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Farmville Hints

Updated on December 11, 2009
Farmville Hints
Farmville Hints

Hints for Farmville...

What is it about this game people? Why is it so addictive? Why is there more than 50 million people playing this game? Why are there people out there that take better care of their virtual farms than they do their cars? I have no answer for this strange phenomenon. But i will tell you this: If the game's developers would have known that it would have been this big of a hit...they would have sold it in stores for $59.99!

All of those questions have no real answer but I have an answer for another question. The one question that the rookies in Farmville want to know. How do you make the fastest coin in Farmville in the shortest amount of time? There are a couple of things that you can do to achieve this goal. You have to:

1. Choose the right crops.

2. Visit and help your neighbors.

3. Take advantage of the Daily Raffle.

If you follow these 3 simple steps you in the beginning, you will be on your way to having fast coin in no time!

Choosing The Right Crops...

Okay, here we go. If you follow the Farmville hints that I am going to outline to you here, then you will be on your way to amassing a lot of coins real quick! Let's go!

First and foremost, this plan takes advantage of the fact that you will be online for some time and able to "rinse and repeat." When I say "rinse and repeat" I mean, we are not talking about choosing crops that will mature in 2 or 3 days. I'm talking about choosing crops that mature in 2 or 3 hours! These are the kinds of crops that you are going to need if you really want to make the fastest coin in the shortest amount of time.

On top of that, you want to choose crops that won't break the bank. Crops that won't cost you too much money because in the beginning you really don't have that much money. To achieve this lofty goal of choosing the right crops that don't cost alot and mature in the shortest amount of time you will have to stick with the 'berries. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries.

Strawberries - Strawberries will cost you 25 coins. Will get you 35 coins at harvest but they mature in only 4 hours! If you plant them the maximum number of times per day, at the end of the day you will have a nice chunk of coin!

Raspberries - Raspberries will cost 35 coins and will net you 46 coins at harvest. But they mature in only 2 hours!! Plant them the maximum number of times and at the end of the week we are talking about 900 coins!

Blueberries - You won't be able to access blueberries until level 3 but they are worth the wait! They will cost you 65 coins, will net you 91 coins and if you follow the same strategy as strawberries and raspberries... at the end of the week you will have about 1100 coins!

Again this strategy takes advantage of the fact that you will be online the whole time. Doing different things on different websites, chatting with your friends, checking email. You know, regular online Facebook stuff. In between you can check on your crops and harvest them the maximum number of times for fast coin!

Visiting/Helping Your Neighbors...

At first glance, visiting and helping your neighbors doesn't seem like it will do a lot to help you on your way to getting coin, but bear with me and I will let you in on a little secret. Visiting your neighbors not only gets you money, it will also help you with those elusive experience points!

In the beginning the first 20 neighbors that you visit in one day will net you 20 coins per visit and 5 experience points! It goes down considerably after that to 5 coins and 1 exp. That's why you have to have as many neighbors as possible! The more the merrier...for you! But visiting neighbors also has an added side effect for you.

Those same neighbors that you visit are more likely to make sure that they give you gifts! These gifts can be in the form of a tree or cow or chicken, but each one of these gifts you can make money from! And that in turn helps you in the coin department!

It might seem like you are on your own in this game but really you are not. The developers of Farmvilleactually reward you for cooperation with your fellow man. Now you can go it all alone but you will never make as much coin or have as much fun if you do! So it behooves you to have as many friends as possible on Facebook and try to convert as many of them as you can to your neighbors in Farmville! Now go out there and find a friend!

The Daily Raffle

The "Daily Raffle" is just what it sounds like...a daily raffle that gives you money for logging in. You should take advantage of this because the amounts are totally random! You can go from receiving only 100 coins one day to getting upwards of 500 coinsthe next! I know, I know, thats not a lot of money. But it's free! When's the last time you saw a 5 dollar bill on the ground and just walked away from it! You better get that money/coin!

The great thing about Farmville is that the developer's designed it much like real life. In real life you have to crawl before you can walk. Well in this game its the same way. There are a lot of people out there claiming to have the secrets to Farmville. Posting their cheats on Youtube, but after you view their cheats and try them on Farmville, the game makers have already eliminated that bug! So your best bet is to go through this game like you would life...with hard work and honesty.

I'm not saying that there are not some legitimate Farmville game tips out there. Just be careful!

Farmville Hints On Youtube!

Farmville Hints And Comments!

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