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Fifa 10 Preview

Updated on September 29, 2009

Fifa 10

Fifa 10 is the long awaited new installment of the fifa series from EA Sports, the last couple of games have just been updated slightly renewed versions of the previous ones, but this new version has quite a few tweaks that are going to make the game that much more enjoyable for the hardcore fan and the casual fan.There are new levels of control that are going to give the gamer the sort of freedom he would expect if he or she was actually on the field themselves.

In this hub i shall list some of the new features and how they will improve an already great game and when the game is out i will create a hub listing the various tips and strategies to be a winner with fifa 10 

Fifa 10

New Features

The first new offering from ea is the ability to be able to download for free the bernabeu stadium which has been missing in previous outings apparently it was too late a decision to add it into the finished game.

The biggest new feature is the 360 degree dribbling system which allows you to turn at the drop of a hat and still perform dribbling maneuvers,it also gives you precise control to be able to play balls in to spaces that you previously weren't able too.

The cpu players are more intelligent and will now get out of the way of passes that are not meant for them or throw themselves in the way of shots aimed at their goal.

A new practice arena allows you to work out all the set pieces you wish to have access to in a full game,You can set runs and work out exactly where you want to place the ball and which other players you want to be involved.

The speed and the smoothness of the game has been increased from last year making it a much more enjoyable experience to not just play but also to watch.

Tackling has been improved so that defenders who are taller have much more reach with their legs and can therefore perform a tackle without taking out the player and risking a card.

Fifa 10 Attacking

Fifa 10 press conference

Man city vs Man utd

Virtual pro tutorial


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