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100 Games Really Worth Playing

Updated on July 13, 2015

A collection of all time classic games across various platforms, all come very highly recommended.

Diplomacy (Board based)

Known for it's often backstabbing gameplay, was one of the causes of my Aunt's first divorce. Due to the tiny rulebook often leads to a lot of arguments however the main arguments come when players promise to help then betray alliances, this is due to the fairly unique game mechanic of all players writing down their moves then all revealing them together, for a game of social interaction and strategy there's nothing else that quite comes close.

Even though it's not the same (in the real game players spend up to 30mins each season (turn) in discussions with one another often in separate rooms) you can get a flavour in a free online version found at Though the actual board game version with friends over a weekend is much more highly recommended.

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Settlers of Catan (Board Based)

A rare gem of a hex-based island game. I've rarely seen a game that has such mass appeal to those who try it, the free and easy trading system also sees player interaction start easily and build into interesting situations and discussions grudges forming and the like.

If you're new to the world of board games or want to be, Settlers of Catan is a brilliant and highly recommended place to start.

I'd Give Settlers of Catan...

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Populous (PC Based)

I once wrote to Peter Molyneux in my youth (who created Populous along with other classics such as Theme Park & Dungeon Keeper) with some ideas for an online game and he offered me a place as work placement for a fortnight though London was a little far to go, however managed to give input in an online chat about a new project he was working upon (which ended up being "Black & White") as a teenager this was like being able to chat to Spielberg about how to film Return of the Jedi.

If you've never played Populous it was basically the first ever what would now be called a "God-game" or RTS (real-time-strategy) so without populous there's no command & conquer or warcraft.

I'd give Populous...

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Startopia (PC Based)

One of the last of the god / sim breed that had seen a market become dominated by theme parks and roller coasters, this one took to the sky and set the player into managing a star base.

Startopia poll

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Goldeneye (Console Based)

One of the gems of the N64 console system, whilst it wasn't the first "FPS" (first person shooter) style game where the player sees usually what the in-game character would see usually meaning a hand-holding gun it was one of the most satisfying and fun.

I'd give Goldeneye...

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World of Warcraft

I still remember playing the original demo for Warcraft, ordering the "peons" to do one's bidding, warcraft then went on to spawn two of the most popular games ever made, starcraft a space strategy game and the first MMORPG to really break into the mainstream zeitgeist, WoW, or World of Warcraft.


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Blizzard known for their top quality products also made a very astute marketing move by allowing a large number of "beta testers" to play before the game was complete, this meant an ever-growing body of hooked players before they'd even sold a copy. However to "hook" players the game itself has to be good and even though it's far from worth the money the game is extremely fun to play with from player versus player arenas and battle zones to huge adventures of large co-operative parties in "raids".

I'd give WoW...

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League of Legends (pc based)

Currently the most played online game, as two teams of five players battle it out for control of the lanes. Each team must protect their HQ whilst teams of minions spawn endlessly marching down the lanes, the players / heroes gain gold and experience by destroying these minions each other and defensive towers.

League of Legends Poll

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Pro-Evolution Soccer Multi-player (Console)

Better with a large group of friends and a multi-tap (allows many controllers). Many prefer FIFA however pro-evo excels on large party type situations. More fun than realistic.

GoalTycoon (Online Based)

I've never been a massive fan of football however I often had fun playing the old "championship manager" games, GoalTycoon revists the classic format of being a football manager and takes it into the modern era by making the game free though the in-game currency, real (sign-up found : here).

I'd give GoalTycoon...

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Starcraft / Warcraft series (PC-Games)

Now spanning warcraft, 1 2 & 3 plus starcraft one and two with many expansions a piece a truly epic and enjoyable set of games, really helping to define the RTS (real-time-strategy) genre.

Starcraft / Warcraft Poll

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Dominion (Cards Based)

With an ever expanding collection of expansion decks, dominion I've found instantly hooks the players in with a very simple concept that like chess often leads to much more deeper layers of strategy.

Each player draws from a communal 10 cards, each choosing how to build their deck / city that round of play.

There's also a fine online version found at,

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Many had thought for years why there wasn't an online lego simulator, so someone had to create one, minecraft give's it's huge playerbase the free reign of building blocks into whatever they choose.

Dungeon Keeper (PC Based)

One of Peter Molyneux's finest, back in the days of Bullfrog along with Populous, a good dose of dungeon management, exploration and humour combined brilliantly, spawned a sequel also.


A browser game, village-sim that has the unusual unique selling point that in-game gold, is actually exchangeable for real life bars of gold. Sign-up can be found here.

Desktop Tower Defence (Internet Based)

One of the earliest, and best tower defence-style games. Found here :

I'd give Desktop Tower Defence...

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Diablo / Diablo II

Blizzard once again employing their polish.


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