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Farming Garrison Resources in World of Warcraft (WoW)

Updated on December 2, 2014

What are garrison resources?

Garrisons are a large and unavoidable part of Warlords of Draenor and so you need to know how to make the best of this new feature. Garrison resources are the currency that you will use in order to complete buildings, send followers out of missions, or use for work orders. At the beginning of the expansion some people are feeling starved for garrison resources because they use them much more quickly than they can receive from normal means. You are probably here because you've hit that point and are looking for some way to increase your number of garrison resources.

What do I need garrison resources for?

Follower missions

  • Each follower mission can take 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 garrison resources each.


Garrison Resources
Garrison Level 2
Garrison Level 3
Small Building Level 1
Small Building Level 2
Small Building Level 3
Medium Building Level 1
Medium Building Level 2
Medium Building Level 3
Large Building Level 1
Large Building Level 2
Large Building Level 3
Fishing/Herb/Mine Level 1
Fishing/Herb/Mine Level 2

Work Orders

The work orders for the Dwarven Bunker or the War Mill both use 20 garrison resources at a time in order for the player to receive item and weapon upgrades for their followers.

Where can I find Garrison Resources?

Now that you know what you can do with your garrison resources it's time to find enough of them to fund our garrison activities! There are multiple ways to find garrison resources so you can pick and choose your favorite or go all out and collect a ton quickly. You can gather them by opening your garrison cache, some follower missions, killing rares, finding treasures, daily heroic quest, lumber mill, trading post, quests and summoning your smuggler in the Spires.

Garrison Cache
Garrison Cache | Source

Garrison Cache

Your garrison Cache is a lootable box that slowly fills with garrison resources whether you are playing or not. The box fills at a rate of 1 per 10 minutes or 6/hour. From this alone you can receive 144 per day. The box fills up and will no longer gather resources once it hits 500 so be sure to collect your resources every three days so that you don't miss any.

Follower Missions

While follower missions usually take garrison resources from you rather than give them, there are some rare missions that will give you resources. Also, these missions take 0 resources to send you followers on so even if your follower does not have a high chance to complete it successfully you will only lose the chance at the mission rather than any garrison resources if they fail..

Killing Rares

Draenor added many rares to the game that only give you loot the first time you kill them. These rares can drop 10-20 garrison resources each and are a wonderful way to grind out those last few you need for whatever building you are trying to build. I highly recommend the addon "Handy notes" and their addition "Handy notes: Draenor treasures". This addon will put all of the locations of the treasures of Draenor on your map and it will also put every rare from Draenor on your map as well. This makes finding them and killing them super fast and easy! It even removes the treasures you've found and the rares you've killed so that you don't try to find/kill them again.

Finding Treasures

Another new feature of Draenor is the random treasures you find in each zone. There are tons of them to be found and some will grant you garrison resources rather than an item. I highly recommend the addon "Handy notes" and "Handy notes: draenor treasures" to help you find these. This addon will add all treasure locations to your map and allow you to hover over one to see what it will give you. This makes it much easier to just go after the garrison resource treasures if that's what you're looking for.

(Handy Notes)

Daily Heroic Quest

Once a day you can que for a random heroic dungeon and you will be rewarded with gold and 50 garrison resources. This may not be the best method if you need a lot of garrison resources right now but it is a very helpful way to supplement your resources.

Lumber Mill

The lumber mill is possibly the most common method of farming garrison resources. This medium sized building starts with a cost of 100 garrison resources and allows you to mark trees to be cut down for lumber. At level one you can only cut small trees that give 4-6 timber each and you need 10 timber per work order. They are fairly easy to find so you should be keeping your lumber mill full of work orders so that it can give you 20 extra garrison resources every 4 hours.

Trading Post

The trading post is similar to the lumber mill in that you receive garrison resources from your work orders but the difference is that the trading post requires a random trade material in stacks of 5 per work order and the work orders yield 30 resources each. The people who take this option are usually those who either spend a lot of time farming so they already have an abundant amount of each mat or those who have enough gold that they can afford to go to the Auction House and buy the mats needed for their work orders.


Some quests offer garrison resources as a reward for completing them. They can offer a wide range of resources and usually, but not always, come from quests that start in your garrison or one of you outposts.

Summon your Smuggler

In the Spires of Arak you will be given the choice of outposts between an XP buff and the ability to summon a smuggler every 10 minutes. If you choose the smuggler then he has the chance of offering a box of garrison resources for 50 gold. These usually contain close to 50 garrison resources each.

Best Method for Needing Resources Now

The best method to get garrison resources quickly is to stop sending your followers on any mission except those that give garrison resources, Go kill every rare that you haven't killed yet, collect all of the garrison resource treasures, use your spires outpost ability to summon the smuggler and buy the crate of resources if he supplies it and do a quick daily heroic.

Best Method for Steady Garrison Resource Income

The best thing you can do to keep a steady stream of garrison resources is the following. A lumber mill is key when you want lots of resources but you don't need them immediately, keep your work orders up and plenty of lumber in your bags to refill them. Also, if you are they type of person to keep lots of mats on you or you have enough gold to buy them from the Auction House then the trading house is a wonderful way to supplement your resource income. Also, be sure to have your followers do every garrison resource available and if one of your followers has a bonus to those resources then use them as often as possible for it. Also be sure to grab your garrison cache at least once every 3 days so that it doesn't fill up and stop collecting resources.

Do you gather all at once or let it accumulate?

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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Yup, rares are very helpful when you need to pump out some garrison resources quickly!

      I'm glad you like handynotes! I didn't even know it existed until this expansion! Now I can't imagine not having it!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks! I was trying to get my 2k resources for my lvl 3 garrison and didn't know that I could get them from killing rares!

      P.S. I downloaded handynotes and it it freaking awesome!


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