to help out an African friend in need. His farm has been hit by a sandstorm, and he needs your help to rebuild it.

After flying to Africa, you ask your friend, Morris, why he was unable to simply get funding from the relevant agency, something called 'Farmers Union Nod,' or F.U.N, for short. (Never let the fact that the last word in your acronym makes no sense dissuade you from using it anyway.) As it turns out, the president of the union responsible for giving aid to farmers has embezzled all the money and now floats around, large belly flopping out, on a private yacht.

Sounds great so far, right? Then the game reveals its true nature as a minefield of political incorrectness. When Scarlett expresses a desire to lead the union instead, she muses aloud:

Given that this is a game suitable for children, and some could say, aimed at them (though adults make up the bulk of casual gamers,) it seems a tad odd that Scarlett would be concerned about an issue that seems more appropriate for a game brought out in 1809, rather than 2009.

That's the first little faux pas, the second comes when we go from the intro scenes, where Morris is dressed in casual Western dress, to the main game screen, where Morris has evidently thrown off the shackles of Western fashion and is now toting a bone through his nose, clutching a spear and wearing a spiffing grass skirt.

Don't get me wrong, Farm Frenzy 3 isn't so much racist and sexist as it is evidently produced by time traveling game developers from the early 19th century.


The game itself, you'll be pleased to hear, is plenty awesome. In the opening levels you have to manage a small herd of guinea birds. You water the land to make the grass grow, the guinea birds eat the grass and make eggs. You must ensure that they are well fed, that their eggs are transported to market, and that lions don't eat them. In later levels you must also process the products, process the processed products, water the ground, fill your water bucket etc. As with most games of this type, various upgrades are available as you progress through the game. There is nice difficulty progression, with the first level lulling you into a false sense of security, then subsequent levels demonstrating that you're not quite as awesome as you might have thought you were.

The action continues through five different countries and covers a massive 95 levels. There are 25 animals to tend, 5 animals to guard against, 33 different products to make, 17 buildings and vehicles to build or obtain and more trophies than you can shake a stick at.

Where Farm Frenzy 3 particularly succeeds is in toeing that fine line between gameplay that is challenging, but not so challenging that you will eventually nerd rage your computer right out the window.

Sound and Graphics

Graphically, the game is a slick cartoon, perfect for the style of game play it illustrates. Adults and children will be charmed by

When it comes to music, as always, Alawar has ensured that there is an uplifting and spirited sound track. Well, more of a repetitive jingle really, but a fun one. Sound effects play an integral part in the game

The Verdict

Definitely a must play for all causal gamers who enjoy the 'business' model of gaming. (If you liked Snowy Lunch Rush, you'll love Farm Frenzy 3.) This is a fast paced, gorgeous little game which will make an excellent addition to any gamer's library.

Download the Free One Hour Trial Version


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