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Feral druid Rotation for dummies, Keeping up your Priorities

Updated on July 8, 2012

Rotation the right way

Most players that end up doing more dungeons, raiding & questing eventually figure out a rotation that works for their class. Some others never figure it out even after hitting level cap. Obviously it comes with time, new spells and patch fixes, buffs and nerfs.

What Do You Mean By A Rotation?

Rotation concerns the order of abilities / keys you hit one after the other to sustain your dps, even tanking has a certain amount of rotation to keep threat, but even then Tanking classes have to be aware and work outside the rotation box in order to maintain their aggro. Healers on the other hand have no rotation, it all depends on who, what and how many players are losing Health in a given raid or dungeon that they efficiently heal. Dps classes on the other hand build their dps in 2 ways, Burst or Overtime given the situation at hand in Pve encounters.

What is My Rotation For The Feral Cat?

Before you can understand your rotation, you must prioritize your moves & the easiest way of getting them up, Try not to click as much, if you're one of those clicker people then i suggest you learn more about macros and keybindings. Lets take a Raid boss you're going up for example. Unlike pvp You can stealth up behind the boss or feral charge, either way your first move should be a ravage. I suggest you feral charge to get in quicker. Your next move should be a rake to get a bleed effect going. Your very next move after that should be a mangle. This having happened shred the next few moves until you have a 5 point combo up & release a rip. Keep in mind that shred increases bleed damage & if it is glyph'd properly will also increase your rip damage over time by another few seconds. If you feel you want to burst some damage really quickly, then before going into a second round of 5 combo points, hit beserk & tiger's fury together(this can be made into a macro & Keybinded) & shred away to another 5 points. When you reach a second round of 5 combo points, you will use ferocious bite for a massive increase in instant damage. Most of the time you will have your rip refreshed so always check. It is also important to have Faerie fire up before you feral charge in. this reduces armor of your target thus increases your chance of getting a better white dps(auto attacks) in. Also remember to get in at least a minimum of a 3 point combo savage roar. this helps you further increase your white damage & get in some crits as well. Rinse & repeat the above rotation.

Feral is in

Prioritizing Abilities, The single most important factor in Rotation

Before you even begin to apply the above rotation on a boss, It is recommended to try it out on a target dummy. A few pointers about target dummies. They are free to use, You can sit on them all day. They don't fight back. Lower level Target dummies will just show you big numbers if you hit them obviously with in-game mechanics. A skull Target dummy is what you should aim for. Since it not only shows you what your current DPS is like. It will also show you related miss & dodge effects. Which is important cause you know then you will have to increase your chance to hit statistics etc. Here is a good feral Build to work on if you still have doubts on a pure Pve Feral Druid Talent specialization.


This is the most important factor to consider when it comes to feral cats & warlocks. But primarly feral Druids. With so many bleed effects, and abilities like mangle, faerie fire, Savage roar etc, it is impossible to keep track of all that's going on. Any old school player rarely has a problem with such. And new players alike install addons to help them keep track of what's up on a target. thus helping them with their priorities and rotation. Such addons can be found on they go by the name of Feral by night & Bad kitty. These mods if you customize to your liking will help you keep track and make you more aware of what abilities are coming off their timers to refresh or re-apply them back up. As a feral druid it is important to know that you are one of the most elite dps'ers around, with that you can also pull off aggro from the tank in your party, getting you killed or mess things up for the rest of your party / raid. It is advisable to start off slow. But with a good tank and the above rotation you should not have a problem jumping straight into the fight and getting started on getting in those numbers right away.

Best Hybrid class ever!

Being a feral druid doesn't necessarily mean you're stuck to just sitting at melee range and beating your target. Every good druid regardless of spec know that if you want to be recognized, you will have to make some sacrifices in the eyes of your party or raid members. I'm talking about being so aware of everything and everyone around you like its second nature to you, Almost as good as breathing. When you see your healers running out of mana.(which rarely happens. Don't wait for someone to call it out. Do your part and step out to innervate, Rebirth a friendly. Since you're feral & your tank dies. In rare cases the boss is at low health. switch to bear, you wont be a fully fledged tank with the gear or stats. But you are better suited than any other class to tank it for just a few seconds to a few minutes.

Sometimes being counted as a good dp'ser in your guild is not everything. But being Exceptionally good and an all round player is everything especially if you're a feral druid this can be achieved. Practice your rotation & focus on your priority abilities & awareness.

I hope this was informative & thank you for taking the time to read! Reading is half the battle done.

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    • Clayton Fernandes profile image

      Clayton 5 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      Ah Druid2021, I've come across a lot of players that say the same, I've even watched good players, give up on using shred overall & just mangle spam. If you're going to use shred (which is excellent). Then you might want to decrease your latency. Get a better ping. Its makes a huge difference especially for us melee classes to stay behind on target, without them having to turn around, kite you, face their back to you etc. Its problematic enough. Remember how we used to turn our back to the wall, cause we dint want to get sapped by the rogue?. everyone knows this case with the feral druid. My only suggestion is, if you want to land those shreds. Get lowerping, its really helpful, lowers your ping by a vast amount. Or get a shred in when you can, and stick to mangle, since you don't need to be, behind your target. but it still hits as hard.

    • profile image

      Druid2012 5 years ago

      I'm having trouble landing my shreds in PvP and I was wondering if someone had any tips at how I could stay behind the enemy

    • Clayton Fernandes profile image

      Clayton 5 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      oh no worries, I feel i wasn't clear enough, check again in a couple or days, i'm going to make it much more clearer!.

    • profile image

      jakirs 5 years ago

      Thanks man you helped me play my feral druid better