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Fictional Big Bang Theory Games and Board Games

Updated on May 27, 2013

These are fictional games that you can only see on the Big Bang Theory TV show. Most of these games were created by Sheldon Copper, A character on that show.

There are some fictional games or games that is seen only in the big bang theory show that is used so it can be a part of a scene or to be a major theme on one episode. A good example is the mystical warlords of Ka'a that become a major of some episodes. There are also some games created by Sheldon Cooper to make a game more interesting or harder like the paper scissors lizard spock game or created a game so it can be enjoyed by his friends like the fictional board game the research lab.

3 person chess Sheldon Cooper game

3 person chess was invented by Sheldon Cooper in one episode of the big bang theory show. He added an old woman and a serpent chess piece to add flavor and complexity to the old chess game. But there is a real 3 person chess that you can buy today. Unfortunately, there is no old woman and serpent chess pieces on it.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Game Created by Sheldon Cooper

Seen being played by Sheldon and Raj when they cannot figure out what show to watch. This game is now popular in the internet because of its pure “geekdom” and awesomeness. The video below also teaches you how to play the modified version of the rock paper scissors game.

Research lab Sheldon created board game

Sheldon created this board game for physicists. The catchphrase of this board game is: “The physics is theoretical but the fun is real” In this board game created by Sheldon Cooper, you are a researcher trying to get money and equipments that will ultimately lead to completing your research.

Mystic warlords of Ka’a card game fictional big bang theory card game

This card game was the game that Sheldon and Will Wheaton played in the card game tournament. This big bang theory card game was also seen in one episode to have a wild west expansion pack and a limited edition set that comes with a star sheriff pin that can turn into a wand.

Klingon Boggle big bang theory fictional board game

Klingon Boggle was played by the big bang theory cast in one episode and we can assume that this is another game invented by Sheldon cooper because he is the one that makes sure if a word is correct or not. There is really no Klingon boggle but what they did is just paste some klingon words/alphabets on the boggle cubes. You can also see a Klingon dictionary besides the boggle board game.

Counter-factuals game A game created by Sheldon Cooper and Amy

Counter-factuals is a game that is a little bit hard to explain but the basic premise of the game is you would choose a random alternate dimension scenario and answer a question about that alternate dimension scenario as if it is real. Here is a question example in that show about the counter-factuals game. Question: In a world where the world is ruled by a giant intelligent beaver, what food is no longer consumed?

Here are some board games invented in the big bang theory show and some games invented by Sheldon Cooper a chracter in the big bang theory tv show.


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