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Farm Tribe - A Lovely Game that Crosses Between Virtual Villagers and Farm Frenzy

Updated on December 8, 2011

Screen Shots of Farm Tribe


Get Virtual Villagers Here

This hub reviews one of the cool games that I enjoy playing - Farm Tribe. Farm Tribe is a cross between Virtual Villagers, Gemini Lost, My Tribe, and Farm Frenzy. If you love Virtual Villagers and Farm Frenzy, Farm Tribe is a game that you will absolutely relish. In fact, Farm Tribe takes the strategy of Virtual Villagers and puts it into a farming setting, and players get to enjoy a very refreshing balance between time management, strategy, simulation and adventure.

The gameplay is almost like the Virtual Villagers style, just that you have tasks to accomplish and recipes to unlock in a more structured way compared to Virtual Villagers, where things are left much more unstructured and free.

Like Virtual Villagers, Farm Tribe has special collectibles and items that you should collect and pick up for special powers and secrets - like shells, and maps.... Also, as you explore the map, you’ll get to explore your island and find hidden secrets too that you can unlock. Just like the Gemini Lost and Virtual Villagers, you get to earn tech points (technology points) that you can use to improve your farming methods and discover new recipes.

Farm Tribe does have a tutorial that guides you through very well, but what I really enjoyed about this game was that it resembled Virtual Villagers enough for me to guess and figure out how to play the game. In fact, I was able to get ahead of the tutorial in some places eg. finding out a hidden place to plant and harvest flowers even before the tutorial got to that stage. These definitely gave me a sense of accomplishment and anticipation - being one that enjoys games that are not repetitive and draggy, I really really enjoyed Farm Tribe.

One little quirk I really love about this game is that if you click on a character holding onto something in his hands, the character will not drop what he is holding. In fact, to speed things up, you can pick a character up and move him to where he is going, and he would not drop whatever he has. This is amazing, especially for us Virtual Villagers and Gemini Lost fans who have such strong urges to make our characters move faster. Farm Tribe lets us do just that - and in a map where the tribe is quite big, helping your character move from one end to another part of the map definitely increases my sense of involvement and importance to the game.

One thing that I miss about Farm Tribe is having the little children run around and pick up little mushrooms. In Farm Tribe, the characters pick up mushrooms themselves, and to get another character, you buy him or her, instead of creating a baby.

Farm Tribe does not have the impressive graphics and effects that Gemini Lost has - in fact its entire appearance bears such an uncanny resemblance to Virtual Villagers, which is unique in its own way- as though someone used watercolors to paint the entire backdrop. It is surreal, and with cool background music that is pleasing and not irritating, I really enjoy playing Farm Tribe.

Are you looking for a gift for someone who likes strategy games that are exciting and yet relaxing? I think Farm Tribe makes the perfect gift. It is just like Virtual Villagers and Gemini Lost, and if you like to manage your character's movements more than sitting there and watching them work, Farm Tribe is definitely a great choice.

Click HERE to play Farm Tribe FREE for one hour. It's a free download that is available for both mac and PC users. Have loads of fun!

Do leave your comments! I would love to hear from you!


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    • Charlotte B Plum profile imageAUTHOR

      Charlotte B Plum 

      8 years ago

      Hey Marellen!

      I absolutely love this game! Unfortunately I too get addicted to these wonderful games. I find that playing them for free for 1 hour sets a limit for me.

      Thank you for dropping by!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      this sounds like something I would like to play but I get addicted to these games. I was a Farmville addict for a year and that was enough for me. Enjoy your game..and thanks for sharing.


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